ThinkPad X1 led all recommendations of the new breed of business style

27/05/2011 13:33

ThinkPad X1 led all recommendations of the new breed of business style


Personality, fashion is the current favorite self-proclaimed young characters, representing the maverick different. Games of this, small thin fashion have been walking in the forefront of personality, such as DELL aliens, and then such as SONY's VAIO E, and the business began to get rid of the "noble" of the shelf, between individuality and freedom of travel, reason that it the birth of the "new breed of business of the", of which the most eye-catching performance of ThinkPad X1, today and together we look together: 2011 What are the business this can be called "new style."

The so-called new breed of old-fashioned nature is lofty and well-organized business notebooks differ as to suggest today is an example of four notebooks, ThinkPad X1 brings light and three defenses; Acer 3830TG bring different colors selected, configuration also take into account the entertainment; HP EliteBook 8460p is bringing the full evolution from the inside out; Samsung 400B4BH docking station has a wonderful variety of ... ... in the configuration, the four products are used in the second generation of cool wise to processors, for different The focus in the graphics card configuration is different.

● ThinkPad X1 dare rivalry with the Air ASUS K42 battery

If the ThinkPad X1 is the most fierce head winds notebook, without exaggeration, this continues the ThinkPad x1 black style can be said that the business is the thinnest laptop, thinnest at only 16.5 mm. Performance using a standard voltage processor intel SNB, and have different specifications of the SSD solid state drive can be optional, while water drop resistance anti-scratch, the U.S. official website special $ 1199. Domestic prices were not disclosed, are more suitable for the pursuit of the ultimate style, not bad money-based users.

ThinkPad X1 by Rollcage "military grade" internal component protection design, increasing the overall durability and ruggedness. Machine angular edge design, full rigidity.

The side edges with tapered design, so thin and light notebook look more compact. Body material has a very good texture, feels a little like rubber, feel good, you work long hours will not feel uncomfortable. The external contours of the aircraft and the large wedge-shaped hinge design, it is very solid body, has a very high security.

On the whole, ThinkPad X1 is far from light and thin MacBook Air. However, X1 has backlit keyboard, the second generation standard voltage Core Duo processor and features a USB 3.0 interface, which makes the X1, whether in performance or in the practical application of them, to be much better than the MacBook Air.

Two machines will be 90 degrees and the discharge openings, from the side, X1 is quite thin. However, in size terms, X1 should larger, and this height from the screen can be seen.

ThinkPad X1's display is excellent, and its bright 350 NIT display high-definition LCD screen than the traditional ThinkPad products, such as the brightness of the X301 is only 300 NIT. At the same time, X1's Gorilla Glass Design (unbounded glass design) is not only beautiful, but also provides high strength and durability. Corning Gorilla Glass by chemical ion exchange to strengthen, this result is that the surface of the glass substrate forms a deep layer of compression, the compression layer as deep as the armor on the screen to prevent users from scratch.

In addition, X1 screen horizontal and vertical viewing angles are very large, so that the user whether in work or leisure time to put it on any angle, can see the screen well. Meanwhile, the use of anti-glare screen designed to enable users in outdoor or harsh lighting conditions, and can clearly see the screen content.

X1 arc island-style chocolate with keyboard design, and not the tradition of the ThinkPad X series keyboards, but chose the same series and ThinkPad Edge keyboard, this keyboard looks more stylish. At the same time, X1 first time the LED backlight keyboard, but did not choose to install projection lights on the screen at the top of this keyboard light. Backlit keyboard not only looks cool, but at night the user can clearly distinguish between each key and reduce the misuse of the situation.

ThinkPad X1 line 6 with a new button layout, rather than the previous line 7 button layout, the most at the top of the keyboard power key, ThinkVantage function keys and a set of audio control buttons moved to the far right of the keyboard.

In addition, users do not have to worry about changing the keyboard will bring less experience, X1 still maintains the feel ThinkPad series of keystrokes and key processes, the distribution of the shortcut keys do not change. Meanwhile, the classic red TrackPoint is essential. However, and like the X220, X1 also uses integrated touchpad granular, about individual keys are not set, which are used to the touchpad for users, there may be some not used.

X1 wedge design as left and right side, so the interface distribution is very small. The left side of the fuselage is equipped with audio interface and USB 2.0 interfaces, and cover with a lid, so that machine looks seamless. The right side of the distribution of the fuselage 4 in 1 card reader and wireless switches, most of its interfaces are set in the back-end notebooks, it is neither interfere with the user's use, but also makes the machine look more beautiful.

Life issues may be taken into account, ThinkPad X1 buy when you can buy a 35.5WHr the external battery, which provides double the built-in battery life. The practical test, after installing the external battery, X1's battery life to 417 minutes, with 80% of its full capacity 30 minutes of rapid charging technology so that it also has a battery life of the great advantages. In addition, external battery installed, the tail elevated, the body was angled like, similar to a base loaded, so that would be more beneficial to the user's keyboard input.

● Business Entertainment Acer 3830TG also re- ACER ASPIRE 1551 SERIES battery

Acer 3830TG maverick said, there are two reasons, one is stylish, and the other is the graphics good. It itself is also located in the entertainment business, so using the GT540M midrange graphics card that will be understood, but so has brought some problems on the heat, to be honest, when playing the game, it really becomes heat, but simply to do business with in terms of it, heat and not a problem.

Before we test with the Acer Aspire 4830TG compared to 13-inch notebook Aspire 3830TG mold design design more sophisticated in appearance. Die size 13.3-inch, using a blue aluminum-magnesium alloy top cover, so that users feel when Qinliang smooth. Benefit from the light pressure of the magnesium alloy material, durable machine to ensure the same time, the sapphire blue of the mold design is also more high-tech fashion texture.

Acer Aspire 3830TG the shaft with the more popular nowadays sink design, the maximum opening angle of the rotor up to 160 ° or more, in the whole process of opening and closing of the damping is better. In the 13.3-inch LED-backlit screen, built above the camera, with the right side of the pinhole microphone, user video chat, video conferencing and other operations.

To highlight the characteristics of the product durable, Aspire 3830TG notebook with Silver and Sapphire C plane with colors, more polished work, angular. Cavity in the metal under the built-in speaker has been a certified Dolby sound, more bass in place of its high and sound more three-dimensional space. Taking into account the size of 13-inch touch with restrictions, Aspire 3830TG and function keys do not provide much design. Only retained the custom shortcut button.

Palm rest position with the sapphire blue satin selected color matching, the overall design simple atmosphere. Touch pad with a sunken border-free design with a matte texture and touch area, the operation feel better. In addition, it supports multi-touch features, which cater to a certain procedural features of the Windows 7 system, the user can complete the documents and pictures with two fingers up and down, left and drag and even rotation.

Limited by the body dies, Aspire 3830TG extensions in the interface compared with the previous 4830GT is omitted only the design of built-in optical drive, and type in the interface consistent with the 4830GT, in addition to providing USB 2.0, VGA, Ethernet, outside of audio and multi-card reader, such as USB 3.0, HDMI also are available.

● comprehensive evolutionary HP EliteBook 8460p ACER ASPIRE ONE D260 SERIES battery

HP EliteBook 8460p series of business located in the flagship station of the level of hardware performance strong, but light from the appearance of a very subtle fashion point of view, the atmosphere and not domineering, and its inherent skill is the real reason for selection. DuraCase metal processing structure, military-grade protection standards, ProtectTools bring convenient, fast, bottom of the rapid dismantling all its charm doubled.

HP EliteBook 8460p features a full side in the fuselage next generation of enhanced HP DuraCase all-metal structure design, magnesium aluminum alloy housing with porous double-layer metal structure roof frame to the protective properties of the screen better. We also used in the test hand was squeezing his cap, did not see from the screen surface was deformed, indicating that the actual protection of their strong ability.

The 8460p screen saver using DisplaySafe framework designed to make the machine has a stronger ability of anti-collision, in the case side off the screen is not likely to cause damage. Its equipped with a 16 to 9 in the 14-inch matte screen, with the trend and application requirements change, the proportion of 16 to 9 on the screen has become the latest generation of business notebook features, and matte screen you can use the excellent response complex lighting conditions, in order to provide users with superior visual experience.

The keyboard, the machine gave up the past, the preferred floating island EliteBook notebook-style keyboard design, but the use of the popular full-size keyboard divided island, but the keyboard also has a spill-resistant wear characteristics. The upper right area of ??the keyboard function keys in the order of three Wi-Fi, start Internet Explorer, and mute keys. When 8460p is off, simply press the middle point of a button you can quickly access QuickWeb interface, the related operations.

The 8460p provides the user with a USB 2.0 interface (supporting off power supply), 1 eSATA (USB2.0 complex) interface, 2 USB3.0 interface, a DP port, one VGA port, 1 RJ45 interface, a RJ11 port, 1 1394, 1 multi-card reader and a headphone / microphone jack. From a practical point of view, these interfaces from the type and quantity of both terms are sufficient in practice to meet the needs of most business applications.

It is interesting that this 8460p set at the bottom of the fuselage bottom of the quick turn of a switch, the user need only pull the right switch to move the bottom part of the separation can be completed, after its bottom cover removed, such as we can see a red screw, the Fengyun to quickly open the switch screws under the screw holes can effectively prevent the occurrence of misuse.

● Samsung 400B magical power to send rookie debut DELL INSPIRON MINI 12 battery

More and more IT companies have begun to get involved in high-end professional business notebook, Samsung is such a NP400B. In addition to its business notebook Samsung has always been tough continuation of exterior design, and its products in the functional, user-friendly design and above all the safety of products made a big improvement. Configuration, it uses Intel Core i5 2410M processor with NVIDIA NVS 4200M professional graphics solutions. The graphics processor with 48 CUDA core, compared to the previous generation NVS 3100M increase in the number of 2 times, DirectX 11 features, up to 1GB memory, while the operating frequency raised to 810MHz, Shader frequency increase to 1620MHz. And equipped with 2GB DDR3 memory and a 500GB 7200 rpm hard drive.

Only from the exterior design of the Samsung 400B overall clean lines and bright, a must in order to highlight fashion, in the aluminum-magnesium alloy body, its top cover part of the extensive use of the class feel very comfortable skin material, this design can enable users to completely get rid of the fingerprint issue, but also give the user a comfortable user experience. In touch with over the edge and the corner arc on the use of design, the overall workmanship is exquisite and refined, suitable for office, home and other applications.

Samsung 400B Samsung business this has always been adhering to the simple design, product operation in C major surface area and not design too many function buttons. Provide only a quick write-off, the camera switches, and wireless Bluetooth keyboard shortcuts, and some of the less commonly used functions such as call integrated in the "F1" to "F12" function key.

In addition, the pointing stick design More and more business notebooks are designed to join the TrackPoint, the little red notebook that point, many users will know in the Thinkpad notebook mouse control device - pointing stick. In the Samsung 400B, we are starting to see the presence of pointing stick. In the premise of providing a pointing stick provides two sets of mouse buttons. The top of the key with three-button mouse with pointing stick operation, while the bottom of the mouse button is a mainstream notebook reference design.
C surface area due to the rational distribution operations, borderless touchpad design is more spacious area in the touch, the touch panel surface, in addition to dealing with fine grinding, there is no overly fancy design, positioning in the practical application very precise. The palm rest right side of the fingerprint identification system is also the security of the entire platform has been further improved.

Seen before the appearance of the introduction, let's look at Samsung 400B of the interface design. And compared to the current mainstream business notebook with 14-inch size for the products, we found that the type and quantity of Samsung 400B is relatively abundant. In addition to the common office environment USB, VGA, Ethernet, audio interfaces, such as E-SATA, HDMI and USB3.0 interface is also equipped with both.