Mother's Day Mom to reduce the burden of thin and light notebook recommendations

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Mother's Day Mom to reduce the burden of thin and light notebook recommendations

With the arrival of Mother's Day, children who want to do their filial piety, gave his mother a holiday gift, what gift so the comparison is good? The editor thought a fresh and stylish notebook is a good choice.

For the mother, the daily work life is very busy, even if the work carrying a heavy laptop, even an increase of the burden of the mother, so today you recommend 4 stylish thin and light notebook, and I hope your choice Call help.

Acer 4830TG ACER ASPIRE 4520 battery

Advantages: 9 hours long life, 13-inch 1.8 kg lightweight body configuration GT540M strong graphics and processor performance i5
Disadvantages: higher heat
The crowd: high performance requirements of the notebook, relatively insensitive to the weight of the female users.

A change in the new generation notebooks 3830TG mature gray body, the full commissioning of the blue metal roof dynamic fashion, the whole design is simple and generous.

3830TG the overall weight of 1.89 kg, less than 30mm in thickness of the fuselage to accommodate a standard-voltage Core i5 2410M processor, and GT540M graphics card, and in the core of the parameters are not reduced, with a strong gaming performance, but its overall heat than the larger; but it ships with long-lasting battery 3830TG brought about 9 hours long life.

Acer 4830TG side of the keyboard design, the use of new chocolate keyboard, black with silver-white underside of the keyboard adds a 4830's fashion sense, but the keyboard keys to a shorter duration, and feel poor; its use with palm rest blue cap, like the fuselage, although the texture appears to be metal, but in fact it is a plastic material, this design is mainly to save costs.

In interface design, the new 3830TG is equipped with a USB3.0 interface, and 2 USB2.0 interface, the overall layout of the interface more liberal, more mainstream configurations, basically meet the daily needs of users.

We can see from the bottom of the fuselage, 3830TG battery with built-in design, according to Acer Designer, 3830TG using a long-lasting battery, can charge and discharge 1000, its battery life is longer than 8 hours (actual test reached 9 hours.) Course, in order to avoid the built-in batteries cause laptop failure 3830TG set in the bottom of the fuselage of a mandatory power switch.

HP Dm1-3007AU HP 398752-001 battery

Advantages: low cost, lightweight body, a longer battery life, heat dissipation is very good.
Disadvantages: Screen display in general, processor performance is weak.
The crowd: Recommend to focus on mobile portability mature women.

HP Dm1-3007AU is a 11.6-inch portable notebook, and its back has a black matte frosted, with regular circular pattern, not only gives the fashion sense of rhythm, and also not easy to leave fingerprints, and easy maintenance .

Parameters in the hardware, HP Dm1-3007AU using the latest AMD E-350APU, not only can cope with everyday office applications, while high-performance integrated within the processor core HD6310M display quality in low light load running 3D games , and it equipped with large capacity 500G 7200 RPM hard drive, hard drive storage capacity greater than 5400.

After opening the face and Hewlett-Packard Dm1 C surface is matte silver frame, with dark chocolate to the keyboard and integrated touchpad, the overall simple and generous.

HP Dm1 distributed on both sides of the fuselage 3 USB2.0 ports, a VGA and an HDMI interface, basically meet the everyday needs of users, but only in the audio interface is equipped with a microphone and headset 2-in-1 interface, and now Most of the headset and microphone or a score card of the two plugs, this will cause inconvenience to users; in RJ45 jack on the cable, HP Dm1 design in the axis of the fuselage near the right side of the place, and it has a lid, cover on the fuselage after the integration, design is very intimate.

HP DM1 no cooling holes at the bottom of the fuselage, but the whole very good heat control; and DM1 of the bottom of the panel with the screw face demolition design, simply removed the battery, you can remove the entire floor, upgrade cleaning is convenient.

Lenovo U160 DELL INSPIRON 1464 battery

Advantages: very light weight of 1.3 kg, body surface A unique design
Disadvantages: higher heat machine
The crowd: the movement of portable notebook demand is very high, mainly in routine office-based women's fashion

Lenovo U160 features a unique metal cover body precision etching, anodizing, coloring techniques, to cover body has a very unique texture, from a different angle, showing a different texture, revealed a competent fashion temperament.

In the configuration, U160 uses low-voltage version of the previous generation Core Duo processor i3 380UM, processing performance in general, can be fun to meet the daily needs of the office, but it is equipped with high-definition graphics, performance is weak, but for high-definition audio and video playback is no problem .

Lenovo U160 extensive use of a white keyboard surface, giving the feeling of fresh and elegant, and he configured Lenovo's high touch keyboard not only feel good chocolate, and a specially designed touch better.

Interface for a small 11-inch thin, the Lenovo U160 configuration of the current mainstream interfaces, users can meet the daily needs of women in general.

Lenovo U160 bottom of the fuselage with the integrated design, the user needs to upgrade the entire bottom cleaning disassembled, the operation is more inconvenient.

Sony YB15 COMPAQ PRESARIO 1275 battery

Advantages: well made, stylish, with 3 colors
Disadvantages: high price of similar models in
The crowd: the appearance of fashion personality, mainly in routine office-based fashion women

Sony YB15 a total of 3 colors, the figure model for the green roof, the use of consistent materials, surface appears matte effect, fresh and natural. At the same time the edge of the fuselage, YB15 still using the usual collection VAIO edge design, which the compressive performance of its roof to provide effective support, we were on the aircraft only appears when a finger pressing down slightly Shen This shows that the top cover of YB15 can provide better protection of their screen.

In the configuration, Sony YB15 APU using the latest platform, equipped with AMD E-350 APU processor, to meet the user's daily office applications, while high-performance integrated within the processor core HD6310M show can be run at lower light quality loading 3D games and enhanced the whole machine.

The keyboard surface, YB15 consistent continuation of the design of Sony, which uses beautiful chocolate keyboard though, but key to a shorter duration, and feel poor.

Sony YB15JC fuselage on both sides of the interface configuration is more general, configuration of the 3 USB2.0, VGA, HDMI, RJ45 network interface, basically meet the needs of users. But no USB3.0 or eSATA interface, large amounts of data transfer for a certain effect.

In the bottom of the fuselage, set aside to upgrade the Sony YB15 baffle, the user can easily upgrade memory and hard drive.