Key Business Home tilapia notebook summary evaluation 1 week

08/05/2011 17:35

Key Business Home tilapia notebook summary evaluation 1 week


May have begun quietly beautiful, with the iPad 2 of the hot market, Intel announced a revolutionary 3-D transistors and other hot events, people experience the feeling of electronic digital products in the early summer, last week reached IT168 evaluation notebook laptop Channel Positioning Business Series in the majority, but with the security and stability and efficient users of the importance of factors such as the constant increase, more and more concerned about the home laptop users begin to switch its business notebooks and camp, then the Department to say, let's take a look 5 Week 1 focused on evaluating products.

Intel released this year, ACER EXTENSA 5210 SERIES battery SNB platform based on second-generation Core Duo processor, i series, the Lenovo V Series notebooks Jan day also will launch a hardware upgrade and the latest V370 and V470, two of the specifications of the products are launched and more different types of configuration models, Lenovo has recently released, including Zhaoyang K47, Zhaoyang K27, E47, etc., Zhaoyang variety of new business notebooks, and all the latest Sandy Bridge Intel platform.

As Sony's latest 13-inch business positioning products, SD comprehensive upgrade to the SNB series platform, we have received this SD19 is using the current Core Business of the top-level configuration i5 - i5 2520M processor, curing in the motherboard 4GB DDR3 High-speed memory, 640GB high-capacity hard drive and graphics performance and battery life into account the ability of two graphics modes.

Edge Edge Elite Edition and the previous series to bring people feel different, HP F4809A battery E220s petite people could not help but think of the size of the previous classic X301, in addition to matte screen with some of the details of the differences, the overall size is especially felt like. The bright chrome ring around the border of the full appeal, even with Apple fashion like SONY notebook put together no less. Although the light side to the light to the thin Air is quite different, 1.5kg weight but also can be regarded as thin portable.

Soft is the elegant and stylish performance, APPLE A1185 battery but also represents a technology development and design integration. SNB in ​​2011 with the Intel platform, promoting large-scale, many brands are rushed, have launched products targeting the mainstream, and as consumer product line notebook computer has a rich functional products from fashion and taste representatives, and today we offer for everyone's is a fashionable, refined products, primarily laptop - Samsung SF411.

Sony YB15 used as a processor, AMD E-350 (APU) products, in terms of performance with the old section of the Internet this product has been very clear compared to the upgrading of VAIO products, whether the income side of the iconic design , or the body of the material and the whole weight of 142.6, all manifestations of the advantages of its portable products. In addition, in order to correspond to the different needs of various groups, it also prepared a pink, green and silver colors of the cover 3 different shell for the user to choose.

ASUS EeePC 1215B is a 12-inch sizes with the Internet, ASUS A42-A2 battery the aircraft in terms of body shape takes full advantage of streamlined design. Sony YB15 is a product with 11.6-inch screen, Sony tailored for the "How easy to carry Hyun colorful" slogan, is currently providing the aircraft pink, green and silver body 3 different colors cover for the user to choose. The Asus EeePC or whether Sony's products have a more aesthetically pleasing appearance and good workmanship, the two products and also equipped with AMD E-350 processor, so performance is also worthy of our performance expectations. This new generation of lightweight portable whether the advantages of these aspects of a financial set it?

I believe many gamers know, RaBook brand notebooks in addition to working outside of professional graphics platform in the mobile gaming platforms also have high attainments. With a comprehensive platform for Intel Sandy Brigde Distribution, many times the manufacturers new product line will be fully updated at the same time their own, laser wave (Rabook) Firebat family flashed its first to the mainstream consumer market for the killer-RaBook Firebat-F620.