New Apple MacBook Air guess or eight high-strength material

26/05/2011 09:52

New Apple MacBook Air guess or eight high-strength material

October 21 last year, the night, and you doing? Remember, or do not remember, MacBook Air was then that scene when ground out. As my laptop Xiao Bian, also experienced the work of the United States since the first time to follow the real-time coverage that night.

Is excited that night, in addition to hardware equipped with more powerful Core 2 Duo processor and comes standard SSD based on NAND flash memory chips, hard stick, the machine the ultimate 17mm thin, the lightest weight of 1.06 kg and up to 30 days of standby time, the rain-delayed many Apple fans marvel, cried again and again the envy of jealous hate.

One after wave of not starting for the time being regardless of the potential implications of the word, join the new Intel Sandy Bridge processor, MacBook Air upcoming news, I believe has been very excited. Course, has purchased the 2010 MBA's friends, six months after the CPU with the fact that cross twice Jiaoren some really sad reminders.

In addition to the new MacBook Air will most likely carry SNB processor, but also what new features will bring it? MBA from the previous generation after the release, the problem already duplicating the power of n, n reincarnation, let us today, according to the available information, to be the most comprehensive of the "production" before the forecast, maybe you will become The next god of prophecy. Come on, open guess!

SNB work as required or carrying low-voltage processor HP COMPAQ BUSINESS NOTEBOOK 6720S battery

Today, if its launch of the new Apple MacBook Air is still not equipped with Intel Sandy Bridge processor, then Xiaobian I just want to say wrong is not your Apple jerking off. Indeed, faced with lower power consumption, enhanced performance, and comparable to the previous generation was the incredible low-end alone, Apple really can not find the reasons for turning a blind eye.

A friend of course, will be asked, even in the first generation of smart Core i times, light is not equipped with the standard voltage processors, such conditions will be used by the Intel and other manufacturers introduced low-voltage products, but sacrificing performance PC manufacturers and users is the public's frustration choice of last resort. Back to the present, are also about to launch Sandy Bridge Intel Core Duo low voltage processor i series yet?

The answer is yes, and the first models equipped with such products, but also very likely is the latest from Apple MacBook Air. According to foreign media recently reported, Intel is planning for the Apple MacBook Air ultra thin notebook SNB launched a new low-voltage Core i5/i7 processor, clocked at 1.7 ~ 1.8GHz. Coupled with early "Apple will be shipping by the end of May," the rumors, or 6 to 7 months the market equipped with Apple's MBA does not exclude the possibility of which the processor.
Also worth mentioning is that the batch processor frequency is about 1.4 ~ 1.6GHz, the frequency of blessing at the Core Core i7 2637M and 2677M processor speeds can be increased to 2.7 ~ 2.9GHz, do not lose the strong performance of the standard voltage processor. In addition, its built-in graphics core can run at 350MHz ~ 1.2GHz, with 3 ~ 4MB level three cache, and 17W of power consumption is also very suitable for ultra-thin notebook use.

Or to speed the opening of Samsung SSD

Last October, Apple released a new generation of ultra-thin MacBook Air notebook, the entire system comes standard solid-state hard drive.

There are users in the dismantling found that MBA was originally used by Apple is based on Toshiba's NAND flash memory SSD drive stick, but the sudden switch to the back from Samsung mSATA SSD products. To this end we have reason to believe that new models of Apple should also use this "black box" assigned to MBA's hard drives.

However, from the measured results, the performance of the new hard drive there is marked improvement. Available from the AJA System Test User test results, the Toshiba system disk read speed 210MB / s, write 185MB / s. The Samsung model SM128C mSATA SSD can reach 260MB / s and 210MB / s read and write speed.

Thunderbolt still USB3.0 transfer also exists DELL INSPIRON 1520 battery

According to recent supply chain from Apple disclosed the news in Taiwan showed that new Apple MacBook Air will be released late May. As with previous speculation, new products will be powered by Sandy Bridge processor and supports high-speed transmission Thunderbolt.

But it is worth to add that, USB 3.0 is expected to assigned to the new MBA in. Recently, Intel with AMD after another to achieve the native support for USB 3.0, USB 3.0 Lenovo also said will be the future of the mainstream PC market.

Holders of USB 3.0 transfer speeds faster than the Thunderbolt technology Apple, recently there were indications or USB 3.0 will be introduced to the mainstream models to go, and the Thunderbolt placed in high-end products. Of course, so far still no reliable information to substantiate the speculation that USB 3.0 will achieve, but the new machine the next generation of Apple MacBook undoubtedly will most likely be used.

Mac OS Lion approaching a new MBA will be pre-installed

Comprehensive information currently available, and Apple released Mac OS X Lion last year, when the mentioned time to market together, the new machines if Apple MBA market is true, then the operating system will also be pre-installed gorgeous debut. There are three reasons: Prior to Apple Mac OS X Lion's release had said that the official version of which operating system or will be 6 to 7 months of 2011 officially launched the new MacBook Air just to meet the launch date. Meanwhile, SNB has given force to the new processor, but that is not enough to prop up a great new attraction.
As well as sources, the May 28 Apple retail employees will be for Mac OS X Lion and iCloud training. View from the past practice, such as the training day as usual, which means a powered Mac OS X Lion and support equipment iCloud upcoming application service, in addition to MacBook Air, there will be Which products more appropriate?

Also learned that the Apple Mac App Store or iTunes will be integrated, the Mac OS X Lion's upgrade may also be achieved in the App Store.

3G/4G network support, or will be introduced Macbook LG S1 EXPRESS DUAL battery

According to foreign media reports, Apple has recently patented detachable antenna was exposed, some in the industry have pointed out that the patent seems to AT & T before the acquisition of associated T-Mobile, Apple may launch telephone network-based Macbook notebook.

In related news, Apple, or will consider the introduction of support for 3G/4G networks Macbook. If speculation is true, then it will AT & T and Verizon both are struggling to meet the smart phones and Tablet PC data transmission needs of mobile operators, bringing tremendous pressure.

Prior to the situation from the point of view, similar to the introduction of new technology has been patented and get results, detachable antenna, the magnetic connection will use, and has been used to Mag Safe power adapter and the iPad 2 smart cover.

Inflatable keyboard? Can be realized only five index into it

Recently has been revealed that Apple has adopted a keyboard patents, in order to make up for Apple's flexibility and touch a keyboard key.

From the graph we can see through the airbag is located just below the key module, before the user will Qiaoxia button placed in key components of the proximity sensor trigger button immediately below the feedback mechanism to the user's finger against the blowing to provide compensatory beat feedback. Also describes the view from the patent, the sensor input to the forthcoming action, will be sucked down button to create the user the illusion of depth by comparison.

As of press time, HP PROBOOK 4521S SERIES battery yet there were indications that a new platform for Apple's upcoming MacBook Air models whether the patent application.

The most practical at the present mainstream, ARM now is the future

Will be available for the Apple MacBook based on the ARM architecture of the rumors of a recent technology website of David Canter, said the author, the next 2 to 3 years, Apple will not replace the use of other Intel processor chip design
In this paper, Kantor said that the current ARM mainly located in the Tablet PC and mobile phones, usually with the ARM's performance advantage is directly related to energy, even on the MacBook Air, the performance improvement will surely lead to the disappearance of its advantages. Meanwhile, on the existing MacBook in the Thunderbolt and the rumors were touched Intel USB 3.0 products, the transition to ARM intellectual property rights is bound to enter the minefield.

In addition, Kantor also from Apple's hardware experience and the complexity of the introduction of ARM products were analyzed on, though the prospect of ARM reported to expectations, but also said that Apple settled in the short term ARM fear or hopelessness.

High-strength carbon fiber shell, or show up the next generation of new

Recently, Apple will include Kevin M. Kenney arm and began plans to launch carbon fiber notebooks.

However, after Apple's announcement strategic point of view, such a substantial reform should appear in the new generation in the new MacBook, and should now be still in the R & D status, the June launch of the new MBA would never Such changes occur.

Carbon fiber is a superior mechanical properties of new materials, less than the proportion of its steel 1 / 4 strength in the 3500Mpa more generally, is 7-9 times that of steel; simply means that both light intensity and high, with the exception of Lenovo ThinkPad, Sony and a few flagship products, the largely high-end manufacturers to use such a thing as a laptop's shell.