Notebook cooling up to ten degrees of cooling techniques rollup

16/05/2011 09:54

Notebook cooling up to ten degrees of cooling techniques rollup

Notebook cooling has been a common theme, she looks into the summer and the weather heat up day by day. Often use the notebook for urban white-collar workers, young people like to play games or use the notebook to learn the students, the laptop temperature is too high, will also become a headache in the summer issue.

Laptop interior space as small, high-performance components and high load operation, will bring too much laptop heat. In winter, the heat can make the appropriate notebook export thermal design, the notebook will not bring greater impact. However, in the summer, with the ambient air temperature increased, the laptop's thermal design will not be sufficient to meet the temperature requirements of notebook, so the summer heat will be the notebook determine whether the key to smooth operation.

In fact, in the summer in order to effectively reduce the temperature of the notebook, let the normal work, nothing less than from four aspects. Stability, the use of low temperature environment, heat parts, hardware and software thermal cooling transformation. Here the writer from four areas, namely, how to introduce a notebook cooling.

● determine the temperature of notebook

Notebook cooling methods in the introduction, we must first learn how to determine the notebook's temperature and how high the temperature considered normal, here are two methods available for everyone. The first is relatively simple, is not very accurate, is touched with bare hands and the bottom of the laptop's keyboard, in general, feel the gentle hands, the notebook temperature should be about 45 ℃; feel the heat, but it can be continuously contact, the temperature should be around 55 ℃; feel hot, but can tolerate a few seconds, the temperature should be about 70 ℃; feeling very hot and touches do not want to meet again after the second down, the temperature should be around 80 ℃ the. Note that this is only the external temperature of the notebook, when the temperature at 55 ℃ when the temperature is then the CPU should be 65 ℃ or so.

The second method is more accurate, more professional, that is, to use the software to test the temperature of the notebook, usually we are more familiar such as Master Lu. Use of such software can accurately measure the notebook CPU, graphics hardware, such as temperature, allowing the user to the cooling of the notebook there is some understanding.

So, how high the temperature of notebook considered normal? Should ensure that general CPU temperature 30 ℃ in temperature range, that is, if your temperature now is 20 ℃, then the CPU should not exceed 50 ℃, 35 ℃ at the highest summer to calculate, CPU's resistance to closing temperature is 65 ℃, the temperature of course, the lower the better. More serious than the CPU and graphics cards, notebook graphics card heat temperature is 120 ℃, warning temperature is 90 ℃, generally considered to be normal about 80 ℃, full load should be about 85 ℃, and then another job if not normal.

● two strokes before the effective cooling and cooling accessories at low temperature

To lower the temperature of the notebook, we need to ensure that the use of a low-temperature environment. Great summer, thirty high temperature several times, holding the laptop in the sun you play, then even the best thermal design will not help. Therefore, we must first choose a relatively low temperature, more comfortable use of the environment, for example, the temperature around 28 ℃ in the room, or air-conditioned room and so on. Low temperature environment is a prerequisite to ensure laptops.

Of course, in the hot summer, even in the fan, the temperature will not be too low, so this time we need some auxiliary heat to the accessories. Such as the cooling pad, cooling stand, etc., these electronic markets in general has a sales or online, very easy to buy, and the price is not high. However, some manufacturers sell to make cooling pad to his best middle ground, mute and large fan is selling phase, as the fan switch to fast, how good to not care, so cause most of the heat sink cooling effect is not satisfactory.

Master Lu's most annoying alarm sound, play the game of our precious mood. The face of a pile of tasteless product, do not pick, it wants to transform itself, to save energy and money the most. Choose a transformation of the tasteless best cooling pad, the chassis fan violence, it wants to replace the fan.

Specifications under the chassis fan memories, it is 12V Voltage, USB power supply voltage is 5V, so the USB power supply must give up. Buy a small 12V power supply, then solder on the thread, this kind of thing on the end ~ how simple violence, right?

Representatives of the hands has a tasteless, Aeolus a cooling pad, visual inspection can tell, which use fans, and the standard specification of exactly 12cm chassis fan, just right for transformation.

● Detailed cleaning notebook hardware transformation of the former

Notebook temperatures are high, in addition to environmental factors and their thermal design of the reasons, there may be due to the fuselage accumulation due to prolonged use caused a lot of dust, of course, the new notebook is not present this problem. Therefore, before the introduction of hardware transformation, we first study the cleaning if a laptop, notebook cleaning timely not only for the smooth operation of the laptop, but also increase the life of the notebook.

● arctic temperatures DIY notebook build hardware (on) DELL LATITUDE C400 SERIES battery

The first one: cooling fan angle reconstruction

Even good laptop cooling, heat will be a problem. Why? Because they can not last. This and notebook batteries, good beginning, with one or two years does not. For example, the author of the SONY SZ laptop, pay big bucks to buy it, one reason for the good heat dissipation. Unfortunately two years later, the fan to turn no more, a huge noise, the maximum temperature of 100 degrees!

This model is the high end of the 2006-2008 models, CPU and graphics chip on the motherboard of the different surfaces and under different heat pipe thermal conductivity, the terminal also used to heat the respective heat sink, two hot chips, all with good contact with the radiator heat-absorbing surface, the machine is a relatively good thermal design. But this series of models have a common problem, is the original radiator life is too short, a year later began to reduced efficiency and generate greater noise.

SONY SZ series, many users now for the fan noise to worry about. For the author, his original radiator replaced disassemble is not a problem, so I take this opportunity altogether, to do more complex transformation of time, to enhance the cooling machine.

Although the original heat sink design excellence, but because the problem of taking into account the size of machine, the terminal is responsible for active cooling fan, but it is small size, the thickness of thin inefficient fans, although the noise is very low in normal circumstances, but in the long-notebook time of high load operation, the fan speed too fast, resulting in shortened life expectancy, and the CPU temperature can still reach 85 degrees, regardless of life or property, the author is not satisfied.

Transformation of the original radiator is no room for the circumstances, the heat of the SONY SZ's current transformation, and decided to replace the greater effectiveness around the fan to do.

I use a larger load for the environment, SONY VAIO VGN-FW SERIES battery for the original fans, the price is expensive, results in general, and short life, certainly not my choice. So, I would look for a replacement laptop fan, cheap, effective, long life.

This fan is used to suppress 8400MGS HP Compaq V3000 discrete graphics Delta fans, for personal interest reasons, I met many HP DV2000, V3000 laptop and found that fan use of such models in use for two years, almost are no performance degradation, air volume than the original Toshiba SONY much larger than the fan noise is also in the same class. Taobao, and can be purchased for 50 dollars, supply is adequate.

Delta to replace the fan, there are some small problems, wire length is not enough, the interface is slightly different SONY SZ series, this fan is 3PIN's, SONY SZ original fan is 2PIN Toshiba's. Lines are not the same length and the joints, which are available through welding to transplantation, and 3PIN the yellow line, you can cut, does not affect use. Both fans are almost the same rated voltage, the circuit is completely interchangeable.

Base of the fan blades and bearings, are ABS plastic, with adhesive 502 can be firmly bonded to the base of the fan frame, so the fixed fan, not a problem.

● create a DIY notebook hardware arctic temperatures (below)

The second measure: the angle grease cooling transformation

DIY playing friends, should be the familiar white thermal grease. We usually refer to thermal grease, should be referred to as silicon paste, composed of silicone oil + fill.

Silicone oil, also known as dimethyl silicone oil, non-toxic tasteless, has the physical inertia, good chemical stability, electric edge and weather resistance, a wide range of viscosity, low freezing point, high flash point, hydrophobic properties, and has high shear strength, the temperature at 50 ~ 180oC within the long-term use, widely used as insulation, lubrication, shock, dust oil, dielectric fluid and heat carrier, with and for defoaming, stripping, painting and Japanese with cosmetic additives.

Filler is very fine grinding powder, SONY VAIO PCG-7111L battery ingredients ZnO/Al2O3 / BN / SiC / aluminum powder and so on. Silicone oil to ensure a certain amount of liquidity, while the fillers between the CPU and heat sink the tiny gap.
Liquid silicone grease, add some silver and other high-end process grease additives, such as Shin-Etsu 7783 to the silver nano-level, thermal conductivity increase from the ordinary silicone grease 0.5-2w/mk to 7w/mk, the actual thermal conductivity view from the back of the test results is indeed very obvious.

Temperature of the notebook will often find that graphics chips have a relatively thick top solid silicone, liquid silicone grease which is different from before, and its heat capacity even worse.

The only reason it exists is to reduce costs, because it allows a heat pipe to take care of the two chips. In addition, the buffer characteristics not easily crushed chips, well adapted to mass production of notebook assembly. Therefore, a single heat pipe laptop dual-core + alone was often not conducive to have a solid silicone grease so that we heat things exist.

Solid-state thermal conductivity grease and general grease is almost liquid, but because of the thickness in the mm level are often far greater than the gap between contact surfaces, so the resistance is bigger than the liquid 10 times more grease, thermal effects can be like conceivable, and in the back of the test, also verified this.

Use as a thermal conductivity of liquid metal, especially here, cool liquid metal thermal cooling pad Bo this product. Liquid metal thermal pad, good infiltration, the ability of the radiator is now on the market with the use of all materials such as aluminum, copper radiator. Officials say only contain metal, without any harmful chemical additives. The melting point of 59 ℃, boiling point higher than 1350 ℃, insoluble in water and organic solvents, non-flammable.

Cooler pump liquid metal thermal pad is indium, bismuth and copper alloy of three metals, which main function is to reduce the bismuth melting point indium alloy main function is to make a strong scalability (can be pressed into a thin sheet metal ), and can also reduce the melting point alloy, while the main function is to strengthen the copper alloy heat capacity.

Indium (Indium) metal was silver, shiny bright, low melting point (156.6 ℃), high boiling point (2080 ℃), good conductivity, ductile, malleable, and can be pressed into a thin sheet of metal. Each additional 1% alloy of indium, can reduce the melting point of 1.45 ℃, is the manufacture of low melting point alloy Liangbing weapon.

Bismuth (Bismuthum) low melting point (271 ℃), it has long been used to produce fusible (melting point 45-100 ℃), containing bismuth fusible alloy is widely used in fire prevention, as well as some steam boiler power equipment the safety of the Frontier, in the event of fire, some water pipes of the piston will "automatically" melting, gushing water.

● This is also OK? Alternative cooling method and the Aggregate ASUS A4S battery

One day, you play the game with a laptop, but your notebook hot hot heat of the game are stuck up, and how to do? So you find the answers out on the Internet. Looks around, listening to editors, is to buy a cooling pad, disassemble or clean the dust? Yes, very reasonable, but you are not willing to, because you are busy playing games, being not free to buy a cooling pad, did not take time to disassemble a waste of valuable game time.

How when it comes to your mind to it ... as a gamer, I was very understanding. Estimate what, I play Starcraft 2 when, according to fighting, there will be a period of about 0.49-5.05 seconds to free up both hands, smoke cigarette had to hurry. Master Lu will be prompted out of high temperature, but also too busy to think. Once on shore, the Star, they must sleep, or go to work tomorrow to get up.

Who says we do not care about the health of notebooks, but as a gamer, we are really busy! The work of the study, had to eat and sleep, and the remaining time to go away on buses, in the toilet waste, and almost 3 hours a day to not only to play the game. Of course, if you have a girlfriend, then ...

Well, here I will teach you a great trick to help notebook cooling it, and only requires you to play the game, taking 4.9 seconds of the gap, you do not need to cut out the game, your laptop will instantly drop a few large degrees, fair trade Oh!