New endless! Recommended second-generation Smart Notebook

20/03/2011 10:54

New endless! Recommended second-generation Smart Notebook

In 2010, Lenovo Z series notebooks launch its stylish appearance, ease of handling, user-friendly features designed to make many consumers dumping. Today, the site received news from the store in Zhongguancun, Z series of NGN, the specific model for the association Z470, machine uses the latest Intel Core Duo processor, the second generation smart i3 2310M with NVIDIA GeForce GT 520M with 1G alone were significant independent survival, overall performance is very strong.

Configuration: Lenovo Z470 uses Intel Core Duo i3 2310M Processor (2.1GHz clock speed, 3MB three-level cache), 2G memory, 500G hard drive, NVIDIA GeForce GT 520M alone significantly (1G dedicated graphics memory), Windows 7 Home Basic pre-installed (Home Basic Edition) operating system.

Interface: Lenovo Z470 has a 2 × USB2.0, IBM THINKPAD T43 SERIES Battery VGA, HDMI, headphone output, microphone input port, RJ45 (network interface), power connector, ExpressCard expansion slot, 5 in 1 card reader (SD / MMC, xD , MS, MS pro, SD Pro). Networking: 100Mbps network card, 802.11a/g/n wireless protocol support, support for Bluetooth.

Edit Comment: DELL INSPIRON 6000 Battery Lenovo comprehensive upgrade of this small Z, with a high-performance graphics GT520, full support for DX11, and smoother to watch local and online video. 14-inch screen with a resolution of 1366 × 768, with HDMI 1.4 high-definition audio and video interface to support 3D TV input, so you can enjoy a private 3D home theater.

With the new generation of SandyBridge Intel processors come to our side, as the Shenzhou fine shield a member of the family - fine shield K480A-i7, play an increasingly strong momentum. It is the perfect combination of quad-core 2.0G processor 2630QM acceleration technology, not only will improve the operational performance of the processor, graphics core also provides built-in dynamic overclocking capabilities.

Talent in the fine metal wire drawing process K480A-i7 who expose the shield edge, covered by the aluminum roof more reserved in the design of metal colors, visual effects are particularly impressive. Highlights 14.0 ... with no drain  BIA  ED mainstream design magnificent widescreen, 16:9 high-resolution (1366 * 768) is designed to increase the number of elements of fashion, a more realistic moving picture effect. Embraced the island with which keyboard design makes the human machine even more of the same rich texture.

ASUS recently listed a new main A43 Sandy bridge body, ASUS A32-S5 Battery heavy promotion Ice Cool Design again this heat ace, with the next-generation Core Duo processor and NVIDIA 540M +1 G DDR3 alone significantly superior to activate a strong performance while providing guarantee stable operation, allowing users to enjoy the latest technology more comfortable. In addition, ASUS A43EI241SV through ergonomic design, high-quality sound design, long battery life programs do work hard, making the A43 at the same time, compared with ordinary 14-inch models thinner body, more three-dimensional sound, and more durable life time, as Sandy bridge camp in the war will not be ignored.

ASUS A43EI241SV also equipped with the 2010 German iF Gold Award of the chocolate on the keyboard and intelligent anti-ASUS Palm-Proof technology, touchpad inadvertently, in the greatly increased comfort while recording, but also to make more accurate control of the user's fingertips. Thin overall design, covering the entire roof and part of the brushed metal palm rest design to machine looks more texture and taste.

ASUS A43EI241SV in the configuration with the Intel Core i5 2410M processor, but also integrated into the Intel ® Turbo Boost 2.0 technology, the smart response to applied load, automatic lifting frequency and fast sleep, the more efficient and agile. Storage memory with 2G, 500G hard drive, NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M graphics card, performance is very powerful.

Acer AS4750G-2412G50Mnkk is a notebook with Sandy Bridge processor, equipped with Intel's new i5-2410QM dual-core processor and NVIDIA Geforce GT 540M graphics card, performance is very attractive. The modeling of this in the 4741G is very similar to the previous, and continued cost-effective route.

Appearance, SONY VGP-BPS8 Battery Acer AS4750G AS4741G model followed the appearance of little change, only some of the details at the adjustments, such as the Young sound, interface layout position are some fine-tuning. Cover is still a solid color with elegant concave carved a unique texture design, the keyboard is also still a duckweed-style design. Display, the aircraft provides a 14-inch LED-backlit screen, a resolution of 1366 × 768, law-abiding.
Configuration, the new SNB Platform Core i5-2410QM quad-core processors with a nominal frequency of 2.3GHz, supports the second generation of Core frequency technology, standard 2GB DDR3 memory, 500GB high speed hard drive, 1GB memory, NVIDIA Geforce GT 540M graphics card.

Interfaces, 3 × USB2.0 interface, 3 USB2.0, 1 RJ45 network interface, headphone output, microphone input interface, power connector and other common interfaces. And also has a SuperMulti double-layer DVD burner, and 5 in 1 card reader, with a 6-cell lithium-ion battery.

Acer Aspire 4750G Acer listed as the first SNB core processor notebook, with Core i5-2410QM dual-core processor machine configurations luxury, work well in the future will become a hot notebook.