Independence was rejected because it knows it! Recommended books were integrated set of new

26/04/2011 09:22

Independence was rejected because it knows it! Recommended books were integrated set of new

Has been integrated 3D graphics performance because of lack of notebooks, the traditional concept of "set was = low performance", users and respected sales force, the single significant, memory, high frequency, the notebook performance as a measure of the symbol. With the application software, large-scale game development and speed to meet the users, many of the demands of high-quality, discrete graphics models do have a good performance. On the other hand, the early summer, temporary, full product alone was the fan noise, fever, hot keyboard palm rest that operating experience greatly reduced.
Today, with the first-generation 32nm process products, fruits of the earth Duo, Core Duo processor, the second generation of splendid performance, and AMD's support for DX11, support for hardware acceleration products APU series sets were listed low-cost, set the market has undergone significant turned upside down, the current set of products can be significant three categories:

Collection of traditional board were: GPU integrated on the motherboard chipset inside. Over the years, both desktop and notebook products are based on the set of significant structure. More popular as 2008,2009 Intel GM45 + ICH9M motherboard chipset, it integrated Intel GMA X4500 HD graphics core, integrated graphics core will be a separate graphics chip integrated in a notebook motherboard way, and part of the dynamic shared system memory as memory use, thereby providing a simple graphical processing power, and more smooth coding.

Intel Core Graphics: COMPAQ PP2200 battery The new structure will be the integration of native GPU which integrates the processor, subversion of the traditional concept of integrated graphics, at a lower power consumption to achieve the same excellent graphics performance and smooth application experience. There are currently based on Intel 32nm technology, the new generation of cool wisdom can be integrated graphics core inside the processor (Core Graphics),
Support DX10 effects, support OpenCL operations, support 3D technology, core graphics card also has an independent energy management and control unit, so as to support and handle the core of Turbo Boost Technology, and could speed up or down-conversion, and share three cache.

AMD APU: 40nm process technology at the basis, AMD will also be the processor, graphics core integrated in a chip, support for DX11 games, hardware acceleration can greatly improve the efficiency of the computer, the CPU and the GPU to achieve real integration, and power consumption i-core Intel Core Duo than a lower number. There are currently AMD E-240/350, graphics core ATi Mobility Radeon HD 6310, with 80 stream processors and 500MHz core frequency; AMD C-30/50, the internal integration of the processor ATi Mobility Radeon HD 6250 graphics core, the design work consumption of only 9W.

The set was easy 1080P HD video and audio entertainment

For Intel Intel HD Graphics 3000 graphics core, with 12 execution units, and built a new encoder, support for MPEG2, VC1 and H.264 hardware encoding, an independent power island and clock domains, and can share the processing three-level cache device, greatly improved graphics performance while reducing power consumption.

APU with a new video decoder UVD 3.0, it can support HD format very broad, such as VC-1, MPEG-2, H.264, Blu-ray, HD DVD, 3.0 version covers included. In addition, the GPU which participate in the operation, so the CPU can be the appropriate relief. Test we can see that when playing 1080P HD movies "Resident Evil 4" when, CPU occupancy rate was 27%.

Set performance was not bad the entertainment ASUS A32-A8 battery

Intel HD Graphics 3000 graphics processing unit to support DX10.1-level applications, to support OpenCL 1.1, Intel to fill in a blank general computing. Another HD 3000 clocked at the default 650MHz, the highest after the Turbo Boost is not up to 1300MHz effective solution to integrated graphics performance over the past problem of weak, Sandy Bridge can be seen by testing the GPU more than 30% performance, actual performance over Nvidia and ATi HD 5470 G310M entry-level alone significantly. At the same time, compared to discrete graphics power and heat, more obvious advantages of Core Graphics.

AMD Fusion APU platform is comparable with the performance of Intel Atom platform, the current release of AMD E-350 TDP is only 18W, the internal integration of the Radeon HD 6310 graphics core, the acceleration of the software, 3D display surprising and unexpected, Radeon HD 6310 manifested in the game are no less, even if a "set was," also performed well the whole game entertainment.

Set design was the thin, relatively cheap price

Significant form of either set (the set was the traditional, core set of significant in this, AMD APU was the set), the integrated graphics chips, the hardware no longer need to configure the graphics card, the heat is much lower, so the books can more lightweight portable design. And the set was also higher than the price advantage.

Recommended products: Apple MacBook Pro (MC700CH / A)
Features: The new i5, all-metal exterior, with elegant and noble

Full Metal Jacket, cover Apple Logo, DELL F0993 battery people pleasing industrial design, always thoughtful design details, all the time show that the MacBook Pro (evaluation parameters Gallery quote) "identity." With the second generation of Core i core market, Apple also launched elite core of new products, the Apple Macbook Pro (MC700CH / A) Apple Classic to maintain the appearance of integration while aluminum stamping, upgrade to the i5-2410 processor, the set Intel HD Graphics 3000 graphics core, to ensure performance to meet the daily needs.

Apple Macbook Pro (MC700CH / A) with a 13.3-inch high-definition large-screen design, use of magnesium alloy body equally, strong business atmosphere, and the use of frosted Process, delicate touch, feel very good. Its built-chocolate-style keyboard, and support for backlight, user-friendly in the design of very thoughtful consideration, and also built a camera, high definition video to facilitate communication.
Hardware, Apple Macbook Pro (MC700CH / A) by Huron River mobile platform. The built-in Intel Core i5-2410M i series of second-generation 32-nanometer mobile processors, the nominal frequency was 2.3GHz, 3M cache built, with chipset is Intel HM65. Standard machine specifications 4G DDR3 1333 memory and 320G 5400 rpm hard drive, comes with a DVD burner. The integrated graphics chips, Intel HD Graphics 3000, has a good performance.

Recommended products: Shenzhou A420p-i3
Features: i3-2310M processor, integrated Intel HD 3000 graphics core, low power more energy-efficient, affordable

After the release of Intel's new processor architecture, equipped with a whole new generation of processors continue to introduce new notebooks. As the Shenzhou-brand price high, this elegant A420p-i3 Shenzhou time to market in March 2011, providing the appearance of three colors for the user to choose the perfect integration with the metal wire drawing process, the hardware uses Core i3-2310M processor, integrated Intel HD 3000 graphics processor core, the performance very NV G310M, ATi HD5470 entry was alone product.

Appearance, the Shenzhou elegant A420p-i3 made a big change, HP PAVILION ZD8184 battery beginning with the use of brushed aluminum, stylish and no shortage of tough style, texture is very good, with a wise black, titanium gray, three kinds of beautiful Chinese red color options . Sunken shaft flexible and convenient, the mainstream 14-inch LED widescreen design, support for 1366 × 768 resolution, color saturation and delicate; chocolate keyboard for quick input, feel quite good.

Configuration, the Shenzhou elegant A420P-i3 D1 Sandy Bridge Intel's latest platform, based on leading second-generation Nehalem microarchitecture, Core i3-2310M processor, over the previous generation of products with higher performance and lower power consumption, to bring Users experience unprecedented speed applications. In addition, a new generation HM65 Express chipset, 2G DDR3 memory, Intel GMA HD 3000 graphics core, the native integration of multimedia video playback for incredible speed and can significantly enhance the 3D performance, even in gaming applications, the performance performance was equivalent to NV G310M, ATi HD5470 products alone significantly; slightly smaller hard drive capacity is only 320GB.

Recommended products: Acer 4253-E352G320Mnkk
Features: March 2011 New, AMD APU new core, the product cost is high

Acer has also brought a wealth of new core products, in addition to Intel, Acer and AMD seems to have very good relations. The March 2011 listing of Acer 4253-E352G320Mnkk, the latest hardware with AMD processors AMD E-350, integrated AMD Radeon HD 6310 graphics chip, APU revolutionary fusion of design, in order to bring new high-definition playback, gaming experience.

Hardware configuration, the March new listings Aspire4253 using AMD E-350 processor, the processor internal integration of the dual-core 1.6GHz CPU, AMD Radeon HD 6310 graphics chip to support high definition DX11 effects and UVD 3.0 hardware solution technology, performance goes well beyond the The traditional set of significant products that run smoothly run through the line of fire, DNF, and other mainstream popular World of Warcraft game. Although the power only for 18W, APU also features hardware acceleration for Microsoft IE9, OFFICE 2010 and other daily office operations, faster, and comes standard with 2GB DDR3 RAM, 320GB 5400 rpm hard drive, providing DVD burner, wireless LAN and 130W-pixel camera.

Recommended products: MSI CR650
Features: 15.6-inch screen, a unique, 4GB large memory, the overall balance of performance and practical

APU processor is AMD 2011, pushing the company's products, and integration of GPU performance within the processor should not be overlooked, for the light of this, and HD video. The MSI CR650 APU under the premise of the introduction of the unique use of a large 15.6-inch screen, locate multimedia entertainment applications.

Appearance, MSI CR650 with the overall black design, the center of the front cover is MSI msi's LOGO, the mainstream of the sunken shaft design, 15.6-inch LED-backlit screen resolution of 1366x768. Keyboard is using the popular chocolate keyboard design, and has a very useful keyboard.

Hardware configuration, the MSI CR650 powered AMD E-350 APU processor, clocked at 1.6GHz, the processor within the integrated AMD Radeon HD 6310 graphics core, the bandwidth of 128 bit, compared to a common entry-level single significant bandwidth, 64Bit, HD 6310 graphics core in the hardware and the performance is essentially different from the test in 3Dmark06 score of 2428. In addition, the configuration 4GB DDR3 RAM, 640GB hard drive transfer, more balanced overall performance.

Summary: the traditional concept of "set was = low performance" of the entrenched players in the pursuit of performance, combined with notebook manufacturers, sales of businesses advertising sky over the earth, respected, regular users of the "integrated graphics" are often shunned, in the buy notebooks, it is easy to be affected by sales staff in the mouth "alone significantly, 1GB memory," and other words of marketing. In fact, measure a notebook, not just look at performance level, whether the demand is for the user's point of departure.

With the new Core, APU product popularity, today's integrated graphics, is no longer a traditional "motherboard chipset + graphics core" approach, but perfect blend of graphics chips will be among the processors, CPU, GPU perfect together, greater bandwidth, lower data latency, effective communication and to enhance operation efficiency and reduce machine power consumption, even browse the Web, a large number of images, dynamic flash, or a 1080P high-definition video playback, normal 3D games, integrated graphics performance is still commendable, and lower the heat, even for a long time start to use, but also more comfortable in the summer in the operation of feelings.