Really do not same use the legitimate Win7 of 5 reasons

16/05/2011 09:37

Really do not same use the legitimate Win7 of 5 reasons

Windows7 whether to use the operating system genuine? I believe this question, different users have different answers. Can be basically divided into 4 categories: The first is that only the use of legitimate software to be able to let their rights be guaranteed; The second is that the use of pirated software does not matter, he has been so used; third value price, if the price cheap, you can consider buying, selling that software should not be too expensive; fourth not choose Windows7, while using other operating systems.

In this we can see them, in addition to the fourth, the remaining three groups are very interested for Windows7, after all, this is the most widely used, the best compatibility, use the most convenient operating system. I believe the answer do not answer the third minority, this is simply because they do not realize the system for users of pirated Windows7 potential hazards, as well as the benefits of using genuine Windows7. Below we will elaborate the pros and cons to the use of legitimate reasons Windows7, I believe you, after reading, there will be some new understanding.

Reason: personal data security SONY VAIO VGN-CR320 battery

In the information society, the importance of data and information become increasingly important. All the requirements of computer hardware products tend to be high quality, non-Core do not buy, do not dual-core, so the user a lot of people. However, in software, requiring the same can not be lowered. Greatest advantage of using genuine software is that we can guarantee the security of your computer data. Analogy, you are assured that the money in the hands of a stranger, or ease it into a big bank? No doubt the latter, the computer's operating system is the same for thousands of computer account on the yuan as well as to Microsoft's international companies like the operating system produced far more than the products to the illegal piracy workshop is much more to worry . The importance of computer data is often greater than the computer itself, bank account number, personal information, private photos, conversation records. Windows7 buy genuine operating systems, like your computer to find a reliable guard, but otherwise no doubt asking for trouble.

Reason two: the stability of system operation ACER ASPIRE 3020 battery

Stability overrides everything else, these words in everyday applications in the computer is plausible, because who does not want their computer crashes occurred inexplicable phenomenon. Perhaps in the event of crash, you are trading stocks, writing articles, or online with others sharing an important thing. Once the crash at this time, the loss must be enormous. Windows7 system has been known for stable operation, the open interest in the strict product testing process and the product carefully. But to be able to run pirated Windows7, we must modify some internal code, which is like playing in the side walls of a tight hole, and then sharpened his clay, looking not much different, but essentially has the rugged side different.

Three reasons: to ensure safe and timely upgrades

Purchase of goods, in particular, to purchase software products, not one-shot deal, but after closing there is a wealth of content and other technical support service. Because the operating system's update cycle is relatively long, so the operating system in a conference, you must go through constant upgrades and patches, before they can fully play its role. Genuine Windows7 can be upgraded at any time, but in a new file appears in the patch or upgrade, the system will automatically upgrade, just click the mouse to complete the upgrade process is very convenient. Of course the premise is that we must ensure that the system automatically updates the status to open, but also to ensure that your operating system is genuine. System upgrade, for a computer is very important, or even if the purchase of genuine operating systems, also may be subject to abuse.

Four reasons: the public image and influence LG LB52113D battery

First, an account balance, your laptop purchase price? The current market price of 5,000 yuan. And a common version of Windows7 only 399 families, the price is not even one-tenth of it to. Willing to spend lots of money to buy a computer, and reluctant to buy Hua Xiaoqian system, which say it really is not very light. Imagine a business owner holding the top board on the notebook computer, connect the computer to do PPT, the system prompts that are using pirated software. So this time, imagine what a complete phase out 囧. Thus, for public image considerations, buy genuine Windows7 is necessary.

Five reasons: the normal development of the software industry

Or return to the phrase that the words of thousands of years, "Small and whom not to be evil, not to forget the little things." Purchase of legitimate software for the entire software industry, perhaps only about a cup of water in the river, step into the Long March, but if each of us can do to purchase genuine and eliminate piracy, then the software industry will be greater development. At the same time as the sales increase, product price will fall. This is an ideal healthy market structure, each of you and me need good care.

In this article, DELL INSPIRON 1720 battery we do not talk about the relevant product characteristics Windows7, but we emphasized the need for genuine Windows7. Although the distinction between genuine and pirated does not seem obvious, but the piracy of War as a razor head hanging, said when it will not fall. The use of genuine software, you can guarantee complete safety. Think of these, you think whether there was sufficient reason to buy genuine Windows7 out? Windows 7! Really not the same.