Style reproduction of the new i3-2310M performance alone was the recommended

06/04/2011 10:31

Style reproduction of the new i3-2310M performance alone was the recommended

In 2010, the first generation of Core i3 books with strong performance, high cost, with high performance by ATi / Nv graphics card, the i3 core in high-definition video playback, the advantages of mainstream games to play vividly, so as to set Intel illustrious military exploits. Into April 2011, Sandy Bridge Intel new platform products have emerged, second-generation Core Duo processor i3 hit the market soon.

I3 processors compared to a variety of first-generation models, second-generation intelligent processor Intel Core Only this i3 i3-2310M. Intel's latest processor family as the first level, i3-2310M clocked at 2.1GHz, with 3MB L3 cache, with 2 cores, 4 threads, support for DDR3 1066/1333, TDP heat-power design is still as 35W, good Sandy Bridge core architecture, with nVIDIA GT500M series of graphics cards, AMD 6000M series of high-performance graphics cards bring high-speed, fluidity, like the immersive visual experience.

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Features: All metal roof, SNB significant new platform independence

Spring of 2011, SNB-based notebooks is the season of blossom, as in 2011 a new razor with the party's flagship product, this Tongfang "steel earners" K41H, the appearance of all-metal roof design, configuration SNB platform, Intel's latest processor i3-2310M, and 2GB of video memory with GT 525M graphics card.

K41H with a new mold with the side, the first package with modular displays, notebook cover and a thin screen directly in the clean environment as a whole package, compared with those in the product, K41H structure is more compact and rugged, eliminate the possibility of the screen into the ashes, and the strong scratch resistant, thanks to this packaging technology, which makes the light look more smart. With the strengthening screen shaft and metal shaft cover intimate design, allow consumers to use more handy.

Appearance, "Tsinghua Tongfang" LOGO set in the lower right of the top cover, fitting the aesthetic sense of simple style. In addition, the SNB platform for strong, Fengrui K41H also specially designed to strengthen the heat sink, with large sunken exhaust system and large silent fan, without affecting the whole premise of appearance, improve thermal performance and can effectively reduce noise. Interface, with 3 USB ports, one HDMI, one VGA and one card reader slot.

Hardware configuration, with the side K41H Intel Sandy bridge structure i3-2310M processor with 2GB memory and 500GB hard drive, with the nVIDIA GT 525M graphics card with 128bit, 2GB memory, support for NVIDIA's excellent set of relaxation techniques can also achieve significant and independence was seamless switching capability, the game turned on by default graphics card to display the gorgeous visuals and enhance the speed of the game, the graphics card test 3Dmark 06 score 8290 points (1024x768 resolution). In addition, the built-in 1.3 million pixel camera, 802.11a/g/n wireless LAN and Gigabit Ethernet cards. Pre-installed Windows 7 Home Basic.

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Features: i3 + GT 540M II alone significantly, the game superior performance, cost-effective

2011 notebook computer market is the most compelling new platform for the release of Sandy Bridge, the major manufacturers have introduced products equipped with the new platform. Shenzhou's elegant A560P-i3D1 Sandy Bridge will be equipped with the latest platform for the second-generation Core Duo processor, i3, standard 2G DDR3 memory, 320G SATA hard drive. 15.6-inch widescreen LED with a narrow border tough style, joined HP Imprint printing technology, in terms of wear resistance to scratches extremely well, with the rounded corner cutting around the design to give users feel more superior.

Appearance, the Shenzhou elegant A560 fuselage cover printing technology to create a mold Yang; with 15.6-inch LCD screen with a resolution of 1366 × 768; top of the screen pixel camera built-130W; keyboard is full-size keyboard, but also built a very useful keyboard, often with numbers for the IT industry, working people, this is really a very intimate setting; sunken touchpad design, more heart, less prone to inadvertently. Interface, the interface has two USB2.0, USBG / eSATA combo interface, Express Card Interface, HDMI and so readily available.

Hardware, the Shenzhou elegant A560-i3 uses Intel's new Core Core i3-2310M (2.1GHz) processor, in addition to the core of integrated graphics HD Graphics 3000, but also a more powerful performance with Nvidia GT 540M graphics card, with a capacity of as 1GB of DDR3 memory, a strong overall performance! Standard 2GB DDR1333 memory, 320GB hard drive, and the other with a Gigabit LAN, wireless LAN, to meet the gaming, video editing, compression, decoding the use of high-intensive computing needs.

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Features: + Set was designed with significant independence, endurance, and optimal balance of high-definition video

2011 belongs to Sandy Bridge! In the HP side, SNB also quickly landing a new platform products! The HP g4-1016TX, unique design, high gloss, textured feel better, hardware upgrades, Cool Core i3-2310M processor, equipped with a new generation of AMD Radeon HD6470M graphics card.

Appearance, g4-1016TX HP monochrome paint with simple and clean design, simple appearance of a fresh feeling to the user. Laptop with BrightViewLED LCD screen, 16:9 aspect ratio, 1366 × 768 resolution support, on both sides of the fuselage has Fast Ethernet LAN networking, wireless network card, DVD burner and multi-card reader. In addition the integrated USB, RJ45, DHMI and audio interface, built-in Altec Lansing stereo, a new generation of sound quality can be enhanced with SRS technologies to bring more mellow sounds of enjoyment.

Hardware configuration, equipped with top-g4-1016TX HP Intel Core second-generation i3-2310M processor, clocked at 2.1GHz, 3M has a three-level cache. Motherboard with Intel HM65 chip, 2GB memory and 640GB hard drive standard. Graphics cards, the notebook uses a dual graphics design, AMD Radeon HD 6470M graphics card with Intel GMA HD integrated graphics for gaming entertainment and general switching between applications to ensure the rational use of power heating area. AMD Radeon HD 6470M with 1GB 64bit DDR3 memory, up to 60 the number of stream processors, support for DirectX 11, fully meet the ordinary games, high definition video requirements.

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Features: Dark brown stylish appearance, the second-generation i3 + discrete graphics, good performance

Lenovo G Series with cost-effective and highly favored by young users, with increasing demand for hardware performance, Lenovo G Series products also incorporate the Sandy Bridge, this association G470AH-ITH (dark brown) with Core i3-2310M processor, clocked at 2.1GHz, 3M cache, an integrated GPU core frequency 650/1050MHz, AMD HD6370M also equipped with a graphics card with 1G DDR3 memory, overall performance is quite good.

Appearance, Lenovo G470AH-ITH (dark brown) notebook with precision etch process, plastic materials after high temperature material in the small hard particles formed on the surface, the surface of the product not only more concise, but also increases the wear-resistant surface sex. Lenovo keyboard using unique high-touch keyboard, each key depression were slightly down, but also fit the pulp, even for a long time still feel comfortable typing; 14.0 inches of LED-backlit display, display is clear and natural; Weight 2.2 kg.

Communication interface, in addition there must be 802.11b/g/n wireless LAN and 10-100M LAN card, VGA interfaces, HDMI Interface, RJ45, voice input and output sound hole, DC power jack, security keyhole and other interfaces one should taste. With face recognition function in addition to the 30 million camera and 6-cell lithium battery; To further enhance the user experience, but also with Smartaudio smart sound system, effectively improve laptop sound quality.

Hardware configuration, Lenovo G470AH-ITH (dark brown) using the Sandy Bridge mobile platform, which is equipped with Intel Core i3-2310M processor speeds up to 2.1GHz, with 3MB of three levels of cache. While 2GB of DDR3 memory and comes standard with 1GB DDR3 memory of the AMD Radeon HD 6370M discrete graphics, also supports the PCI-E X16 interface standards and support for DirectX 11, an integrated 30 million pixel camera. Windows 7 Home Basic pre-installed operating system.

Recommended products: Acer 4750-2312G32Mnkk

Features: Strong second-generation i3 + GT540M significant, game performance is good and cost-effective

Into April 2011, the second generation Intel Core Duo processor i3 landing the low end, this Acer 4750-2312G32Mnkk, locate the video game hardware and using the second generation of Core i3-2310M processor, GT 540M graphics card, the current Price is only 3,999 yuan, are relatively low-cost SNB alone was a new platform product, so that users can enjoy high-performance entry, double fun game to enjoy.

Appearance, as with the 4741G Series, Acer 4750G-2632G75Mnkk concave shell engraved with a unique texture and dark color of light ripples film, Check type of roof design to effectively prevent scratches and fingerprints. Using a smooth transition corners design, the whole flowing lines, simple design. The 14-inch 16:9 LED screen, mounted above a 1.3 million pixel camera.
Hardware configuration, this Acer Aspire 4750-2312G32Mnkk Sandy Bridge architecture with a new platform, 32nm manufacturing process of the i3-2310M processor, clocked at 2.1GHz, with 3MB L3 cache, with 2 cores, 4 threads, graphics terms used in the high-end NVIDIA Geforce GT 540M graphics card with 1GB, 128bit DDR3 memory, performance, doing well. In addition, the standard 2GB DDR3 memory, 320GB hard drive, preloaded with Windows 7 Home Basic operating system.