iPad2 final encounter rival? four popular flat-panel effort to recommend

22/05/2011 11:14

iPad2 final encounter rival? four popular flat-panel effort to recommend

Came this year, the market launch of the plate more and more, although many manufacturers have known enough to spike their own flat-panel products Apple iPad2 series, but they are nothing but a spike by iPad2 mercilessly. Indeed, iPad2 with the overall performance, thin body design, and very reasonable prices are allowed to have a very high degree of attention, has become a priority for many consumers of flat products. However, aside iPad2 point of view, I also find several very good price smart plate, these products may in some respects far behind iPad2, but by virtue of good workmanship and distinctive features, is still worth consumers to consider, after all, go to iPad2 has monopoly on the development of flat-panel market is not a good thing. So today, I bring to all seven-to WINPAD, Asus EeePad, associate music PAD, ViewSonic ViewPad7 detailed description of these four products, want to buy the majority of users in the process of help. Next is to understand the next.

Recommended products: HEDY WINPAD HP PRESARIO G50 SERIES battery

HEDY Winpad P100 with a 10.1-inch capacitive multi-touch screen with a resolution up to 1366 × 768, show very delicate. Around the screen is still black based colors. Camera Back with a one piece aluminum casing, after the frosted surface of grip in the hands of the very texture. In addition to differences in size, the Apple iPad very similar. In the configuration, the seven-Winpad P100 is powered by Intel Atom N455 1.66HGz single-core dual-thread processor, 2GBDDR3 memory and 32GB solid state hard drive. With Intel GMA 3150 graphics card, the configuration of the mainstream Internet is basically the same, such a configuration can still enough to run Windows7 system.

Extensions is also abundant, providing 2 USB 2.0 interfaces, HDMI high-definition output, an audio input / output adaptive port, SD card reader to stay out of storage space for expansion, and built-in 802.11b / g wireless card , built-in Bluetooth and SIM card slot, support for 3G wireless Internet access. Screen in front of the camera and a 1.3 million to facilitate the users to video chat.

Recommended products: ASUS EeePad TF 16G SONY VGP-BPS9 battery

ASUS EeePad Andrews as a dual flat products, using the Nvidia Tegra 2 Duo processor, clocked at 1GHz, 10.1 inch screen area are based IPS 1280 × 800 resolution screen, weighs about 0.68kg. The optional 3.0 Cellular Systems Andrews also brought a very good software support. 3,500 yuan in particular offer will undoubtedly let the market have a considerable competitive edge, call it iPad2 rival too.

In the configuration, the ASUS EeePad Tablet PC is 10.1 inches with IPS screen resolution of 1280 × 800, equipped with Android 3.0 operating system, configuration Nvidia Tegra 2 Duo processor, with 1GB DDR2 memory, 16GB storage space. Pre-equipped with 120 million pixels and 500 million pixel camera, rear camera. With a mini HDMI port, Bluetooth and 802.11b/g/n wireless network card.

It is worth mentioning that, ASUS EeePad keyboard has a detachable base, the combination turned into one after a full QWERTY keyboard, touch pad small laptop. Walk between the flat panel and notebook, both the advantages of both, with the use of demand can be free to switch forms. In addition, EeePad TF101 features a light sensor can adjust the screen brightness according to light intensity, and the base can increase the life 8 hours, it owned in the normal operation of the long up to 16 hours standby time.

Recommended products: Legend Music Pad APPLE A1185 battery

Music Pad Lenovo Lenovo this year as a masterpiece, with acrylic glass, hard materials and design of the 10.1-inch screen, big screen and music OS 2.0 (Android2.2), the total weight of only 0.76kg, slim body design is still the machine one of the biggest selling points. The current market price has dropped to 3200 per month, price is also very good friends may wish to buy at the store going to pay more attention.

In appearance, the Legend Music Pad is the use of a 10.1-inch capacitive screen, support for multi-touch, resolution is 1280 × 800, the hard side of the screen material with acrylic glass design, permeability strong, surrounded by mosaic dark aluminum alloy frame, a strong business sense. Music Pad Music by genuine lenovo Operating System OS 2.0 (Android2.2), UI design forms using a four-leaf clover, are free to drag, add any shortcuts.

Hardware configuration, Lenovo Lok Pad uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 8650A processor, clocked a 1.3GHz, RAM to 1G, were equipped with 16/32/64G flash, body front and back with a 200 million pixels respectively, and a 500 megapixel camera, video works fine. In addition, the Lok Pad is also attached to the official Chinese version of Zombies, Angry Birds official Chinese version of the crazy bird, QQ Landlords, Sohu video, Taobao HD, microblogging HD, fruit ninja Chinese, Asphalt5 Chinese and other wild racing Android platform, a popular game software, eliminating the trouble of downloading the player to another.

Recommended products: ViewSonic ViewPad7 ACER ASPIRE 1410 battery

ViewSonic ViewPad7 Foxconn as an R & D joint launch of Google's Tablet PC, and take the People First line. Offer the product in various places around the general in 2K5, below the iPad (quotations parameter evaluation Gallery) let the market price is undoubtedly very attractive. Its use of the Andrew 2.2 operating system, equipped with Qualcomm MSM7227 processor and high-speed 512MB ROM +512 MB RAM memory, body, 7-inch multi-touch screen, the screen resolution of 480 × 800 pixels. And this product compared to the three described above, selling price should be lower, some of the funding is not sufficient for friends to consider.

ViewSonic Viewpad (online shopping lowest 2199.0 yuan) 7 (online shopping lowest 2099.0 yuan) to support 3G phone features a large capacity with a 3240 mA battery, normal use for two days no problem. Extended interface in the body: ViewSonic Viewpad support up to 32GB of memory cards, while the machine WIFI, Bluetooth, GPS and other functions is also readily available. Can be compatible with WCDMA and GSM network cards Unicom