Want is quality and efficient team recommended business notebook

15/04/2011 16:01

Want is quality and efficient team recommended business notebook

Enemies waited for opportunities in the commercial arena, let every employee in the face of complex operational efficiency, stability, must be considered low cost, high efficiency, easy management, high security commercial notebook computers, will be able to efficiently perform force and spirit of collaboration into their own team, especially for enterprise specific sectors, such as e-commerce sector, product marketing or trade departments, to provide customers with efficient operation and dedicated service, each employee will need a good Business notebook, but how to choose the right business notebook, the backbone of the enterprise employees become a major problem of most concern.

To meet the needs of business and efficient use of the team, HP HSTNN-CBOX battery helping the team relaxed in response to changes emerging, many manufacturers have introduced the "boutique" business notebook, notebook is not only the implementation of such high efficiency, outstanding energy saving, but also the integration of various high-security business functions, such as fingerprint recognition, security, security, hard disk protection, to address both the requirements of those who work efficiency, but also closely guarded information security needs of business people, business team for each group to provide efficient operational efficiency and security of data protection system, for example, Yang-day V470 Series Lenovo, ThinkPad notebooks and other business models are efficient for enterprises to build the team into a powerful force.

Recommendation One: Lenovo Yang days V470G-ISE

Young days V470G-ISE notebook designs continue the family KINK ID, unique shaft and metal folding roof drawing process is likely to attract many business people focus on the appearance of love. At the same time, this product equipped with Intel Core i7-2630QM quad-core processor, its internal integration of the Intel Core HD Graphics 3000 graphics card, comes standard with 4GB memory, 640GB hard drive, can meet the performance requirements of a variety of business applications ; unique cloud shield security services, APS active hard disk protection technology can also be a full range of data protection, to maximize the lift business people to worry about.

Appearance, ACER ASPIRE ONE 721 SERIES battery Lenovo Yang days V470G-ISE (online shopping lowest 4650.0 yuan) notebook continues the dynamic fashion KINK ID design, a large number of straight edge of the curve with the transition, consumers have shown a dynamic, compact, simple and steady form of products. It's still metal roof material, drawing panel is not only robust and restrained luxury fortitude closely integrated and can easily withstand attacks from a variety of fingerprint stains; chrome lenovo logo or appear in the top cover corner and against the background of the metal panel appears to be very eye-catching. Delicately cover, first greeted by the island is redesigned keyboard, each key is the bottom has an arc, and the buttons down the depression surface is also slightly more fitting fingers; top of the keyboard shortcuts also has a metallic finish, touch pad below the moderate size, the use of the diamond cutting edge technology, the details highlighted in the fashion sense.

Configuration, this Lenovo Yang days V470G-ISE notebook equipped with Intel Core i7-2630QM quad-core processors with a nominal frequency of 2.0GHz, Turbo Boost can by upgraded to 2.9GHz, with 6MB cache levels; treatment The internal integration of the Intel Core HD Graphics 3000 video card; and processor with the Intel motherboard chipset HM65; comes standard with 4GB memory, 640GB hard drive, built-in DVD burner; integrated two million-pixel high-definition camera, wireless card Intel 1000 BGN , Gigabit Ethernet, Bluetooth module, Six-card reader, four USB 2.0 interface; with 6-cell lithium-ion battery, pre-installed Windows 7 Home Basic (Home Basic Edition) operating system.

Recommendation II: Latitude E4310 (T834310CN) DELL INSPIRON 1210 battery

Appearance, this Dell notebook uses a unique technology, the shell material is also selected high quality materials, making the screen will not be easily extrusion. Measurements for the whole 323X215X26.5-30.6mm, weight is 1.54Kg. In the selection of the screen, equipped with 13.3-inch LED backlit display with a resolution of 1366X768.

Configuration: Dell E4310 Intel Core Duo equipped with dual nuclear power plant I5-520M thread processor, the highest frequency up to 2.4GHz, 3M three cache, FSB 1066MHz, Intel GS45 Express chipset used, 1G DDR3 1066 memory, 250G high-speed hard drive, 13.1-inch LED widescreen, also equipped with a DVD burner, fingerprint recognition technology, Bluetooth wireless and built-in 2 million pixel camera, the other notebooks in this paragraph is Windows7 pre-installed operating system.

Interface, Dell E4310 also performed well, providing a more rich user interface: 2 USB2.0 port, one eSATA / USB 2.0 combo port, headphone / speaker out / microphone combo ports (1), 7 in 1 card reader, 34 mm ExpressCard, docking connector, a 7-one card reader, the machine weighs only 1.54 kg, I believe many users will be very satisfied with this, in carrying out, its portability advantages is bound to highlight the doubt.

Recommendation three: HP 6450b (XV965PA) HP 411462-321 battery

HP 6450b classic style black-gray color more attractive business people's eye. Unique body shape, fashion, aluminum-magnesium alloy material, silk surface, with the whole body in black and silver edge design, simple and highly capable. Keyboard, touch pad and so responsive, splash-proof floating keyboard, feel comfortable, feel conspicuous. 14-inch 16:9 screen is LED backlit screen, showing excellent results, top of the screen has an integrated two million pixel camera, video conference user. Overall size is 339 × 236.2 × 33.8mm, weight 2.26kg, body weight is not very satisfactory.

HP 6450b (XV965PA) outstanding performance in terms of performance. Equipped with Intel Core i5 460M processor, 2.53G frequency, processing speed, standard 2GB DDR3 memory and 320GB hard drive, to meet the needs of users to store data. Built-in double-layer DVD drive. Equipped with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 540v + Intel GMA HD (integrated in the processor) dual graphics cards, with 14-inch LED LCD screen. Built-in 802.11b/g/n wireless protocol, 200-megapixel camera, multi-card reader and fingerprint identification system, Windows 7 Home Basic pre-installed operating system, the budget is relatively easy for the user is very good for SMEs choice.

Recommendation Four: ThinkPad T410i (2518AZ4)

Appearance, the Lenovo ThinkPad T410 (2518AZ4) continuation of the classic black notebook business appearance, accompanied by grinding carbon fiber material processing technology, its restrained, steady temperament show no doubt. Angular laptop around in your heart and elegant design adds a little more commercial style of the King. Equipped with 14-inch LED matte screen can effectively prevent the phenomenon of reflection. Meanwhile, in the new notebook, as a symbol of the "two red and one blue line" have reservations about the design. Weight 2.27 kg.
Configuration, the Lenovo ThinkPad T410 (2518AZ4) notebook equipped with Intel Core i5-560M processor, the core frequency of 2.66GHz, the Intel motherboard chipset QM57, standard 2GBDDR3 memory, 512MB of video memory NVIDIA Quadro NVS 3100M graphics card, 320GB 7200 switch to high-speed hard drive, DVD burner, 1000Mbps Ethernet card, wireless card, Bluetooth module, 56K modem, 5 in 1 card reader, integrated camera, pre-installed operating system Windows 7 Professional.

Recommendation Five: ASUS N43EI48JM-SL

ASUS N43EI48JM-SL to continue to follow the N series brushed aluminum casing, while no lack of general design simple style. After six repeated forging complex process, which greatly enhanced the oxidation resistance and wear resistance. Qin Liang smooth surface of metal material with metal wire drawing process, more textured fashion. In the shaft at a beautiful well-designed light curve, all in one show while Asus N43 low-key luxury detached temperament.

Configuration, ASUS N43EI48JM-SL laptop clocked at 2.66GHz with a i5-480M Core Duo processor, has an excellent data processing capability. Comes standard with 4GB memory and 500GB for large disks, provides a good storage capacity, coupled with 1GB of video memory, NVIDIA GeForce GT 435M graphics card, the whole configuration tough. N Hawkeye Classic a body preserved in the machine, using a 16:9 14-inch screen, integrated two million pixel camera, 802.11b/g/n wireless protocol, 7 in 1 card reader, HDMI interface and fingerprint reader, Windows 7 Home Basic pre-installed operating system.