Long life portable touch screen tablet large collecting popular

09/05/2011 17:17

Long life portable touch screen tablet large collecting popular

Tablet PC market to lead the industry for a number of public concern, and as a mobile office tool, than traditional notebook, tablet PC has many advantages, Tablet PC with ultra-thin body, user-rich applications to carry and convenient touch mode of operation, coupled with long life protection, for business people, no doubt mobile office tool.

The face of a large number of tablet PCs on the market products, Which really worth buying? We carefully selected a variety of single items, in the following space in the Members. Friends of the Tablet PC may wish to look interested. Hope to bring you some help.

Legend Music Pad

Music Pad back of the fuselage with a hundred plus, white / red and silver Burgundy with; machine has a very innovative "dual-use of a machine" mixed frame, IdeaPad U1 can be easily inserted into the base (host), the Tablet PC and freely switch between the notebook computer, allowing users to enjoy both outstanding mobility and computing power, was "a machine dual-use" wonderful experience. Music Pad ultimate portable light, weighing 760 grams, 12.9 mm in thickness, can be achieved under the state in the work up to 8 hours of battery life. Music Pad has a 10.1-inch widescreen HD resolution of 1280 × 800, viewing angle 160 °.

Music Pad supports Adobe Flash Player 10.1, and more than two thousand items by Adobe, Flash test, fun and QQ farm is running smoothly in order to bring the perfect web browsing and gaming experience. Meanwhile, the Lok Pad realized rmvb, wma, mkv, etc. fully compatible with a variety of video formats and supports 720P high-definition playback. Music Pad also offers users a free software pre-installed 40 life a variety of applications, and have exclusive application store, "Paradise", provides a wealth of consistent application of user needs in China. In addition, the Lok Pad also supports WIFI.

Music Pad Lenovo Tablet PC support Adobe Flash Player 10.1, customers get happy and QQ farm, fully compatible with rmvb, wma, mkv various video formats, watching movies or TV series without changing format, very consistent with the needs of domestic users.

Malata Zpad T8

Malata Zpad T8 (3G Version) Tablet PC uses up to 1024 × 768 resolution 9.7 inch full view IPS capacitive touch screen, multi-touch support, while also greatly reducing the user when the touch operation and input errors rate, while the aircraft around the screen using a black border is also designed to set off full-screen, and the screen just above the built-in 1.3 million pixel web camera to facilitate the use of video communication users. In addition, the aircraft used on the back also particularly good thermal properties and solid material made of magnesium alloy. Not only that, the machine comes with smart gravity and ambient light sensor sensitivity system for users to play competitive games in the smooth to provide a new operating experience. In mobile, the machine weighs only 800 grams of total weight, for use in terms of carrying out is also very light.

Configuration, the machine uses the frequency of 1GHz, Nvidia Tegra 2 A9 dual-core processor; comes standard with 1GB memory and 16GB SSD Solid State Drive; In addition, the machine also supports 802.11b/g/n and Bluetooth wireless protocol. Android2.2 operating system pre-installed.

Motorola XOOM MZ606 DELL INSPIRON 6400 battery

Motorola XOOM MZ606 concern Tablet PC has now arrived in Zhongguancun, this 10.1-inch flat-panel equipped with the latest Android 3.0 32GB capacity of cellular systems, and storage space.

In appearance, the Motorola XOOM MZ606 by a 10.1-inch capacitive touch screen, resolution 1280 × 800, slightly higher than the current number of mainstream tablet PC, the screen ratio of 16:10 to ensure better horizontal display space. The back uses the matte feel of the metal panels, to play a certain anti-slip effect, while allowing the unit a more solid sense of materials than the market, pay attention to some of ABS plastic models. In addition, from the measured data point, Motorola XOOM thinner than Apple iPad, it will be even more remarkable number portability.

Configuration, the system pre-installed on Motorola's Android 3.0 XOOM MZ606 strong performance, which makes multi-tasking capabilities in the course of more calm, quick, and higher resolution images, the overall visual effect is more delicate, NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core chip CPU can provide 3D images comparable to handheld gaming experience. The aircraft also has a Mini-USB interface, greatly facilitate the users external storage device and an external wireless keyboard, mouse for office.

In addition, Google is developing Android 3.0 Motorola XOOM as carrying tools, the Google system based on flat-panel future upgrade, Motorola XOOM any other similar products will lead.

Samsung Galaxy Tab P1010 HP PAVILION DV2000 SERIES battery

Samsung Galaxy Tab P1010 Tablet PC is a Samsung product enough to compete with Apple, with its 7-inch size Android for mobile communication system and has a good support, it can be inserted to achieve the standard SIM card phone calls, send text messages.

Appearance, the Samsung Galaxy Tab P1010 Tablet PC the top of the design or the consistent continuation of the Samsung mobile phone design, which uses a 7 inch TFT-capacitor screen, support for multi-touch; resolution of 1024 × 600 pixels, display Samsung has always inherited the fine quality, clear and bright. This machine has a body thickness of 12mm, thin fuselage that was equipped with a 4000mAh battery, amazing. Samsung P1000 joined the standard SIM card slot, voice calls can be normal, while the next largest Micro SD card slot also supports 32GB of capacity expansion. In the back of the fuselage, the aircraft is equipped with a standard 500 million pixel camera.

Configuration, the Samsung Galaxy Tab P1010 Tablet PC equipped with ARM A8 processor, 512MB memory and 16GB hard drive, integrated PowerVR SGX 540 graphics chip, integrated LAN, WIFI wireless Internet access, mobile 3G Internet access, Bluetooth module, HDMI high-definition interface, Android2.2 operating system.

ASUS EeePad TF101 SONY VGP-BPS9 battery

ASUS EeePad TF101 is the most attractive keyboard has a detachable base, the combination turned into one after a full QWERTY keyboard, touch pad small laptop. Walk between the flat panel and notebook, both the advantages of both, with the use of demand can be free to switch forms. In addition, EeePad TF101 features a light sensor can adjust the screen brightness according to light intensity, and the base can increase the life 8 hours, it owned in the normal operation of the long up to 16 hours standby time.

In the configuration, the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer flat and ordinary sense of the Tablet PC, like, using the 10.1-inch screen, powered by Android 3.0 operating system, configuration Tegra 2 chip, with 1GB DDR2 memory. Optional 16GB or 32GB storage space. Pre-equipped with 120 million pixels and 500 million pixel camera, rear camera. With a mini HDMI port, Bluetooth and 802.11b/g/n wireless network card.

Acer Iconia Tab A500 ACER ASPIRE 4710Z battery

Acer Tablet Iconia Tab A500 provides a richer interactive experience, 10.1-inch multi-touch touch screen allows fingertip operation, can be games and other entertainment experience, user can also download various applications. Running NVIDIA Tegra 250 1GHz dual-core processor, the integrated GeForce GPU can be 1080p HD gaming and video operations.

Iconia Tab A500 tablet weight was 1.69 pounds (766 grams total), the thinnest at 0.52 inches. Provide 200 million and 500 million pixels camera before and after the set. 10.1-inch screen resolution of 1280 × 800. Equipped with 1GB memory and 16GB storage space. 32GB model will be introduced to the future, through the Micro-SD card slot for additional expansion to 32GB.

Two 3260 mA batteries included in the WiFi network can browse the 10 hours of life, general gaming and HD video sustainable for 8 hours.