Reborn! Detailed IE9 10 highlights of the browser

23/03/2011 09:51

Reborn! Detailed IE9 10 highlights of the browser

15 years, Microsoft has always wanted to know what the user needs a browser, it wants a better user experience, so it is constantly changing and exploration, has introduced eight generations of the IE browser does have some improvements though, but Overall, it is the coexistence of criticism and praise, in the many outstanding under strong competition from the browser, IE's market share in recent years, a decreasing trend.

Before the decision to develop IE9, Microsoft had conducted a survey of over one billion Windows client, want to know the browser of their choice should be like. Findings that Microsoft's surprise: "How many people hardly care about what browser to use - they are more concerned about the site," Microsoft has finally realized - the original browser Shenma are clouds, you really care about is online Content .......

Therefore, the interface is very simple, refreshing the browser IE9 born.

* Bright spot: fresh and simple interface style DELL 310-9080 battery

In today's focus on "user experience" of the era, IE9 sought from the start the installation process simple and straightforward. Double-click the installation file, just a button to complete the entire operation, the middle of the process without user intervention, to become truly one-click installation. The case of network flow, the installation will last a minute or so, and then will pop up a dialog box prompts the user to restart the system. This period the other IE if the user running the software kernel, you need to turn them off. Note that, IE9 Win7 and Vista only support system.

After a system reboot, we can see the desktop icons IE9 a beautiful, and the previous generation compared to IE8 browser, IE9 the interface is very simple and aesthetically pleasing. Happily, IE9 start fast, you can double-click the icon to open the page immediately, and IE8 has a significant speed advantage compared.

The author of the most satisfying thing IE9 is it the task bar are all in the same line, which is 16:9 widescreen display that is particularly important - the vertical widescreen can display the contents of a relatively small, if then the browser take up a lot of space, will seriously affect the user's Web browsing experience.

Of course, if you often need to simultaneously open many web pages, then these tags can also be a single line display, simply right click on top of your browser and then check the "Display tab in a single line" option. However, analysis of data from Microsoft showed that 97% of users in the process the number of open tabs ≤ 5,90% of users over time the number of open tabs no more than 8.
Once cumbersome toolbar, in the IE9 been streamlined to three buttons on the far right, retaining only the most commonly used three functions: Open the home page, open the Favorites folder (history), custom settings. Not only maximize space savings, but also very easy to use. Moreover, if we right-click the task bar space, but also add your favorite other page elements.

* Highlights II: page fixed function ASUS A42-A3 battery

Some friends said, "page fixed" function is the decisive factor in their use IE9, this function reflects the good compatibility between Microsoft's own advantage - we just live with the left mouse button web links (or select tab), drag the taskbar to the bottom of the screen, you will find the task bar there is a new icon and automatically display the site's LOGO. Next time we need to open the site, just click the icon.

It is worth mentioning that this is not just a shortcut icon, or a mini version of the client. For example, when we treat our own micro-blog Home Page drag to the taskbar, the once new messages, the icon will have changed.
In addition, when we right-click the icon, see the website for IE9 custom features, such as the picture above the "micro-Bo Square" "Alipay payment," and so on. This is the major site is undoubtedly a new market opportunity - to provide users with customized services more convenient to expand the user base and improve reputation.

* Highlight three: Smart Location Bar SAMSUNG X65 XEV 7300 battery

In IE9, the address bar and search bar into one, allowing the user's operation more convenient - if you know the address, just enter the main characters (such as ZOL) to; If you do not know the address, enter a keyword to Chinese Pinyin can be even. We note that the address bar into a search engine, smart Lenovo features, such as Baidu for Chinese, Pinyin IE9 perfect understanding are absorbed.

In IE9 drop-down menu in the browser, but also the history and favorites to see the figure, which helps users to quickly find the target site. In addition, IE9 also supports a variety of search engines fast switching, just click the drop-down menu icon at the bottom of the search engine is very convenient.
If you want to search for sites like, integrated address bar will be a bit cumbersome, it will direct its Web site no longer identified as false start the search engines. But the solution is simple, users only need to look at the first press Ctrl + E key combination, and then you can enter a URL keyword, then the contents of the address bar will appear in front of a small question mark, while the search engines continue to work.

* Highlights Four: quick access to the entrance

In IE9, when we create a new tab, you see the most recent IE9 users automatically go to 10 sites listed here, and the sort. The longer the bar below the icon, said to number more, but the color is the main color of the icon from the site determined to help users quickly find the target site.

Of course, if users do not need this feature can also be hidden. And when we right click on any icon, you can also delete the icon, or add it to the "Start" menu.

In addition to these, IE9 so I very much appreciate the second feature is the collapse of its reduction mechanism. It specifically includes two advantages: 1. Each tab is isolated, so when a tab crashes, only that it will re-open, while the other tab will not be affected. 2. Even if the problem also appears in multiple tabs, IE9 the bottom of the page will automatically pop-up dialog box that prompts the user will automatically restart the tab. These two features, it is extremely user-friendly, and will bring unexpected trouble to the user down to a minimum. However, the official version of the author of this trial IE9 few days, there has been no collapse of any page.

* Highlights Five: Independent tab SONY VAIO VGN-FW90S battery

When we need to separate out an option card operation, and the need to simultaneously display the contents of two tabs, just tap and hold the left mouse button any tab and drag it out, and then a let go you will see it become another new, complete IE9 browser window.

Then we can use the Aero Snap Win7 system function, to live with the left mouse button is top of the page, toss it to the left, let go you will see this window after the automatic full screen on the left side; Similarly, the right of the page also followed suit, you can easily compare the contents of two pages to improve user productivity.

* Highlights Six: Download Manager

IE9 third feature that I appreciate is that it was "polite notice board" - the previous IE are in the middle of the page pop up a dialog box, make people feel somewhat awkward. In IE9, all low-key notification bar will appear in the bottom of your browser, the user does not block line of sight, and can do with it temporarily, to go back when free treatment.

Clearly, IE needs more feature-rich download manager, we are very pleased to see made in this regard IE9 improvements, typically you will see the picture above the notification bar, and we click on "Run" or "Save" , will appear the following download progress bar:

Download process, we can also click "View Downloads" button to enter into the full version of download manager, here only shows the progress of each download item details, there are real-time speed, source URL, save the path, file size, and more detailed information. But also through the retained list, we can quickly find the future today, the downloaded file.
If you download the files list a lot, a lot of trouble to find a file how to do it? We see the Download Manager has a search bar on the right, he can help us quickly find the required files have been downloaded.

* Highlights Seven: Developer Tools

Compared with other browsers, IE9 built a more powerful development tools - including analysis tool JavaScript, CSS editor and a new network analyzers. When these tools at hand when you need to facilitate you to develop and debug, to achieve the full integration with the IE9. We can upper right corner of the browser tools (Alt + X) to open the Developer Tools, or directly with the hotkey F12 open.

It is very convenient for web designers a tool in the past, when IE8 is quite easy to use, and through which to view the site on the frame or Click to view the site within-related Html & Css code JavaScript or handling large files, easy to understand picture helps you analyze complex css, at a glance.

However, such a design on the small screen or laptop users who have some degree of convenience, freedom of the screen is too small to click, addition can not watch the same screen, have to switch the point of view, the very IE9 intimate small drawback of this improvement, its consolidation in the browser below to facilitate the synchronization view.
* Highlights Eight: Multi-Address bar

We mentioned the address bar IE9 integrated search bar, favorites and history, and its improved more than that. If you observe the right of the address bar, you will find that there are other features. For example, when we visited those based on IE5, IE6 browser designed site, occasionally there may be text, image misalignment, etc., then we need only tap the address bar of the Compatibility View button, you can easily solve this problem.

As we all know, IE8 in Internet banking will visit some compatibility problems, we also carried out in this area focus on IE9 investigated. Test results are satisfactory, IE9 browser can not only smooth access to all online banking pages, but also provides a website address bar authenticity verification, we can click on the "View Certificate" to verify whether the site is the official website of the bank very intimate small functions.

Highlights nine: Protection of load management and tracking

I very much appreciate a colleague around IE9 the Add-in Manager, unlike the simple plug-in IE8 management, IE9 Add-In Manager to disable addition to the basic function, but also comes with a performance evaluation, to tell the user every shall plug-in startup time-consuming. It is worth mentioning that this feature will run too slow in the browser automatically open, prompting the user to optimize.

IE9 tracking invisible protection as a bodyguard to prevent those third party sites hidden in the shadows, sneaking through a browser to get user information. In IE9, the track protection is protected through the establishment of a tracking list, open a Web page each time it will list under the track record of protecting shield which the request for this site in order to achieve privacy protection.

* Highlights ten: support HTML5 and GPU acceleration

HTML5 What is it? It is a new web programming language, you can easily achieve a variety of multimedia capabilities - video, FLASH, audio, etc., without requiring the user to install additional plug-ins are cumbersome. For example, if the IE8 browser compared to an ordinary person who is able to let him plug the oxygen in the water bottle, then the browser is a IE9 he can breathe underwater amphibious people, and adaptable , the overall quality is more comprehensive.

We can see the future of the web content will be a lot of dynamic elements and even the introduction of 3D scenes to support HTML5's website users will no doubt be more comfortable browsing experience. Through the tests, we also see IE9 browser does have a good support for HTML5.
With the increasing complexity of Web content is now on the PC's performance requirements have gone up. But from another aspect IE9 solve this problem is to let the graphics card to share the processor's operation pressure, the two work together to show the core pages of the graphic elements, thereby reducing the burden of PC processors, while allowing more complex web pages running is smooth.
Support in HTML5 and graphics rendering, etc., IE9 browser on a strong lead generation, IE8, IE can see the change this time is not merely the surface, but from the inside to the outside of the comprehensive reform can be said that the change has been reborn .
* Editorial:

Through the past few days with the IE9 full trial, I feel it is different from in previous IE upgrade, with the very significant progress, not only in appearance and very likable, but also solved the compatibility issue exists IE8. Although there are still some minor faults (memory footprint is too large, there is room for improvement to support HTML 5), but together, it has brought us more than enough surprises, and the system compatibility and Win7 perfect. We can expect, IE9 would like IE6 to be the next classic, as the browser.