Small body with the recommended high-performance portable led 3830TG

20/05/2011 10:32

Small body with the recommended high-performance portable led 3830TG


Recall the early notebook market, the appearance of a single product, the performance is weak, the body heavy, expensive, laptop computers from the ordinary family life is "remote." With the development of technology, progress of the times, look at today's notebook computers, is not only beautiful and stylish, and strong performance, compact body, the most important is the price close to the people, the notebook has been to every family, has become a part of modern people's lives.

With the advances in notebook, consumers demand more and more notebook, a set of stylish looks, strong performance, portable body in a product, what people like to see. So, really have such a product? The answer is yes. Said 13-inch size is the golden notebook, Why? The reason is simple, the body not more than 13-inch portable notebook, rather than 13-inch notebook performance and not good enough, so that both 13-inch portable notebook is the smart choice and performance.

Both fashion and performance of Acer 3830TG HP PAVILION DV9000 SERIES battery

Advantages: stylish, lightweight body, outstanding value for money, excellent battery life.

Cons: No optical drive

The crowd: usually like to play games, and the need to travel or mobile applications users.

Acer Aspire TimelineX as a masterpiece in the series, 3830TG both in terms of shape design or performance than previous products have a greater difference.

Compared with the Acer Aspire 4830TG, 13-inch notebook Aspire 3830TG mold design design more sophisticated in appearance. Die size 13.3-inch, using a blue aluminum-magnesium alloy top cover, so that users feel when Qinliang smooth. Benefit from the light pressure of the magnesium alloy material, durable machine to ensure the same time, the sapphire blue of the mold design is also more high-tech fashion texture.

Acer Aspire 3830TG the shaft with the more popular nowadays sink design, the maximum opening angle of the rotor up to 160 ° or more, in the whole process of opening and closing of the damping is better. In the 13.3-inch LED-backlit screen, built above the camera, with the right side of the pinhole microphone, user video chat, video conferencing and other operations.

To highlight the characteristics of the product durable, Aspire 3830TG notebook with Silver and Sapphire C plane with colors, more polished work, angular. Cavity in the metal under the built-in speaker has been a certified Dolby sound, its high performance is more bass in place, more three-dimensional sound space. Taking into account the size of 13-inch touch with restrictions, Aspire 3830TG and function keys do not provide much design. Only retained the custom shortcut button.

Limited by the body dies, Aspire 3830TG extensions omitted in the interface design of an optical drive, but the types of the interface is quite comprehensive, in addition to providing USB 2.0, VGA, Ethernet, audio and multi-card reader in addition, like USB 3.0, HDMI also have available.

New i5 with 13-inch Sony HD 6470M SD19 SONY VGP-BPS13 battery

Pros: colorful shell, beautiful appearance, light and portable, high-end configuration.

Disadvantages: Price too high.

The crowd: the budget more on the appearance and higher performance requirements, and requires frequent travel or mobile applications users.

Sony Sony VAIO S series is the best business notebook series in the consumption of ordinary business people models, its design philosophy has been to follow the "balance" concept, through the beautiful appearance design and portability combined with the performance of the mainstream, so that the user entertainment needs and business applications are applicable.

The SD series of the Sony products remain colorful design, up to 5 colors to meet most of the color for the notebook user needs. And compared to the previous generation S-series airframe technology, material changes in terms of both the composite surface is frosted effect of class treatment, this approach can be better to avoid the contamination of stains and scratches, but can also increase the friction , played the role of non-slip.

Side of the keyboard layout, SD19 Sony still continues the tradition of style, the shortcut keys to increase the graphics aspects of an independent switch, user mode to manually switch the video card. In the design of the keyboard layout is similar to the previous use of the design S series, the location of the right side above the keyboard, is the SD19's shortcut keys, shortcut keys using a rectangular design, the three shortcut function keys, respectively, Vaio custom function and the corresponding fast system recovery, a key Internet functions, the default custom buttons corresponding to the Vaio is to open Media Gallery software, the user can according to their needs in the Vaio Control Center to define themselves.

Up to 9 interfaces distributed in the body size is only 13.3 inches right of the interface looks very strong team, but more so when the external equipment can easily result in an inconvenient situation, a separate headphone jack on the left side of the hinge design indeed some of the alternative.

To create the ultimate slim for Samsung 900X3A DELL INSPIRON 6400 battery

Advantages: the ultimate slim body, the appearance of steady, strong performance.

Disadvantages: high prices, small storage space, the graphics card performance in general.

The crowd: the budget and more for performance, and portability are clearly higher requirements of the users.

As a result of aviation aluminum alloy material and the mold design is reasonable, Samsung 900X3A only 5mm thickness of the roof is still under the premise of ensuring the strength of good. The aircraft fuselage as a whole are used as the main colors of black, and silver with white side at the sleek lines of the play a finishing touch.

Samsung 900X3A border part of the B-side screen, using the most popular class of piano effects processing, the camera is set central location on the screen border, dealing with the effects of class piano in the beautiful border and also easier to contaminated fingerprints. The aircraft is equipped with 13.3-inch glossy screen matte screen is better than to avoid the phenomenon of reflection, so that users in a variety of light sources used.

Samsung 900X3A keyboard surface border, like the use of the palm rest part and the top cover is made of aviation aluminum alloy, alloy type material in a solid guarantee for the heat but also provide some help. The aircraft is still in the keyboard is the usual chocolate with Samsung keyboard, matte effect after treatment keycap feel good in actual use, the key process and return to power are relatively modest. Part is the use of touch pad integrated design, large touch area in use will make the user feel comfortable, but the integration of the key may cause small-scale misuse.

And expansion of capacity in the interface, Samsung 900X3A notebook provides the user with a USB 2.0 interface, a USB3.0 port, 1 HDMI, 1 RJ45 port, a Micro SD card reader and a headphone / Mike composite jack. One in particular is the RJ45 interface is not set in the camera body directly, but through a conversion line to achieve, such an approach to meet the application requirements while ensuring the degree of body slim. Regardless of type and quantity from the point of view, these interfaces are used to meet the needs of most users.

Thin fine choice for MacBook Air ACER ASPIRE ONE D255 battery

Advantages: stylish appearance, the ultimate lightweight solid body, excellent performance.

Disadvantages: high prices.

The crowd: simple elegant appearance requirements, there are certain requirements on the display, the budget more users.

Apple's products have been very welcomed by the market, has been imitated by many manufacturers, largely as the fashion, Apple MacBook Air (MC503CH / A) Notebook 13-inch notebook in the best-selling models, with Apple Classic integrated aluminum metal forming technology, stylish and elegant, and in the allocation sufficient to meet the general recreational needs.

Apple MacBook Air (MC503CH / A) Notebook with Intel Core 2 Duo processor (1.86GHz GHz / 6MB secondary cache / 1066MHz bus), 2GB RAM, 128GB SSD solid state hard drive, NVIDIA GeForce 320M integrated graphics and a resolution of 1440 × 900 13.3-inch display.

Interfaces, the Apple MacBook Air (MC503CH / A) Notebook is equipped with 2 USB2.0 interfaces, DisplayPort video interface, audio output interface.

Network, the Apple MacBook Air (MC503CH / A) Notebook provides the 802.11b/g/n (300Mbps) wireless LAN, Bluetooth. The notebook's body size is 325 × 227 × 17mm, body weight (with battery) 1.32 kg, the official nominal life time of about 7 hours, the specific time depending on use environment.