iPad 2 stores in the UK in London, has been tumbled </span><span class="STYLE4">(and News Two)

26/03/2011 21:13

iPad 2 stores in the UK in London, has been tumbled (and News Two)

iPad 2 released in the UK today, the Apple store a few weeks earlier, as Apple released a public statement in which the company confirmed that, iPad2 flat around the time of the international version finally in March 2011 25 Japan on Friday officially on the market. iPad2 market, the official listing of the second batch includes 25 countries and regions, involving the listing of the countries and regions approved, Apple retail stores and co-operation of all businesses have been vigilant and will be officially opened at 5:00 pm to sell, through the Apple online Order of the user can store the various countries and regions at 1:00 am local time start the next one, but consumers also need to order after waiting a long time to get the spot.

In addition to already available outside the U.S. market, Apple iPad2 the second batch of listed countries and regions including Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Mexico, Norway, New Zealand, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Japan should be in the second batch of the original listing of 26 countries and regions of the column, but because of the reasons for Japan's earthquake and tsunami in Japan, Apple delayed the starting end.

Also next month, FUJITSU FMVNBP128 battery Apple has already confirmed there will be another wave of iPad2 offensive iPad2 all types of flat products is expected to be officially in April 2011 in Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore and other more formal listing of countries and regions. The above picture is from around the world heat map iPad2 international starting spot, watch the pictures from the scene, no less than the U.S. market starting.

Flat keyboard with Asus EEE Paderze launch Android

ASUS today introduced a tablet PC with Android system EEEPadTransformer.

Asustek, ACER TRAVELMATE 4500 SERIES battery EEEPadTransformer by Android3.0 "honeycomb" operating system. The Tablet PC comes with an optional keyboard, Tablet PC docking station compared to other solutions, this keyboard, lighter weight, easier to carry.

ASUS EEEPadTransformer 10.1-inch screen, integrated front and rear camera. Screen and keyboard can be detached, so that users can browse the Internet when they go out or watch movies. If the keyboard into the slots of the screen, then the tablet will become a full-featured notebook.

Jerry Shen, ASUS CEO, said: "In our pursuit of perfection, we offer more choices to the user. Users can receive comprehensive features, including 10 that touch of Flash support, e-book reading and physical keyboard, etc. so users will not experience any inconvenience. "

EEEPadTransformer from Taiwan on Friday began to accept reservations, DELL 5081P battery and will be March 30 on sale in the UK, and then will enter the U.S. market. In Taiwan, the storage capacity of 16GB, not with a keyboard version of the NT is priced at 14,900 yuan (about 500 U.S. dollars), while the version with a keyboard is priced at 17,900 yuan Taiwan dollars (about 600 U.S. dollars). Asus has not announced the tablet prices in other regions.

ASUS launched in January this year, Microsoft's Windows operating system with 12-inch flat-panel computer e-Slate, Asus will soon launch two new Tablet PC. Jerry Shen predicts that by 2011 a total of 4 Tablet PC sales will reach 200 million units.

Another Taiwanese company Acer has released a 4 tablet PCs, as well as a 4.8-inch screen size smart phone. Acer said that these products are on sale next month.

Jerry Shen admitted that the rapid development of Apple tablet PC market leader, but he predicted that Android and Windows systems with the introduction of the Tablet PC market gradually, by 2012 the share of Apple in this market will drop to 50%.

Price to be determined next month, Acer Android3.0 listed flat


Iconia Acer Tablet PC has been confirmed in several models of product lines to market time and price, including the Windows 7 system products, as well as Android 3.0 system products. Windows 7 system, which uses Iconia Tab W500 scheduled April 8 for sale in the UK and Europe, priced at £ 449 (about 4800 yuan); If the optional keyboard, then the price of bundled package sold for 529 pounds (about 5600 yuan RMB).
Acer keyboard designed for the Iconia Tab Block (Keyboard Dock) integrated Ethernet port, USB 2.0 interface, the TrackPoint, the price of 89 pounds (about 940 yuan). In addition, 3G version of the Iconia Tab W500 will also be listed in the near future, priced £ 529 (about 5600 yuan), matching the words of the keyboard is priced at 579 pounds (about 6100 yuan.) Acer also said that working with the contracts with the operator version of Iconia Tab plate (3G) negotiations on cooperation and has made great progress.

Acer Tablet with Android 3.0 Iconia Tab A500 system will be April 8 the same market, this 10-inch flat panel will be offered for sale and distribution in the Bluetooth keyboard. In addition, Acer's 7-inch, using Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) system flat - Iconia Tab A100 will be available mid-May, the price to be determined.