Superb quality, outstanding performance of the recent popular collecting business

03/06/2011 16:13

Superb quality, outstanding performance of the recent popular collecting business

Notebook PCs have become an essential daily part of working life, and for business people, the purchase of laptops, they first concern is whether the laptop has a higher quality of design, whether it has a higher efficiency in the implementation better energy performance, better cooling capacity, and more secure and reliable data protection mechanism, the requirement for a business person must be considered, then the notebook in the market many products, how should we choose? Xiao Bian on us all today, several popular business book, with a look at it.

Lenovo Zhaoyang series has been committed to developing the right business school notebooks and other products, the series notebook Intel SandyBridge in response to the release of new platform, also introduced a new series of K27. This Zhaoyang K27 Intel Core i5-2410M, 2GB RAM, 500GB hard drive, Intel Core Graphics.

Appearance: Lenovo Zhaoyang K27 laptop glare by 12.5 inches LCD screen with a resolution of 1366x768, the screen border there is a camera; black stripes cover the rhythm using the latest technology, remove fingerprints, cover, palmrest section carbide materials are used; with alloy pommel horse stands, strengthened alloy screen axis; a porous air inlet, brass fluid diversion, powerful three-tier cooling means cooling module; the body there are 3 USB2.0 interface (of which 1 compatible with E-SATA), 1 HDMI, 1 VGA port, headphone outputs, microphone input port, security slot, RJ45, power connector, 7 in 1 card reader; machine with the weight of 4-cell lithium battery 1.6 kg.

Configuration, DELL INSPIRON 1464 battery Lenovo Zhaoyang K27 laptop with Core i5-2410M processor, Intel HM65 motherboard chipset, Intel Core HD Graphics 3000 graphics card; with 2GB DDR3-1066MHz memory, 500G hard drive, Intel PRO 1000BGN LAN card, Gigabit Ethernet, Bluetooth modules, pre-installed Windows 7 Home Basic. Lenovo Zhaoyang K series also has an active hard drive protection system, hard disk protection system suspension, TCM security chip, fingerprint recognition and keypad light function, which can be customized to accept business.

ASUS ASUS K53XI241SJ-SL is a new company recently launched the second generation i system equipped with a strong core of 15-inch screen laptop, this new laptop using i5-2410M processor, memory to 1GB of NVIDIA GeForce GT 520M graphics card, making the books with a strong performance can be able to easily meet the daily business entertainment needs.

Appearance, ASUS K53XI241SJ-SL island with points based on the Asus keyboard and intelligent anti inadvertently Palm-Proof technology, touch pad, while sinking axle design is more ergonomic, more comfortable for the user screen angle. A piece of the configuration of the 16:9 golden ratio 15.6-inch LED, the maximum support 1366 × 768 resolution, so that visual image increases, various types of 3D video can be easily Fun game, better graphics and video production deal and other tasks. In addition, he built a built-in 30 million camera, able to provide video chat. Machine weighs about 2.5 kg.

Configuration, ASUS K53XI241SJ-SL, which uses the Intel HM65 motherboard chip, equipped with Intel Core i5-2410M processor speeds up to a 2.3GHz, dual-core four-thread, Turbo Boost to 2.9GHz. Also comes standard with 2GB memory and 500G large capacity hard disk. Graphics cards are joined NVIDIA GT 520M, and integrated Intel HD Graphics 3000, memory reached 1GB, Interface, 3 USB2.0, one VGA, one HDMI, RJ45 cable interfaces are common. The machine also comes with genuine Windows 7 Home Basic.

Recently, Intel held at the Water Cube, SONY VAIO VGN-FZ21M battery "the second generation of smart vision industry, Intel Core Hyun Festival", foreign and domestic manufacturers to bring their own first-line latest shocking appearance, the most recent collection of a notebook products. The release of the notebook display configurations vary, but most of them to be the highlight of the computer brought Tongfang Fengrui K41H the Iron Man.

Iron Man Tongfang Fengrui K41H computer's shell nowadays mainstream avant-garde metal wire drawing process to create, in addition to silver metal shell was subjected to the leading surface of anodized coating technology, can play a superior antioxidant, anti-erosion role, but can avoid the oil, fingerprints of the intrusion, the overall feeling that not only cover the whole steel rugged side extension and carry forward the same consistent quality characteristics of computer products, to better reflect the scientific and technological fashion Iron Man Fengrui K41H side, chasing the young family to meet the needs of individual appearance.

Iron Man Tongfang Fengrui K41H computer uses the latest high-end Intel processor mainstream Sandy bridge platform, with advanced Turbo Boost Technology 2.0, the strongest performance for users at the same time, but also take into account the effect on low-power energy-saving one, in addition to the integrated HD graphics platform, to support many high-definition video capabilities, such as high speed video synchronization technology and InTru ™ 3D cinema technology, users can experience only by virtue of the Living, 3D graphics visual impact.

High-definition entertainment experience as the main gaming notebook for a high-end mainstream graphics card is of essential core hardware. Iron Man Tongfang Fengrui K41H computer equipped with an independent GT525M flagship NVIDIA graphics, perfect support for DirectX 11, innovative independent up to 2GB of memory, far beyond the specifications of similar products for the treatment of large-scale 3D game screen capability , allowing users to experience the real picture without stagnation exquisite enjoyment.

Strengthen the screen shaft and metal shaft cover is Iron Man Tongfang Computer Fengrui K41H thoughtful design, one of the screen shaft entirely sunken all-steel structure, able to solve many problems laptop screen axis, so that the use of more easily, while both texture and beauty.

ThinkPad T520 4242A76 ThinkPad notebook is currently selling models, but also 15.6 inches more popular notebook models, body size is 373 × 245 × 35mm, body weight (with battery) 2.52 kg, the official standard said that life is about 2-3 hours, depending on the specific time to use environment.

ThinkPad T520 4242A76 Laptop with Intel Core i7 2720QM processor (2.2GHz clock speed, 6MB three-level cache, the core of eight four-thread-bus), can Turbo Boost to 3.3GHz, Intel QM67 chipset, 4GB memory, 500GB hard drive, NVIDIA NVS 4200M graphics card + integrated Intel HD Graphics 3000 integrated graphics and a resolution of 1366 × 768 15.6-inch screen.

Interfaces, ThinkPad T520 4242A76 notebook is equipped with three USB2.0 Interface, 1 VGA, 1 DisplayPort, 1 IEEE 1394,1 an ExpressCard/34, RJ45 network cable port, 1 audio output / microphone input port and 4 1 card reader and so on. Network, ThinkPad T520i 42424XC notebook provides a 56K dial-up Internet access, Gigabit Ethernet wired LAN, 802.11b/g/n (300Mbps) wireless card.
As one of the three largest motherboard manufacturer MSI, as well as its strong research and development has been solid all praised the quality of workmanship, of course, MSI's motherboard products is not limited to production, it also has its own brand of notebook computers. MSI will be introduced today FX420-52412G50SX platform is a processor equipped with SNB alone significantly notebook.

MSI FX420-52412G50SX is a 14-inch notebook, ACER BTP-37D1 battery all black body is a common PC + ABS plastic material, covered with lattice-like top cover patterns, and feel very comfortable feel, but be contaminated with a little trace of fingerprints, but is not obvious. The machine uses a 14-inch 16:9 widescreen LED screen resolution of 1366 × 768, at the top of the screen is also built a 1.3 million pixel camera. The keyboard, it uses the popular chocolate keyboard, the large bond length can reduce the probability of misuse. It is the key process is relatively moderate rebound sensitive, feel quite good.
Hardware, the MSI FX420-52412G50SX equipped with a frequency of 2.3GHz of Intel Core i5 2410M processor with three 3M cache, you can Turbo Boost to 2.9GHz; associated with the 1GB of video memory graphics card AMD Radeon HD6470M . Also, the machine also comes standard with 2GB DDR3 memory, 500GB hard drive and DVD burner.

Also MSI FX420-52412G50SX also has three very unique technology, one ACV Colorful bright screen technology (it makes the screen display is more beautiful realistic), and second, ACS intelligent cooling system (cooling effect in ensuring the quality and reduce operating noise ), three energy-saving power management system is ECO (dynamic regulation of energy use, longer battery life), so that the notebook power consumption, heat, noise, performance, and achieve better balance.

Glimpse, thin natural heart, the CEO of Toshiba R700 series has an incredible profit thin, only 18.3mm slim body with non-ordinary intrinsic properties, in both performance, while also maintaining its ultra-thin body and beyond imagination, demanding simulation testing, and factory quality control, the achievements of the R700's excellent quality, with 100Kg under pressure against liquid splash and 30cc keyboard functions.

Toshiba R700 series thinnest at only about 18.3mm, Yingying a grip, only about 1.39kg of light can always carry the great trust of the back of the complex cellular magnesium metal-one design, lightweight body, while ensuring durable has excellent resistance to compression performance. Hyun 13.3-inch high-definition color screen, the screen ratio of 16:9, with 1366 * 768 pixel resolution, to presenting a full color and crisp visuals.

Configuration, LG M1 EXPRESS DUAL battery the Toshiba R700-01B with Intel Core i3-350M processor, dual core has four threads, the strong performance, standard 2GB DDR3 memory and 320GB hard drive, integrated Intel HD Graphics graphics chip, fully adequate for the business. Equipped with a 9.5mm thin DVD burner, slim figure masterpiece for the contribution of R700. Interfaces the machine performed well, 2 USB2.0, 1 USB / eSATA Dual Interface, HDMI, VGA, RJ45, and ExpressCard expansion and card reader are all available.

Dell recently launched the new Dell Vostro 3400 (V3400D-328) using the Aberdeen silver, red clover, Brisbane copper roof three colors are very stylish, aluminum case also reflects the quality, configuration, equipped with the latest i5-460M Core Duo processor, NV mainstream GT310M significant independence and DDR3 memory, 7200 RPM hard drive, to meet the general business and daily needs.

Appearance, the Dell notebook uses aluminum casing achievements, strong precision design, good texture; while manufacturers in order to meet consumer demand for color design in three different colors, for friends to choose, see Dell's vendors carefully. 14.0-inch 1366x768 widescreen display with LED glare Guangping, to help protect users eye; body weighs only 2.16Kg, portability is not bad.

Configuration, the Dell Vostro 3400 (T520402CN) notebook whose main configuration using the Intel i3 380M processor (2.53GHz), 2GB memory and 320G hard drive and integrated Intel HD Graphics graphics and speed DVD + /-RW drive, preloaded with genuine 32 bit Windows 7 Home Basic Edition operating system.

HP 4230s (LV401PA) is targeting the business market a laptop, this product uses the Intel HM65 chipset, with Intel Core i5 2410M processor, integrated Intel HD Graphics 3000 graphics cards, 4GB DDR3 RAM, absolutely reasonable configuration to meet the daily office needs.

The selection of a black magnesium alloy notebook look, seamless body, look very cold, the aircraft is equipped with a mainstream 12.1-inch ultra-thin LED screen, a resolution of 1366 × 768,16:9 golden ratio. G4 notebook also features HP's high-sensitive camera technology, intelligent regulation glossy photographic definition video, in the case of ambient light dark, you can also get a clear image.
Configuration on the HP 4230s (LV401PA) using Intel Core i5 2410M processor, Turbo Boost to 2.9GHz, dual core has four threads, 4GB DDR3 memory, any program regardless of treatment, can speed the operation, performance is extremely strong. With integrated Intel HD Graphics 3000 graphics card, shared system memory, easily qualified for the daily office. 640GB large capacity hard disk can store more information and documentation, and various documents.