SNB-core early adopters of new high-end commercial independence platform was the recommended

18/03/2011 08:57 SNB-core early adopters of new high-end commercial independence platform was the recommended Sandy Bridge platform, Intel has released three months, which experienced a 6 series chipset design flaws of the crisis, which has many brand new notebook platform, time to market was repeatedly delayed. Finally arrived in March, the major notebook brand new platform after another arrived, we are early adopters of Sandy Bridge is the best time for notebook. A new platform from the current notebook market point of view, the main audio-visual entertainment, the model accounted for a large majority of the game; the Sandy Bridge processor itself has a built-in Core Graphics on a good performance, in order to improve the quality of this game, and many Notebook manufacturers have for the new platform with a more high-end discrete graphics cards. Below, we might look at: Recommended products: Lenovo laptop Y470N2410 DELL XPS M2010 Battery Lenovo notebook Y470N2410 large fuselage panels Application of the metal material, provides users with a rich texture of the visual and touch experience; C surface of the material of aluminum alloy, anodized coloring technique is applied, not only did not reduce the original texture of the metal, purple color and the panel also allows the perfect integration; attached to metal wire drawing process, even in hard to reach the turning point of concave and also exist; on the keyboard panel, part of the Floating Island put on a more stylish keyboard; panel pattern replaced a small dot design, visual experience good; represents the Y family DNA orange waist design will be retained. Configuration, Lenovo Y470N2410 notebook with Core i5-2410M processor, 4GB memory, 640GB hard drive, DVD burner; has 2GB of video memory, NVIDIA GeForce GT 550M graphics card, the game performance than the previous generation of Lenovo Y460 products increased by 20% above; has 14.0 inches color thin-hyun, HDMI interface, standard VGA port, wireless card, 200 million pixel camera and JBL professional speaker; machine with 6-cell lithium-ion battery weighs about 2.2 kg; pre-installed Windows 7 Home Basic Edition. Recommended products: The new Dell notebook Ling Yue 15R The new Dell laptop has a fiery spirit of the more 15R, DELL LATITUDE C800 Battery Mars black, peacock blue and so the three colors, designs with the spirit of the old models more consistent 15R; an increase of 2 new USB 3.0 port, with a USB 2.0 port, a support E-SATA and USB 2.0 port power sharing, HDMI v1.4 ports, VGA port, integrated network interface, 10/100, LAN (RJ45), AC power adapter port, audio jacks (1 line output, a microphone input), 8 in 1 media card reader. Configuration, the new Dell laptop with Ling Yue 15R Core i7-2630QM quad-core processor, Intel HM67 motherboard chipset, 1GB of video memory, NVIDIA GeForce GT 525M graphics card; with 4GB memory, 500GB 7200 rpm hard drive, DVD + /-RW drive ; Intel Centrino Wireless-N 1030 Module with Bluetooth v3.0 + HS module; 15.6 inch WLED display high-definition, integrated one million-pixel wide-screen high-definition camera; 6-cell lithium-ion battery; pre-installed Genuine Windows 7 Home Basic 64 bit. Recommended products: Shenzhou elegant A560P-i7 Notebook Shenzhou elegant A560P-i7, DELL INSPIRON 1300 Battery is the most important application of the Shenzhou Sandy Bridge platform, Intel's latest quad-core Core i7 processors, notebook computers, based on Nehalem micro-architecture leading the i7-2630QM processor in the Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 has a higher performance and lower power consumption, to bring the user application experience unprecedented speed, especially in large-scale 3D games and HD video start-up phase, the new CPU will make the program can substantially improve the read speed, built-in integrated HD3000 graphics core video codecs in HD and there have been a strong increase. Appearance, with 15.6-inch widescreen, narrow frame design of the Shenzhou-tough style of elegant A560P-i7 join Imprint Printing technology in terms of wear resistance to scratches extremely well, with the rounded corner cutting around the design to give users more excellent hand. A sunken face shaft design makes sense but also has a complete solid and secure. High performance requirements of the game's friend in dire need of products to power, today recommended this Shenzhou elegant A560P-i7 is definitely your choice. Amazing new platform technologies to show the charm of the perfect, powerful graphics card GT540M shock experience, 1GB DDR3 memory capacity and speed makes the model more aspects of excellence in image processing, 3D graphics and games at the outbreak of a more powerful forces, such as In the latest DirectX 11 games to achieve more than twice the graphics performance and higher resolution, etc., while adding new Optimus technology, can easily get high performance and long battery life to enjoy the double, well The switchable graphics technology allows you to be the optimal solution for notebooks. In addition, the game is also intimate with the numeric keypad with separate full-size keyboard, so that the input is more comfortable and smooth, subtle handling of the palm rest bump texture also has a comfortable non-slip handle, made it easy for players to operate more convenient. The built-in high-quality 130W pixel Web camera, to capture every moment of the exciting, with dual-microphone array, a more complete network video voice applications. Recommended products: Acer Aspire 4750G (2412G50Mnkk) Notebook ACER ASPIRE 5610 SERIES Battery Acer Aspire 4750G (2412G50Mnkk) to dark gray color tone laptop machine, Check back has a design to enhance the texture of the fuselage, but also to prevent contamination of fingerprints and other stains; body edges were smooth handling, eye-catching acer logo placed in the top cover is still central. Acer keyboard uses the standard keyboard design of duckweed, a larger bond length, feel good; its keyboard has a mirror above the bar, its surface for the keyboard to play a good decorative effect. Palmrest surfaces are covered with small, Check, consistent with the housing style, but also with a delicate touch. It is currently equipped with the most common 14-inch LED-backlit screen, standard resolution of 1366 × 768, with Dolby sound technology, the speaker virtual surround sound effect can be achieved in order to bring stunning audio-visual experience. Configuration, the Acer Aspire 4750G (2412G50Mnkk) notebook equipped with a Core i5-2410M processor with a nominal frequency of 2.3GHz, the highest frequency of up to Core 2.9GHz, Fusion Core Intel GMA HD 3000 graphics card; comes standard 2GB DDR3 memory, 500GB hard drive, built-in DVD burner; with 1GB of video memory, NVIDIA Geforce GT 540M graphics card; integrated 1.3 million pixel camera, Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11b/g/n wireless protocol support; with 6-cell lithium-ion battery, pre-installed Windows 7 Home Basic (Home Basic Edition) operating system. Recommended products: ASUS N53XI263SV-SL Notebook Appearance, the ASUS notebook N53XI263SV-SL sports car with a similar streamlined design, and this ingenious streamlined design of the side won the 2010 Japan G-Mark and the iF China Design Award. At the same time, the machine is using a Bang & Olufsen's ICEpower and SonicFocus audio technology, brings you the sounds of nature to enjoy. And then with the 15.6-inch display, is particularly outstanding entertainment experience. Configuration, ASUS N53XI263SV-SL uses the latest Core i7-2630QM quad-core processors, with a nominal frequency of 2.0GHz, Turbo Boost technology by up to 2.9GHz. At the same time, using a 500GB, 7200 switch to high-speed hard drive, 4GB DDR3 RAM, 1GB video memory NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M graphics card. Pre-installed Windows 7 Professional (Pro) operating system. Recommended products: Toshiba Satellite A660-01S Laptop The Toshiba products not difficult to see familiar friends, Toshiba Satellite A660-01S laptop and another subsidiary Satellite M600 models are very similar in appearance, have adopted the texture and the elegant matte metallic echo the design, with exquisite patterns Milan to create the matte surface, not only brought personal fingerprint residue also greatly reduced. At the same time, 15.6-inch screen can also bring great entertainment. Configuration, the Toshiba Satellite A660-01S Laptop with Intel Core i7-2630QM quad-core processors, NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M graphics card; with 4GB DDR3 RAM, 500GB 7200 rpm hard drive and DVD burner. Windows 7 Home Premium pre-installed operating system. If you really liked to watch 3D movies, play 3D games, then we suggest you choose a larger size screen 3D notebook, such as this Toshiba A660, when they watch the 3D effect more realistic, three-dimensional. This notebook is almost impeccable in terms of performance, design is also more delicate. If you are looking for a desktop replacement large screen of the video and audio entertainment, then this Toshiba A660 is very good. Of course, objectively speaking, this A660 is Toshiba's flagship signs are marked, that in the current view is just the a small public groups. However, with the maturity of 3D technology, 3D notebook certainly will slowly into the homes of ordinary people, just as laptop computers out of the significance of positioning as a luxury.