Jin Shuang-type game ignited the passion of the big game collecting useful

07/04/2011 21:21

Jin Shuang-type game ignited the passion of the big game collecting useful

Visual representation of the game's most important external factors, while students of the game is also a requirement of the appearance, the appearance of the difference between fashion and performance without the notebook of choice for students. This feature determines the visual performance and stylish appearance of the notebook to promote the influence of the game, while creating the perfect gaming environment, improve the quality of the game has a vital role. Therefore, game developers have committed to changing the visual representation of the game, players to meet increasingly high requirements of notebook appearance. The author takes stock of several of the more popular fashion mainstream configuration gaming notebooks, which listed on the same side of the new Iron Man Fengrui K41H and Dell 14R is a good choice. Here introduce to you one by one.

Tongfang Computer Fengrui K41H produced Iron Man has been a very hot. Iron Man Tongfang Fengrui K41H computer shell used nowadays mainstream avant-garde metal wire drawing process to create, in addition to silver metal shell was subjected to the leading surface of anodized coating technology, can play a superior antioxidant, anti-erosion role, but can avoid the oil, fingerprints of the intrusion, the overall feeling that not only cover the whole steel rugged side extension and carry forward the same consistent quality characteristics of computer products, to better reflect the scientific and technological fashion Iron Man Fengrui K41H side, chasing the young family to meet the needs of individual appearance.

Iron Man Tongfang Fengrui K41H computer uses the latest high-end Intel processor mainstream Sandy bridge platform, with advanced Turbo Boost Technology 2.0, the strongest performance for users at the same time, but also take into account the effect on low-power energy-saving one, in addition to the integrated HD graphics platform, to support many high-definition video capabilities, such as high speed video synchronization technology and InTru ™ 3D cinema technology, users can experience only by virtue of the Living, 3D graphics visual impact.

High-definition entertainment experience as the main gaming notebook for a high-end mainstream graphics card is of essential core hardware. Iron Man Tongfang Fengrui K41H computer equipped with an independent GT525M flagship NVIDIA graphics, perfect support for DirectX 11, innovative independent up to 2GB of memory, far beyond the specifications of similar products for the treatment of large-scale 3D game screen capability , allowing users to experience the real picture without stagnation exquisite enjoyment.

Strengthen the screen shaft and metal shaft cover is Iron Man Tongfang Computer Fengrui K41H thoughtful design, one of the screen shaft entirely sunken all-steel structure, able to solve many problems laptop screen axis, so that the use of more easily, while both texture and beauty.

Toshiba M600-03B notebook, using a Manhattan sound, DELL 312-0130 battery sound quality is very good, the appearance of this section in the full sense of the books are still fashionable. CCFL backlit display 14-inch display is good and game performance aircraft is also very prominent.

Appearance, Toshiba M600-03B is not innovative, but still full of fashion sense. 14-inch CCFL backlit display shows room for improvement. Top of the screen has not forgotten to design a camera, user video chat. The models use Intel Core i3 350M core processor, clocked at up to 2.26GHz, 4GB memory and 500GB standard large-capacity hard drive. Built-in Harman Kardon stereo, the effect is outstanding.

This product is also built NV GT330M discrete graphics memory to 1GB, game performance outstanding. Gigabit Ethernet and wireless module naturally unavoidable. Interface, USB, eSATA, HDMI, VGA, and card readers are also readily available.

Sony notebook designs have been known to ornate and colorful, while also maintaining the hardware configuration of the mainstream level, for everyone today, I recommend a model EB37EC notebook, the aircraft equipped with the latest Intel Core Duo processors and i5-460M ATI Mobility Radeon HD5650 graphics card, with a 15.5 inch screen with a matte white design.

Sony EB37EC design is very attractive in appearance, LENOVO 40Y8317 battery shape and smooth the curve, as always, delicate touch, providing the black, white, pink, blue and other color models to choose from to meet different user needs on a personalized color . One go with the panel design which makes the palm rest is more holistic and consistent fashion chocolate keyboard design is reflected in the design elements, the configuration of the 15.5 inch 1366 * 768dpi resolution display, the display quality is very good.

Configuration is also very mainstream machine,this machine uses Intel Core i5 460M processor speeds up to a 2.53GHz, Intel HM55 chipset, comes standard with 2GB memory, 500GB hard drive, ATI Mobility Radeon HD5650 graphics card, memory up to 1GB, fully meet the requirements of the user's audio and video entertainment, interfaces, equipped with three USB2.0 interface, a USB / eSATA Dual Interface, 1 VGA, 1 HDMI, RJ45 cable interface, an ExpressCard/34, audio output / microphone input interface and multi-card reader and so on.

HP Pavilion dv3-4048TX notebook is located in the home video game of a new product, with the current main i Core family of processors, coupled with 13.3-inch portable size, for like the practical portable notebook is a friend good choice.

The HP Pavilion dv3-4048TX Notebook DV Series inherits the style, LG P1 SERIES battery black composite material of the panel, the first full rigorous calm atmosphere, and the pattern on the surface and corners of the design of the flow lines used to make this stylish new machine full, as is the 13.3-inch screen, makes this product compared to 14 inches of the better portability, the resolution of 1366 * 768 video and audio entertainment and text to meet the basic needs of office. At the same time which the machine is also equipped with high-speed 7200 RPM hard drive, in response to some big game and applications software with good performance.

HP Pavilion dv3-4048TX with the hardware configuration mainstream i3 350M Intel Core Duo processor, 2GB DDR3 memory and a 320GB standard hard drive while using independent ATI Mobility Radeon HD5450 graphics. Also with 2 USB2.0, 1 USB / eSATA Dual Interface, HDMI, VGA, audio output, microphone input, RJ45 cable interface, an ExpressCard/34, multi-in-1 card reader.

Lenovo Y460P 2310 is a thin body, TOSHIBA NB301 battery streamlined design of a fashion model, using the latest generation of ATI HD 6550 series of super graphics card, with a large 1GB of dedicated graphics memory, build a powerful 3D processing performance, enjoying great HD video large and smooth 3D gaming experience.

Lenovo Y460P2310 done in a larger improvement of the appearance of the shell part of the system with a cool black paint, with the surface of the drawing process, making the machine look very texture. Lenovo designed the new high-touch keyboard, improvement of function keys and arrow keys to identify the partition layout design, not only the input speed, enter the correct rate, more comfortable and to meet the needs of the input.

The machine uses the Intel Core i5 2410QM processor, HD 6550M graphics card, 5GB memory, 500GB high-capacity hard drives, etc., with sturdy small y the name of the first, all this does have a certain allure. The latest generation of ATI HD 6550 series of super graphics card, with a large 1GB of dedicated graphics memory, build a powerful 3D processing performance, enjoying wonderful large-scale high-definition video and smooth 3D gaming experience. Support for DX11, the graphics enhanced well-optimized technology to bring immersive, ultra-realistic gaming experience.

With Intel's Sandy Bridge platform release, the major vendors have released their SNB model, but as a regular user of us is blind pursuit of the latest or what? I feel changing the update in electronic products today, totally unnecessary to pursue the best, latest, practical is the best. To you about today is a Core i5 480M processor with the metal look books - ASUS N82EI48JV-SL.

Notebook located in the entertainment audio and video. Clocked at 2.66GHz processor with the Intel i5 480M 128-bit wide / 1G memory of the nvidia GT335M graphics card, so that configuration sufficient to meet the most robust 3D games. Asus Altec Lansing sound is preferred to give you perfect listening enjoyment.

While this notebook is not used in the latest SNB platform, but i5 480M (2.66GHz) and i5 2410M (2.30GHz) than the latter in addition to the core of integrated graphics performance with the CPU is more powerful, the not too significant other advantage, the opposite point of view from the frequency, i5 480M hand, got the upper hand. The friend does not pursue the latest technology is no doubt this notebook is a good choice. Another highlight of this notebook is equipped with a USB3.0 interface. For the rapid development of digital technology today, this small USB3.0 interface or very useful.

Dell has always been to fashion beautiful design, good performance and excellent quality by the majority of consumers, the new spirit of the more 14R Inspiron listed either from the appearance or to the content, all have enough to attract users to areas of concern.

Appearance, DELL Inspiron Ling Yue 14R (Ins14RD-458) using a simple and stylish design, the body mainly black color, aluminum-magnesium alloy material used to build housing, combined with the surface of the metal wire drawing process, the beautiful luster exudes elegance charming temperament, air lines sketched out the contours of dynamic, slightly rounded corners and smooth over the natural. With 14.0 inches of LED-backlit widescreen display, maximum resolution of 1366 × 768, body size is 343 × 246 × 33.8mm, weighs 2.25Kg, excellent portability.

Performance, DELL Inspiron Ling Yue 14R (Ins14RD-458) using i5 480M Intel Core Duo processor (clocked at 2.66GHz, 3MB three cache, Intel HM57 chipset, 4GB DDR3 RAM, 500GB 7200 rpm hard drive, equipped with ATI Mobility Radeon HD5650 graphics card, memory to 1GB, built-in DVD burner to support DVD-SuperMulti double-layer burner, Windows 7 Home Basic pre-installed operating system.

ThinkPad T410i 2516A61 As a business notebook, the ThinkPad series appearance continued steady style of fashion has always been very popular with business people alike. In addition, as a high-end positioning in the notebook, which also performed well in the configuration.

The appearance of adhering to the previous series of steady business style, making business sense of the overall chronological. LED backlit LCD screen design, than the traditional LCD (CCFL backlit LCD screen) is more environmentally friendly, while lower power consumption, energy saving, effectively extending the battery life. 16:10 golden ratio is more suitable for visual experience, 1280 × 800 high-definition resolution HD movies and HD video games.

Configuration, the machine is equipped with a Intel Core i3 380M Processor (2.53GHz GHz / 3MB three-level cache / DMI bus), Intel QM57 Chipset, NVIDIA Quadro NVS 3100M graphics card + integrated Intel HD Graphics integrated graphics, standard 2G memory 320G hard drive, the configuration is very powerful, enough to meet the daily needs of users, built-in Gigabit Ethernet card and camera functions are available.