HP's new HP EliteBook series of business notebooks bring lasting exclusive experience

21/04/2011 09:21

HP's new HP EliteBook series of business notebooks bring lasting exclusive experience

Changing to the sea, every success is by no means alone in the victory. True leaders, in light of his personal wisdom, the firm's partners must have followed all around effort to help them succeed. Good times, this firm is the icing on the cake inspiration; adversity, this firm became a timely support. A little of this partnership go hand in hand, the business summit just around the corner! Now, insight into the needs of business users, Hewlett-Packard effort to offer a strong business partner in the campaign - the new flagship business notebook HP EliteBook series of new products, the heart and sincerely to build a strong quality for your campaign to provide permanent support for the sea!

Has been designed for the business elite and large enterprise customers to create the HP EliteBook its flagship business notebook are top quality cutting-edge technology and design to lead the prestigious high-end business notebook with a pioneer in the trend, helping users to be stimulated in the business, building and share the passion. Today, HP once again break through the self, the introduction of the HP EliteBook 8460p represented by a series of new products, new design concept will be given on products and improve product safety and reliability performance, build long-lasting exclusive experience, pilot high-end business world!

Rock dominate

Sturdy notebook, SONY VGP-BPS5A battery just as the firm is to the leaders. Only rock-solid quality laptop can only carry one in a million business leaders of tolerance. Just, strong, should not be as cold as you imagine, or rigid, but should not be dull gray sacrificing beauty. Strong, should be the beauty and power of dance in the contest; under the strong, but is inspired by the inner most powerful eruption.

Then, inspiration, come from? The past, the moment of inspiration from nature, a stunning sublimated by HP manufacturing process, the notebook gives Smart design. Now, starting from the essence of modern design, standing on the shoulders of giants Hewlett-Packard gains inspiration will come from the construction, aerospace technology and stylish digital convergence products and extract the essence of inspiration, to extract the HP's unique "Forging-FORGE" design language , from the elegant appearance, optimize the user experience, rich texture design, safety, durability several aspects, fusion of modern design and precision engineering, making HP's flagship business notebook as a permanent building, as designed not only for the environment, also take into account the characteristics of sophisticated technology, durable, perfect to enhance the strength of notebooks, truly enduring.

As the first use of "forged" design language series, TOSHIBA PA3400U-1BRL battery HP EliteBook series of new design concept for this was a perfect interpretation. HP EliteBook 8460p product is a new generation of enhanced HP DuraCase all-metal structure, the perfect appearance of solid structure; technology sophisticated precision alloy aluminum hinges and locks the display in full detail to ensure a reliable and durable notebook. In addition, HP Display Safe Screen protection structure and a new design of the back compartment for a full range of rugged laptops built structure. Meanwhile, the metal product surface coating of sparkling sand platinum shell, stable atmosphere highlight the distinguished taste. Strong as it can dominate the way with successful business leaders.

Experience highlights the value of exclusive

In order to meet business people and corporate users in the demand for business applications, HP EliteBook series of new power configuration, as always, will be the perfect combination of technology and innovation to bring you superior investment sincerely enjoy experience. As a series of key products, HP EliteBook 8460p to become an effective representative of security experience. In the era of efficiency, with multiple designs to exhaust every effort to ensure effective interconnection between you and the world. Two USB3.0 ports to speed data transfer becomes easy, and Connection Manager 4.0 Professional software is integrated on the WWAN, WLAN, LAN and Bluetooth Connection Manager, you manage connections to facilitate informed and dynamic. In addition, award-winning HP QuickWeb 3 technology is also integrated in the HP EliteBook 8460p, allowing you to shutdown the Internet to achieve 10 seconds, without waiting for the computer boots up, just touch dedicated key, to the instantaneous establish a secure Internet connection. Graphics card version can support two external monitors at the same time, greatly increasing employee productivity

Improve efficiency at the same time, LG LW65 SERIES battery HP also further enhance the product's safety. HP EliteBook 8460p with drainage holes selected wear splash-proof full-size keyboard, to ensure the safety and comfort applications anytime, anywhere; software, enhanced face recognition function, HP ProtectTools and other innovative technologies and businesses to make your information secure. Meanwhile, HP's "Gold" is also a choice for each HP EliteBook series of new users for the most intimate and thoughtful experience of exclusive services, ready to offer you the perfect professional support.

Sincerity, with the peak of your challenges; to Kennedy, went to a total of your journey. HP EliteBook series sincere heart to lead the new high-end business notebook into a new era of extreme strong!

About HP

Significant changes in science and technology HP people live, work, government and community to create new possibilities. As the world's largest technology companies, HP offers cloud-based computing and connectivity in the Background of the printers, personal computers, software, services and IT infrastructure for the Internet world to provide seamless, secure, situational awareness of the user experience.

HP's new 12-inch ProBook 4230s the publishing business SNB

The long-awaited Intel's Sandy Bridge platform, IBM THINKPAD X24 battery HP has finally released the ProBook family business. One 12-inch ProBook 4230s, a second generation smart i3/i5/i7 Core processor, Intel Core HD graphics card HD 3000, all-metal body building, weight 1.6kg. Supports 720p HD webcam and dual array digital microphones. And has SRS surround sound stereo speakers certification.

Appearance, HP ProBook 4230s follows the innovative design concept, from the material, perception, simplicity, experience, color, and six levels of environmental protection, starting for the HP ProBook 4230s to create a unique product appearance. Fashion metal gray highlight in the first owner of fashion personality, while drawing frosted material is low-key touch, revealing the user's elegant taste. Real materials to bring the special metal is not stop there, aluminum laptop case can bring a strong reinforced steel frame-like protection, anti-scratch aluminum oxide coating products are fully guaranteed housing antifouling wear characteristics, consisting of reinforced steel frame that products can be timeless.

Configuration, ProBook 4230s used the second generation Intel Core i7, i5, or i3 processors, support for 720p high-definition webcam and dual array digital microphones. Built-in state, 10 seconds off the HP QuickWeb Internet technology, Windows loads the state at the same time, early preview of MicroSoft Outlook calendar read-only summary of HP DayStarter function, and high-speed storage conversion products SD 3.0 interface. In addition, HP ProBook 4230s also has SRS surround sound stereo speakers sound quality certification.

Security, ProBook 4230s with HP 3D DriveGuard active protection and passive protection of the double disk protection. HP exclusive HP ProtectTools Device Access Manager, to effectively prevent the network, USB, optical drive, Bluetooth interface, such as unauthorized access and protect data security. HP's facial recognition technology and fingerprint sensors to the same application on the new HP facial recognition technology from the integrated Webcam can identify authorized users, and thus secure access to Windows and Web sites. Four-dimensional security settings, allowing HP notebook data more secure, caring exclusively for business people to build.