To be beautiful? To be thin? The recommended 11-inch portable fashion

22/05/2011 11:16

To be beautiful? To be thin? The recommended 11-inch portable fashion

Ever since Apple released the iPad, Tablet PC can be said to appear in the notebook market set off a storm of protest. By using the Tablet PC to fame, we can find, fashion, portable people have gradually become the main demand for notebook computers. Nowadays young people, the pursuit of freedom, enjoyment is arbitrary, so a beautiful, thin, you can put to use at any time the user's notebook computer, for most consumers to have a fatal attraction.

Light with fashionable appearance is not the ultimate consumer demand for notebook in excellent shape both at the same time, also has a decent performance, is the user wants. AMD introduced the APU processor platform, weighing only 1.5 kg to about a 11-inch notebook with outstanding performance will be achieved. Here, the author recommended for everyone APU platform equipped with several 11-inch notebooks, like the stylish portability of the user must not miss.

Lenovo Ideapad S205 Fashion Internet HP PAVILION DV1000 SERIES battery

Advantages: slim, cost-effective.

Cons: Appearance is not enough fashion.

The crowd: students, urban workers, young women.

Lenovo Ideapad notebooks targeting a fashion trend of the constant pursuit of the best tastes of the people, of which the S series will better reflect this characteristic. Ideapad S205 Fusion is such a concept of advanced technology and innovative notebook products, APU equipped with the latest AMD processors in performance is beyond the previous models. Choose to do a little of this will be able to add color to your holiday travel.

Design, the fuselage using a more robust composite materials, roof membrane using the popular print process finishes processing, the texture pattern filling the city with stylish elegance. Screen, mirror screen design with the mainstream, the border appearance for the smooth piano paint, but this design will produce in the use of reflective, impact viewing. Chocolate-type high-touch keyboard, key processes, key spacing ergonomically designed, simple and comfortable.

Hardware configuration, Ideapad S205-ETH processor features AMD's E-350 APU clocked at 1.6MHz, secondary cache 1M, dual-core dual-thread, only 18 watts of power to ensure the prolonged use of notebook; memory 2GB DDR3 expandable to 8GB; display core HD6310M, to support the new DX11 games; hard drive is 500G, sufficient to meet demand for large capacity data; screen 11.6-inch LED-backlit LCD screen, resolution 1366 × 768; other common interface to complete 6-cell battery life for a long time.

Portable 11-inch long life of the HP DM1 DELL INSPIRON 6000 battery

Advantages: low cost, lightweight body, a longer life.

Disadvantages: cooling general.

The crowd: for mobility are higher, and the daily office, Internet, multimedia playback and simple 3D games at low load the main user to select a lower budget.

HP DM1 is a 11.6-inch portable notebook, and its back has a black matte frosted, with regular circular pattern, not only gives the fashion sense of rhythm, and also not easy to leave fingerprints, and easy maintenance. Hewlett-Packard after the opening face and C face DM1 with matte silver frame, with dark chocolate to the keyboard and integrated touch pad, the overall simple and generous.

Parameters in the hardware, HP DM1 also uses the latest AMD E-350APU, not only can cope with everyday office applications, while high-performance integrated within the processor core HD6310M display quality in low light load running 3D games, and it also equipped with large capacity 500G 7200 RPM hard drive, hard drive storage capacity greater than 5400.
HP DM1 distributed on both sides of the fuselage 3 USB2.0 ports, a VGA and an HDMI interface, basically meet the daily needs of the user, the audio interface uses a microphone and headset 2-in-1 interface, but now most of the headphone and microphone or a score card of the two plugs, which some inconvenience for users. Cable in the RJ45 jack on the HP DM1 design of the fuselage near the right side of the shaft place, and it has a lid, cover the body after the integration, design is very intimate.

Dell Inspiron M102z personality color TOSHIBA PA3457U-1BRS battery

Advantages: stylish new, rich colors, excellent scalability.

Disadvantages: slightly heavy body design.

The crowd: students, urban youth, female fashion.

Dell's Inspiron series of notebook paying more attention to the Spirit more personalized and creative sense, recently released a range of products is to this characteristic to an extreme, the more M102z spirit is such a product, the operating experience for users of fresh at the same time give people a spark of passion for great success. The more refined spiritual body M102z APU equipped with powerful computing power, the integration of technology and art has been on him the perfect embodiment.

Design, the machine uses high-strength composite materials with piano paint appearance, roof there are four colors, with your heart and change. Screen, plus some paint with glossy screen frame, the first floating Yuet-screen design, beautiful but somewhat reflective. Brushed metal palm rest part is the treatment process, highlight the character and quality. Keyboard as a standard full-size keyboard, feel good and tired for a long time operation is not easy.

Hardware configuration, the processor features AMD's APU E-350, clocked at up to 1.6GHz, the secondary cache 1MB, dual-core dual-thread, low heat; memory with 2GB DDR31333; display chip HD6310M, support DX11 games applications ; hard side to 320GB, SATA interface, 7200, storage capacity generally; screen is equipped with 11.6-inch LED-backlit LCD screen, 16:9 aspect ratio, resolution 1366 × 768; common peripheral interface complete.

Sony ultra-portable of the girls favorite YB15JC / P LG R1 PRO EXPRESS DUAL battery

Advantages: stylish beautiful, thin body.

Disadvantages: higher price, 4 hours of battery life shorter than the previous two products.

The crowd: the daily work and entertainment based mainly female users.
YB15JC design basically similar to the previous generation Y series design, but to be more vivid in color, it's A side and B side border with a slight pink color pearl effect, the overall feeling of light and crisp; and C side palm rest area is used Metal stamping effects processing. Design of the power switch is still in the right side of the screen hinge.

Sony YB15JC equipped with the latest AMD Fusion APU E-350 processor, clocked at 1.6GHz, CPU core within the integrated high-performance HD6310M show its performance in the current very low-end graphics card, can easily cope with high-definition video playback, and has a certain 3D gaming performance, run at lower quality, "Street Fighter" and other games. Standard 2GB DDR3 memory, 320GB hard drive, memory allocation quite satisfactory.

Sony YB15JC main body on both sides of the interface configuration, the configuration of the common USB2.0, VGA, HDMI, RJ45 network interface, basically meet the needs of users.