Who is the first to cruel horse? Top Games Titans notebook Recommended

05/04/2011 14:45

Who is the first to cruel horse? Top Games Titans notebook Recommended

High performance has always been the dream of game users, in addition to the smooth speed of the game, but also the quality of the game high demands. Once upon a time, 3D gaming performance has been the soft underbelly of the notebook, along with new platforms, new technology advances, more and more laptops start for gamers, these high-performance notebook equipped with powerful processors, high-end single was configured to run mainstream StarCraft 2, Need for Speed ​​13, Street Fighter 4 and other games have been struck with models of dust high 2, Far Cry 2 and other "hardware killer" level of the game, said, "calm" to prove that the game is no longer exclusive desktop.

Tough first one - the latest Sandy Bridge processor platform IBM THINKPAD T400 SERIES battery

Platform since the release from the Sandy Bridge, a strong performance once again get the game authorized users, a new generation of SNB CPU inherited almost all of the new structure the new features, single-chip integration of all modules, the second generation Turbo Boost Turbo Boost technology, a number technological innovation, making the new processor than the previous generation of products were nearly 30% performance improvement. The introduction of the games, Lenovo Y470N, Haier Jane 7G (quotations parameter evaluation Gallery) by i5-2410M processor, the Acer 4750G, Shenzhou-A560P is applied higher performance i7-2630QM.

Powerful second measure - the high-end graphics card FUJITSU FPCBP130 battery

For game users, to achieve better quality, more fluid speed, in addition to CPU, GPU, memory types (DDR3/DDR5), memory interface is also essential. Compared to the previous 512MB, or even TurboCache (TC) shared memory as video memory, the current mainstream games in this usually 1GB/2GB capacity, DDR3 dedicated graphics memory, large on the one hand help to improve the game speed, make the game run more smoothly, and the other On the one hand help to ensure the notebook run more smoothly, because the dedicated video memory shared with system memory does not need. The introduction of products, Lenovo Y470N, Haier uses Jane Eyre 7G 2GB memory, the Acer 4750G, Shenzhou-A560P used 1GB memory, the four caught is DDR3, 128bit.

Powerful third measure - Excellent heat dissipation - I did not fire!

For high-performance notebook, the heat is often a problem. Typically, gaming notebook in order to ensure good heat dissipation, the body thickness should be more than 35mm, but the thick brick-like design clearly contrary to light demand. In order to improve thermal performance, this product is described using a unique thermal design, the use of dual heat pipe, all copper heat sink greatly enhance the heat transfer coefficient, in a small space to maximize the cooling efficiency. Acer 4750G which is even more excellent thermal test, after 1 hour of game time, either C or hidden in the bottom surface of D side, the outlet was only only 36 degrees, its performance is really unexpected.

Recommended products: Lenovo Y470 TOSHIBA PA3784U battery
Features: second-generation i5 + GT550M significant independence, powerful performance, high-quality mainstream 3D games to run under

March 2011, re-launched the sturdy little y domineering New - Lenovo ideapad Y470! In addition to the appearance of a new sports car, a square lattice design lines, the second generation of hardware with Intel Core Duo processor, i5, top GT 550M video card (2GB memory), JBL professional sound, this association Y470N more domineering performance as a fashion pioneer !

Appearance, and previous Y460 series "Urban Textures" style very different from using a new Lenovo Y470N mold design, the lines for the square lattice, for small y into more mystery, science and technology elements of feeling and sense of the future . Although the use of selected materials is the ABS engineering plastic, but the IMF to cover printing technology show the effect of the metal etching.

Inside, metal design not only improved the machine's texture, the use of all-metal palm rest is very tough to books, and books will help heat dissipation. Greater change in the keyboard area Y470, key changes from the previous regular chocolate buttons, but still maintained a high touch-sensitive design-action feel comfortable. Floating-point touch pad is still frosted design, practical and accurate positioning them feel good, and left and right buttons are used-in-one design can adapt to users with different finger sizes.

Hardware configuration, Lenovo Y470N with Intel Core i5-2410M processor, clocked at 2.30GHz, Core frequency up after 2.90GHz, with 3MB cache levels, the top of the GT 550M graphics card (core frequency of 740MHz, memory clock 900GHz with 2GB DDR3 memory), a new combination chip, so that the association Y470N just unleashed, its strong performance speaks for itself. With 4GB DDR3 RAM, 640GB hard drive, the new Lenovo desktop navigation slide bar, a key to video mode, Lenovo split-screen technology, a key to save the system features,

Benefit from the advantages of the new platform configuration, the 1024 × 768 resolution, 3Dmark06 even breaking a million to almost a score (9953 points), and in 1280 × 768 resolution can be achieved 9264 points, from a practical test to Look, the mainstream of high quality 3D games to run is not a problem, even in games like dust 2 test, was still able to run smoothly, and frames can be maintained at between 60 to 80, the game is to force performance!

Recommended products: Acer 4750G-2632G75Mnkk DELL INSPIRON 14 battery
Features: II i7 processor, GT540M was the top single game performance of powerful, affordable prices

Acer laptop has a good work, stylish and a higher price, so much younger users. With this release of Intel Sandy Bridge processors, this new Acer March Aspire 4750G-2632G75Mnkk, the hardware uses the top Core i7-2630QM processor, GT 540M graphics card, compared to desktop and notebook users can enjoy high performance, fun game of double enjoyment.

Appearance, as with the 4741G Series, Acer 4750G-2632G75Mnkk concave shell engraved with a unique texture and dark color of light ripples coating, prevent scratches and fingerprints. Using a smooth transition corners design, the whole flowing lines, simple design. The 14-inch 16:9 LED screen, mounted above a 1.3 million pixel camera.
Hardware configuration, this Acer 4750G-2632G75Mnkk with Core i7-2630QM processor, clocked at 2.0GHz, up through the Turbo Boost Technology 2.90GHz; using the new Sandy Bridge architecture, 32nm manufacturing process, the core of the native display integrated GPU , adding new video encoding / decoding, support for Turbo 2.0, 6MB cache levels, high-end graphics cards for the pinnacle of NVIDIA Geforce GT 540M, 3DMark06 graphics tests, and yet achieved a score of 9918! In addition, the standard 2GB DDR3 memory, 750GB hard drive.

Temperature test, even if a "Core i7, the top strength was GT540M" such a high configuration, Acer 4750G-2632G75Mnkk games in high-definition set, and after one hour of game time, whether it is direct contact with the surface of the C surface or hidden in the bottom of the D surface, its performance is really beyond our expectation, usually the outlet maximum temperature was only only 36 degrees.

Recommended products: Haier Jane 7G-2I52410G40500R7QCTO
Features: i5-2410M processor, AMD HD 6730M alone significantly, positioning in the high-end video games

Known as "Qi Ge," said the Haier Jane 7G, color scheme, with its colorful, stylish design and outstanding performance notebook entertainment, student groups are most popular with 14-inch, strong overall performance, thin body, In addition to meeting the learning needs of student users, but also take into account the needs of entertainment. Intel's new platform in the Sandy Bridge to return to the market, Jane 7G also introduced the corresponding configuration model, the machine hardware configuration, the game performance to a new level.
Different from other notebook makers, in March 2011 listing of new products, the Jane Eyre 7G (i3, i5) is not used in NV GT540M, but the AMD Radeon HD 6730M. AMD Radeon HD 6730M HD 5700 series of upgrades from the original, this Jane Eyre and using the luxurious 7G 2GB memory, in 3D with eye-catching performance of the test, and can easily cope with most major 3D game, is cheap high-performance discrete graphics, low-priced notebook on the market for use in the most high-end graphics cards.

Hardware configuration, the Haier Jane 7G targeted at high-end home entertainment machine, processor upgrade to Intel i5-2410M (2.3GHz), through the Turbo Boost can be increased to 2.90GHz, 4GB DDR3 RAM, 500GB hard drive and DVD burner shows selected aspects of the AMD Radeon HD 6730M graphics card.

Recommended products: Shenzhou-A560P-i7D1
Features: overall performance of the powerful, the back of the card button design, easy to upgrade, the price butcher cut industry profits.
Shenzhou notebook price has been close to the people and balanced configurations won consumer acceptance, but also in appearance a big improvement. Shield series of fine start last year, started the Shenzhou main high-end mainstream performance brand market, launched its affordable models, this powerful performance of the Shenzhou-A560P-i7, with second-generation Core i7-2630QM processor, NV GT 540M graphics card .

Appearance, elegant A560P-i7 with 15.6-inch LED widescreen, tough style of narrow frame design, add HP Imprint printing technology, in terms of wear resistance to scratches extremely well, with the surrounding arc-shaped cutting angle is designed to give users more excellent hand. A sunken face shaft design makes sense but also has a complete solid solid, perfect show visual angle 0-150 degrees of freedom, the bottom of the sloping design also makes this 15.6-inch screen, the slightly thin.

Hardware, the Shenzhou elegant A560P-i7 processors with Core i7 2630QM original clocked at 2.0GHz, three-level cache to 6MB, the overall TDP is 45W. Turbo Boost at high loads, the single-core speed clocked at 2.9GHz, dual-core speed clocked at 2.8GHz, while accelerating the frequency of the four core 2.6GHz, Hyper-Threading Technology and supports simultaneous, separate with NVIDIA Geforce GT 540M graphics, the whole has a higher performance, especially in large-scale 3D games, gives the user unprecedented speed and smooth experience.

Thermal design, in order to meet the four core thermal design power (TDP) to 45W of the i7-2630QM, Shenzhou-A560P-i7 dual copper tube of thermal design (pictured above), where thick heat pipe in order to "serve" i7 processor , small to cope with the heat pipe is a GT 540M graphics card. From a practical point of view the test, dual heat pipe design to achieve a high effect, the temperature is almost concentrated in the air (the keyboard on the left), for a with a new Core i7 processors, while carrying the notebook alone significantly in the high-end, the Shenzhou-A560P-i7 thermal design has been very good.