Laptop Data Security seven note

19/12/2010 19:16

Laptop Data Security seven note

Because of its lightweight laptop features, is now being more and more replacement for dell inspiron 9400 laptop battery IT people of all ages, some people even have their own phone numbers of the existence of them.

Because of its lightweight laptop features, is now being more and more IT people of all ages, some people even have their own phone numbers of the existence of them. But I do not know whether these people thought, if your laptop is lost how to do? Your losses will be? In which you store confidential information is stolen will follow? How to make your notebook to remain silent when faced with strangers, kept secret, the losses to a minimum.

Two days ago, in line to see such a message: To prevent laptop theft caused by leakage of information after the British agents will be equipped with "007"-style briefcase. This briefcase fitted with compact bodies, able to withstand the impact of high explosives. When the thief attempts to open the briefcase, the contents of the portable computer "self destruction" machinery will be instantly clear all stored on computer hardware information.

This story gives us the following information: First of all, portable computers and stored data security is increasingly being everyone's attention; Second, with the rapid development of mobile services, portable computers are becoming more popular, their the improvement of safety performance becomes increasingly important.

safety of the world's second largest

On reports of laptop theft has been more than, according to Analog Devices company, laptop theft is a computer virus infection following the second largest people are concerned about security issues. By the U.S. Computer Security Institute released a survey showed that 57% of enterprises in 1999 have occurred in laptop theft. BEIJING, Dec. 11, 2000 reported that, according to the British "Sun" reported that agents Junqingwuchu a nap on the train because of a lost briefcase containing secret documents. Prior to this, the staff has been Junqingliuchu criminal record, was in a bar in March, leaving laptops containing secret IBM ThinkPad X40 battery information; the same month, a British senior officers of the laptop computer stolen in the break Winslow Airport; also in March, When an official Junqingwuchu Paddington Station in London to buy tickets when there are in Northern Ireland carried confidential information was stolen laptop; March 15, the British Ministry of Defense is responsible for nuclear affairs Minister stolen laptop at home; early May, a naval officer at Paddington station lost their computers and personal baggage. These events are instructions in the notebook and its stored data security has become an urgent problem.

How to make your laptop security

We use laptop computers in the process of moving office, in order to effectively improve the notebook computer and its stored information security performance, you need to pay attention to the following links:

First of all, before buying the laptop security check whether the performance is complete. This includes: whether the power-on password; hard disk has a separate password; whether to set it up so that every time you start showing your name, address and phone number; rewrite the password ease; this is a better safety performance of the laptop. Also, do not HP Pavilion DV2000 Battery forget your laptop engraved with your name, address and telephone number. If possible, directly to the information printed on the site easy to find the thief. This will prevent thieves stealing some behavior (such as: simple for the theft of the laptop itself to get the money for the theft.)

Secondly, the use of safety performance with the operating system, consider a laptop as the operating system to install Windows 2000 platform and set the NTFS format partition, and then set the login password, and to ensure that when not in use in the log before the state, others took the opportunity to prevent the theft of confidential information on laptop computers.

Third, set the hard drive lock password, ensure that the laptop stolen important data stored therein will not fall into the wrong hands. Most notebook computer with a password mechanism to provide basic data protection measures, therefore, the simplest measure is to set the boot password. But only set the boot password can not guarantee the security Apple A1189 Battery of data, because thieves can remove the hard drive down to get another computer to read the original data, but also set the hard drive lock password, so that the notebook computer each time you start when they must use a password to decrypt the hard disk, VNB132 so even if the thief would be hard to swap to another computer, it is difficult to read the raw data.

Fourth, important documents stored in encrypted manner to protect. As the thief attacking the continuous development of means of destruction, password alone is not sufficient to prevent the seasoned thieves erase the system configuration information (including passwords), and then invade the system, then obtain the confidential information stored in them. Therefore, to effectively protect notebook computers stored in secure confidential data, it is best to use disk encryption program, such as ISS Limited of iProtect, at least for your most important data protection measures to be taken over (of course, not all objects are encrypted, This will slow down your computer performance).

Fifth, always back up data to the notebook in the event of loss under reduced losses. Because we can not guaranteed to be foolproof, so make sure the data on laptop computers have a backup, so even if the laptop is lost, can still ensure that information not lost, to minimize the damage.

Sixth, the conditions permitting the insurance company may be considered on the insurance because the insurance can reduce their own hardware and data loss. Now, Ohio SafeWare specifically for an insurance company providing insurance services to laptop users, they provide insurance includes loss will bring you all the computers of various losses. This insurance is cheap, but currently no such service, I believe a similar service will soon appear.

Finally, the proper selection and use of certain notebook computer security tools. There are many such tools, such as last August, the U.S. Analog Devices Inc., Caveo Technology LLC, and jointly announced the development of a laptop anti-theft security technology. The technology the company uses the Analog Devices accelerometer IC "ADXL202E" and Caveo's software, Caveo company will develop the technology to "Anti-Theft" in sales of goods. Use of "Anti-Theft", when the detected rogue mobile notebook computer, the system will generate alarm signals in addition to outside, but also encrypt the files have been saved, and run the BIOS level, lock the computer so that thieves can not use. Installed all the software to distinguish normal laptop thieves move between transport and the SONY VGP-BPS8 battery subtle differences.

Of course, the mobile office is a system security engineering, but also a system, not only in the stored procedure that contains the information security protection, but also in the transmission of information security during the transfer process in question is for the mobile office in a single notebook computer information security problems, there are many aspects need further attention.