Y470N listed high i3 and i5 Core II of the recommended new

24/03/2011 10:05

Y470N listed high i3 and i5 Core II of the recommended new

Sandy Bridge architecture with Intel this week, the second generation Smart Core i3, i5 processors began to visit the store. Most products are cost-effective route to go.

The following SNB is just introduced four new notebook platform details, interested friends can look at.

Recommended products: Lenovo Y470N (i3 + GT 550M) SONY VAIO VGN-FW90S battery

Features: Metal etching patterns, GT 550M (2GB memory), WiDi 2.0

Lenovo has finally started selling this week, Y470N, although pre-sale, still caused a large wave crashing. i3 version of 6499 yuan, i5 version of 6999 yuan, i7 version of the high price of 7699 yuan, opened a small distance Y and the average consumer. However, this association is so pricing, there are reasons. Y470N with the new mold, in addition to representatives of Y family DNA preserved orange waist, the other from the inside out, materials, design, configuration, both call for a new natural increase some costs. Performance, upgrade to the latest i Sandy Bridge Core Duo processor, also used the performance graphics card is more superior GT 550M significant independence, and has 2GB memory. In addition, Y470N still equipped with a WiDi 2.0, HDMI 1.4 video output of two advanced technologies.

Outside the area, COMPAQ PAVILION DV4200 SERIES battery Y470N car's dynamic use of streamlined design, the use of a metal etching, metal roof, and carved out of dense circular concave, composed of fine texture and orderly pattern, representing the Y family DNA orange waist Design will be retained. C side is made of aluminum alloy, and the application of Anodizing technology, not only did not reduce the original metal texture, color and panel also allows the perfect integration of Zijin; part of the keyboard panel, put a more stylish island-style keyboard does not adhesion ; JBL professional speaker array design, drawing inspiration for the design of the Audi A4's tail lights. 1280 × 800 with ultra-thin 14-inch Bright LCD screen, built over a 200 million pixel camera.

Configuration, the Lenovo ideapad Y470N (i3) notebook with Core i3-2310M processor, 4GB memory, 640GB hard drive, DVD burner; has 2GB of video memory, NVIDIA GeForce GT 550M graphics card, the game performance than the previous generation of products, Lenovo Y460 increased by 20% or more. Windows 7 Home Basic pre-installed.

Interface, DELL VOSTRO 1220 battery with four UBS 2.0 interface, USB 3.0 is no comparison was like, video output, in addition to standard VGA interfaces, but also equipped with a WiDi 2.0, HDMI 1.4 video output of two advanced technologies; built-in-one card reader device; machine with 6-cell lithium-ion battery weighs about 2.2 kg.

Edit Comment: Y470N using the new design, with HP's high-end products EVNY very opposite, the workmanship and quality products have been greatly improved. Configuration, 2GB memory of the GT 550M significant independence, is still only think of one use, in the 14-inch area, the graphics performance could be considered "top student."

Recommended products: ASUS A43E (i5 + Core Graphics)

Features: reduced thickness of 15% over the previous generation, 5.35 hours battery life, Altec Lansing speakers

ASUS introduced a framework by Sandy bridge Core Duo processor, ACER AO751H-52YW battery graphics products A43E i finally listed this week. I5 version, priced at 4,999 yuan. A43E mainly for non-game users, the notebook weight, battery life, heat, and the pursuit of a certain computational performance, while budgets are still not sufficient groups. Such as students, white-collar workers entering the workplace and home entertainment applications.

A43E A42 actually upgrading products, reducing the thickness of A42 compared with 15% of the previous generation, the use of the Core Graphics, coupled with Asus Power4Gear technology, the whole life of up to 5.35 hours, as a 14-inch products, endurance performance is very good.

Appearance, with brown stripes ASUS A43E A face, coupled with ASUS metal LOGO, highlight the modern home fashion. In the body design, the whole thickness of the A42 over the previous generation of narrow 15%, in line with the slim modern user experience. Palm rest area, this machine uses warm gold metallic design, the German iF design contest with the sub-island gold keyboard, allows more precise control of the user's fingertips. Touchpad area, area increased by 20%, support the Palm-proof intelligent anti inadvertently touch pad technology, to avoid inadvertently embarrassed. Altec Lansing speakers provide users with high-quality stereo sound; addition, Power4Gear technology adoption, for the machine to save power, battery life of up to 5.35 hours (the official nominal).

Configuration, the ASUS A43E using Intel Sandy Bridge Core i5-2410M processor, and the introduction of "Intel cited Touch 3D cinema technology," although not with discrete graphics, but the inheritance and the Intel Core CPU can be comparable to entry-level graphics performance in the low- significant level of client independence. Together with ASUS exclusive ADTD 2 cooling technology, enabling the palm rest below the body temperature to about 25% of the average temperature of the cool experience. In addition, it comes standard with 2GB memory and 500GB hard drive and built-in DVD recording drive, and Windows 7 Home Basic pre-installed operating system.

Edit Comment: Asus of A43E did a small optimization, product quality has been some improvement. In addition, the machine comes standard with the 2GB of memory, not able to play a good advantage of graphics performance of Intel Core.

Recommended products: the same side K41H (i3 + GT525M)

Features: Modular integration packaging technology, cheap, 2GB memory

Successor with the side K46C, K41H carrying Sandy bridge with the side the second generation of the new i smart Core processor, 2GB memory GT 525M significant independence, a whole new look this week listed.

With a new mold with the side K41H than previous generations all that changes with the little square K46C. Machine using a metal gray as the main colors, the first of the modular integrated packaging technology, will highlight the 14.1-inch ultra-thin LED backlit screen and notebook cover, clean the environment directly in the package. Thinnest of only 3.6mm, compared with ordinary products, more compact, robust, put an end to the embarrassment of the screen into the ashes. Benefit from this packaging technology, the whole thickness was controlled at a 31mm (the thickest), which makes the appearance of more light dexterity. With the strengthening screen shaft and metal shaft cover intimate design, allow consumers to use more handy.

In addition, for strong hardware, K41C also specially designed to strengthen the heat sink, with large sunken quiet exhaust systems and large-size fan, without affecting the whole premise of appearance, improve thermal performance. Has three USB ports, one HDMI, one VGA and one card reader slot. No built-in USB 3.0 interface, sorry.

Configuration, with the side K41H Intel Sandy bridge structure i3-2310M processor with 2GB memory and 500GB hard drive, although the use of the nVIDIA GT525M entry-level graphics card, but with 2GB memory, support for NVIDIA's excellent relaxation technique can also be achieved set were significant and unique ability to seamlessly switch the game open in the default graphics card to display the gorgeous visuals and enhance the speed of the game. Other configuration, the built-in 1.3 million pixel camera, 802.11a/g/n wireless LAN and Gigabit Ethernet cards. Pre-installed Windows 7 Home Basic.

Edit Comment: The same side K41H one package with modular technology, making the machine more closely and thin section structure, the machine weighs only 2.0 kg. But the machine comes standard with 2GB of memory, in Core graphics mode, may affect the overall performance of the play. This is also the SNB platform products, low price segment products, the prevalence of a configuration flaw, it is recommended friends, in the purchase of this type of product, upgrade to 4GB of memory. This will not catch up with the elbow, see lapel.

Recommended products: HP g4 (i5 + HD 6470M)

Features: support for SRS WOW sound technology, 640GB hard drive, higher cost

HP this g4, with three new platforms described above are not the same, he is a new wine in old bottles of product. Model without any change, just update the internal hardware. First to the market to work with the current second-generation Core i5-2410M processor HP g4-1017TX, 1GB Memory HD 6470M equipped with a new generation of entry alone significantly. The screen is optimized for HP BrightViewLED patented 14-inch LED backlight, speaker SRS WOW audio technology to support the top, so that users provide a more visual and auditory excellent experience.

Design, HP g4 using the most simple and neat design monochrome paint, shell and interior are using the same color paint design, simple appearance gives the user feel fresh and clean. 14-inch LED-backlit notebook LCD screen with a resolution of 1366x768, chocolate keyboard design, the palm rest and touch a wide area design, operating comfort.

Hardware, Hewlett-Packard equipped with top-g4-1017TX second-generation Core Duo processor i5 i5-2410M, the nominal processor frequency was 2.3GHz, 3M cache built, supported by Intel HM65 chips. At the same time standard 2G DDR3 memory specification and SATA 640G 5400 RPM hard drive. Also with a new generation of DX 11 mobile discrete graphics ATI Mobility Radeon HD6470M, memory increased to a flood of 1G, very good.

Edit Comment: As a second generation of HP's new notebook processor, the new i5, HP g4-1017TX in configuration and not much surprises, but for the laptop screen display and speaker sound optimization, to a certain procedure, to improve the user experience of this product. Also, 640GB hard drive products in the price segment is still relatively rare. Of course, some products, and as described above, 2GB of memory is not too good enough, it is recommended users upgrade to 4GB of memory.

Summary: March listed the new configuration notebook Sandy Bridge, although no longer the same color green i7 + high-end gaming graphics card, high-performance products, and the overall price decline. But sorry, most products with 6 series cards without native support for USB 3.0 interface; addition, because all the products, support two graphics capabilities, both in the office, the need to apply to the graphics processor integrated in the Core Therefore, the standard 2GB of memory is not enough for a bit.