Performance comparable to the low-end graphics cards alone were the recommended Core Value

29/05/2011 14:47

Performance comparable to the low-end graphics cards alone were the recommended Core Value

Fusion is the future development trend of notebooks, which is a complex and arduous task, but for users, the integration will bring ease of use, portability, and so full benefits. Today, Intel launched the Sandy bridge platform has the perfect fusion of CPU and GPU, which in addition to processing performance has substantially improved, the performance in 3D also allows users to bid farewell to the previous low-end with significant independence, the other is more multimedia processing performance a substantial increase, users can simply Core graphics card needs to complete before the independence was to complete the task.

Intel Core Graphics can be basically smooth running of the game currently on the market mainstream users to play with some of its less demanding 3D games and watch high definition movies is no problem. Importantly, the new platform very low power consumption, this notebook cooling, weight and so have a larger increase.

Colorful new Core Duo processor, ASUS A43 i5 ACER ASPIRE 5560 SERIES battery

Advantages: Configuring the mainstream, rich colors, excellent temperature control, the appearance of fashion.

Disadvantages: cost-effective in general.

The crowd: there are certain requirements for performance, likes playing games friends.

ASUS A43 B-side screen frame piano part is a class effect of treatment, the camera is set on the screen is still the center of the border, dealing with the effects of class piano in the beautiful border and also easier to contaminated with fingerprints, and The treatment process for the use of mirror screen machine, it may form an overall environment in the reflective glare caused by the user to watch the inconvenience.

From the figure above you can see, this ASUS A43 still uses the keyboard part of the suspension design, the keycap surface after grinding treatment, feel good in the actual experience. Just above the keyboard is the usual Asus Altec Lansing speakers, audio equipment out of the top manufacturers established the trust, we have reason to believe that the aircraft in the sound quality will be good performance. The machine uses an integrated touchpad design, can effectively prevent foreign matter into the dust, moderate resistance to the left and right buttons, touch better in the actual experience.

Configuration, this ASUS A43EI241E-SL i5 2410M with Intel Core Duo processor (2.3GHz frequency / 3MB three-level cache), Intel HM65 chipset, 2GB memory, 320GB hard drive, integrated Intel HD Graphics 3000 Core Graphics, with resolution rate of 1366 × 768 14-inch display.

In terms of interface and scalability, this ASUS A43 notebook provides the user interface, 3 USB 2.0, 1 HDMI, 1 VGA port, 1 RJ45 port, 1 multi-card reader and a set of headphones / mic jack, regardless of type and quantity from the point of view, these interfaces are sufficient in practical applications for daily use to meet the needs of most users.

Introduction to the core value of the HP g4-1018TU i5 TOSHIBA PA3476U-1BAS battery

Advantages: stylish body, exquisite workmanship, low-power, C surface temperature control is better, with a certified Altec Lansing speakers.

Disadvantages: the left side of the interface spacing smaller body.

The crowd: small 3D games running on the multimedia player and have a higher need for daily office users.

HP g4-1018TU the look and feel using a new design, although the materials used to manufacture plastic shell, but benefited from the roof surface treatment of the expression, making the whole product to the grade does not appear to resist. Corner fuselage design with a smooth transition, we received this product with a low-key body of the restrained color metal black with gray and calm, and the color with the A side effect of the surface treatment to products looks a little revealing in a stable fashion.

HP g4-1018TU the roof surface using a paint class piano approach, a smooth surface is consistent with current popular trend, although they can not avoid contamination by fingerprints and other stains, but the metallic gray background can not seem to make these stains so conspicuous.

HP g4-1018TU the screen and frame with a mirror screen and a combination of matte border, this combination in the light of complex visual effects for the environment is lower than the glossy screen + piano frame combination.

HP g4-1018TU keyboard surface design process followed the surface of the means of disposing of the top cover, black metal gray border surrounding the panel, while the keyboard area and black border surrounding the formation of the echo.

HP g4-1018TU also used to separate the keyboard design, the key surface extinction using black matte processing, keys feel relatively normal. Touchpad with an integrated design and touch pad of the main area of ​​large surface effect of metal stamping simulation particles, can enhance the use of the hand.

And expansion of capacity in the interface, this HP notebook g4-1018TU has 3 USB2.0 interface, an HDMI port, a D-SUB port, an RJ-45 and 1 set of audio, Mike combined interface, in addition to the Purchase a SD / MMC / MS / xD card reader, to meet the needs of most users use daily, but often need to copy large amounts of data for users who, USB2.0 interface, the speed may make them a very long period of time could not make the 640GB hard drive full of determination.

The next-generation Core Duo Lenovo G470GH i3 HP PAVILION DV2600 SERIES battery

Advantages: calm appearance, configuration mainstream, excellent graphics performance, cost-effective.

Disadvantages: slightly smaller memory capacity.

The crowd: do not ask for configuration, the pursuit of new processors, focusing on cost-effective user.

Lenovo Y series notebook and G series has always been a simultaneous walk, G series configuration is relatively lower, but the relative price, but it is acceptable for more people. Watched 470 times toward the small Y, G series began to catch up to launch their latest G470 notebook.

Appearance, Lenovo G470GH-ITH still uses the traditional routine, taking the simple elegant design line and color mainly black body, the shell used to create composite materials, surface technology combined with piano paint, the texture is very smooth cover delicate and has a beautiful gloss, wear resistance, while not easy to draw contaminated with fingerprints, a large number of straight lines sketched out the contours of dynamic, natural and smooth rounded corners.

Configuration is Lenovo G470GH-ITH relatively large changes in place, its next-generation technology based on 32nm Intel Core i3-2310M processor, Intel Hyper-Threading Technology support highly threaded applications, parallel processing more complex tasks, The three-level cache of up to 3MB Let us also handy for complex operations. Graphics cards is integrated Intel HD Graphics 3000 Core graphics card. Also standard 2G DDR3 memory, 500G high capacity hard disk. Also, the machine is also equipped with support for burning double-layer DVD SuperMulti burner.

I3 stylish new 13-inch round of the Toshiba L730 SONY PCGA-BP1N battery

Advantages: stylish, well balanced hardware configuration, providing the mainstream interface, heating control is very good, then the software rich.

Cons: heavier body.

To the crowd: young women in the workplace.

13-inch main color fashion series Satellite L730 added the brown in color, a total of Teana black, crystal white snow, Wild Rose, mocha brown color scheme of four. This time we got the L730-T03W models for the crystal white snow, this color will be female users. L730-T03W effect of surface treatment after piano class of similar products on the surface and as difficult to avoid being tainted with fingerprints and other stains, but the application of this technology to the product A surface with a very eye-catching visual effects, piano paint on the surface effect against the background, the pattern for the scattered line products to increase somewhat this spirit.

This "Calais pattern" design comes from the French port city called Calais, where the tulle and embroidery produced in the world-famous. Products represent a unique texture taste and style, L700/L730 this new series of 3D diamond texture, using a film transfer technology, coupled with dazzling colors, added some to the new romantic. L730-T03W the A side as a whole using the white color, with white in the middle of the LOGO gives a more intense sense of visual impact, the aircraft of the AB surface of the border part of the deal with the sleek design, which ensure its beautiful It also provides a better compression structure, in the test we will put their hands on the top cover press, with only a small degree of decline, indicating that this product has good anti-compression capacity.

B side screen frame piano part is a class effect of treatment, although the appearance of the border, but easier to contaminated with fingerprints, for the use of mirror-screen machine for the light environment may cause users to watch the inconvenience. The camera will remain the same machine is set in the center of the screen frame, while the pickup hole is on the left, and since there is no direct block, this design makes the product in use to achieve a good pickup effect.

L730 keyboard area is more familiar with the style of the user, Toshiba is still the preferred products of the "wide off the keyboard, touch-lai," the main keyboard keys are used a standard size designed, has a large gap between the buttons, key-way moderate, had more good use of touch. Right and left above the keyboard in stereo speakers, the L630 looks the same as the previous generation, the speaker is only one among the power button, there are no other shortcuts to join, become more concise.

L730 main use of an integrated touchpad design, surface treatment with matte matte effect, looking from the side panel with the light of the palm rest has a very strong contrast. And just below the keyboard space bar is a special control pad on / off function shortcut buttons, through which key the user can quickly turn on / off touchpad features, such a design for those who often need to enter data and other applications users is very helpful.

The L730-T03W (snow crystal white) to provide users with a fairly mainstream interface configuration, including a USB 3.0 port, two USB 2.0 port, 1 HDMI, 1 VGA port, 1 RJ45 port, 1 a multi-card reader and a headphone / microphone jack. Configuration from the interface point of view, L730-03W have the interface to meet most of the family, business users in their daily work, use the interface number, type of demand.