High-performance platform for small portable notebook recommended SNB

30/04/2011 20:45

High-performance platform for small portable notebook recommended SNB

With Intel's Sandy Bridge platform (hereinafter referred to as SNB platform) continue to notebook market, the market for consumer choice models are also growing up. The choice of each person is different, for many teenage boys is 20, a SNB platform gaming laptop is probably the most right for him. But for female users, office workers and business people who travel frequently, the small size of the SNB platform for notebook more convenient.

So, what kind of laptop can be considered small size it? For Chinese consumers, 14-inch size is the most mainstream notebook, laptop less than 14 inches can be called a small notebook. The most common is 13 inches, 12-inch notebook, they can be placed inside the bag lady, but also generally in the 2 kg less weight, easy to carry. In addition, the small size notebook can be equipped with standard voltage of the Sandy Bridge processor, performance does not depend on.

Recommended products: Lenovo Z370A-ITH (Amber Brown) Notebook

Lenovo Z370A-ITH (Amber Brown) notebook with amber brown roof, LG M1 EXPRESS DUAL battery three-dimensional crystal diamond surface using 3D technology, 7 layers of use of pyramid IMR shading film; golden brown with a purple version of the keyboard surface alloy, chocolate keyboard; keyboard top of an independent tuning the design area, integrated mute, adjust volume, a key audio and video enhancement features; machine has 3 USB2.0 interface (one of Esata and shared), Esata Combo, HDMI 1.4 interfaces, VGA interfaces, RJ45, the whole array of anti-noise microphone, headset jack supports stereo / audio output, multi-card reader; machine with 6-cell lithium-ion battery weighs 2.0 kg.

Lenovo Z370A-ITH (Amber Brown) notebook with Core i3-2310M processor, Intel HM65 motherboard chipset, integrated Intel Core HD 3000 graphics card; the same time, you can switch to a 1G DDR3 dedicated graphics memory, support for 3D TV out of the NVIDIA GeForce G 410M graphics card; with 2GB DDR3 memory, 500G hard drive, Super DVD burner; 13.3-inch LED-backlit screen, support the recognition of the high-sensitive camera, SRS surround sound, two 1.5-watt professional-grade sound, anti-noise microphone; in Home 802.11bgn wireless LAN card, 100M adaptive Ethernet network card; pre-installed Windows 7 Home Basic 64-bit operating system.

Recommended products: Hewlett-Packard HP ProBook 4230s Notebook

In appearance, the HP notebook HP ProBook 4230s metal wire drawing process, sleek metallic edge and the combination of tough, natural appearance. 12-inch screen size, 1366 × 768 resolution, touch pad keyboard, larger space between the buttons easy to misuse.

In the configuration, HP HP ProBook 4230s notebook equipped with Intel Core i3-2310M processor, clocked at about 2.1GHz, 32-nanometer process technology, with three 3MB cache, Intel Core HD 3000 graphics card, 2GB memory capacity, the largest hard drive for the 500GB, DVD SuperMulti double-layer burning and burning support, built-in Windows 7 Home Basic (Home Basic Edition) operating system.

Recommended products: Dell Vostro 3350 Notebook DELL INSPIRON 1464 battery

Appearance, the Dell Vostro 3350 with silver and black body with, though common in business in this color scheme, but the whole does not feel like a traditional notebook computer business, because in the fuselage the edge of the transition zone, Vostro 3350 more than the use of a large arc at right angles or small curvature of the design pattern, which gives a more rounded, more active overall feeling, highlighting both its consumer and commercial features.

Meanwhile, the main type C face are mainly black, in the border part of the touchpad and keyboard, the right to join a shiny metallic material of the zoning and decoration, as a whole looks fairly calm, adhering to consistent business notebook features. In addition, the Dell Vostro 3350 is also equipped with two USB 3.0 interface that allows data transmission more quickly.

In the configuration, the Dell Vostro 3350 notebook uses Intel Core i5-2410M processor, Intel HM65 motherboard chipset, integrated Intel graphics card HD 3000 Core; with 4GB DDR3 RAM, 320GB 7200 rpm hard drive, DVD burner; Intel Centrino Wireless-N 1030 module, Bluetooth module v3.0 + HS; pre-installed Windows 7 Home Basic 32-bit.

Recommended products: Acer laptop Timeline 3830TG ACER BTP-37D1 battery

Notebook Acer Timeline 3830TG of ice blue metal body, the use of the smooth roof paint treatment; cover and palm rest have adopted the blue design, the keyboard frame is silver; In addition, we are still in the top of the front-end see Signal Up identification, it also marks the Acer Aspire 4830TG has a unique signal to strengthen techniques; body with angular edges, sunken screen axis, circular screen axis slice, chocolate keyboard design; in interface configuration side, this machine has a pair of fuselage on the right audio interface, a USB 2.0 interface and power connector. The left side of the fuselage has a network cable port, VGA interfaces, HDMI interface, a USB 2.0 interface and a USB3.0 interface; fuselage front lights with battery power detection and multi-card reader. The average thickness of the models between 26-29 mm and weighs only 1.89 kg.

Acer Timeline 3830TG notebook with Core i5-2410M processor, Intel HM65 motherboard chip, integrated Intel graphics card HD 3000 Core; with 2GB DDR3 1333MHz memory, 500GB hard drive; 1GB DDR3 video memory NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M graphics card; 13.3-inch LED backlit screen, top of the screen also integrates 30 million pixel camera; 802.11b/g/n wireless LAN module, Bluetooth 3.0 module; pre-installed Windows 7 Home Basic (Home Basic Edition) operating system.

Recommended products: Sony VPCSD18EC / B (black) notebook

Appearance, SONY VAIO VGN-FZ21M battery Sony VPCSD18EC / B (black) colors are mainly black notebook as a whole, a very strong business atmosphere. It uses the aluminum roof material, very smooth, mirror-like general; VAIO LOGO still embedded in the middle of the light shining metal; however, use the edge of the transition is Sony's unique "Hexagon shell edge" design, sleek curve was tough line to allow the body looks quite solid and steady, adding a lot of masculinity. This model with the still very favorite 13.3-inch Sony LCD screen, the best resolution of 1366 × 768; chocolate keyboard has become a symbol of Sony, backlight can greatly facilitate the introduction of the user at night use. Aluminum body panels with the palmrest keyboard showing a unique texture, while also allowing a more robust body. As a special shaft design, the main interface of this product are located in the fuselage on the right, just set up a drive on the left, hidden in the shaft of the outlet, the heat will not blow hot air causing inconvenience to users.

Configuration, Sony VPCSD18EC / B (black) notebook SNB has been upgraded to the Intel platform, equipped with Intel Core i5-2410M processor, clocked at 2.3GHz, you can upgrade through the Turbo Boost to 2.9GHz; standard 2G memory 320GB hard drive, built-in DVD burner; it is also equipped with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 6470 graphics card with 512MB video memory; integrated Gigabit Ethernet card, Bluetooth modules, 2 USB 2.0,1 a USB 3.0 interfaces; Windows 7 Home Basic (Home Basic Edition) operating system.

Recommended products: Apple MacBook Pro (MC700CH / A) Notebook

Appearance, Apple MacBook Pro (MC700CH / A) Notebook Apple has consistently maintained the overall shape of the minimalist style, precision molding technology allows one body strong, lightweight. Cover and palmrest surfaces are dealing with a matte, with a delicate touch. Apple Logo in the big central eye-catching cover, and power will be distributed soft white light, filling the elegant temperament. It adopts the screen frame design, seamless glass screen and slim body; 13.3-inch LED-backlit wide viewing angle LCD screen and higher color gamut, the best resolution of 1280 × 800; top of the screen to "hide" a gold FaceTime HD camera, can be achieved through software and the iPhone and iPod Touch and other devices and high-definition video calls. Keyboard design for the classic chocolate, and it has a backlight, the light is insufficient ambient light sensor can automatically turn on backlight, very user-friendly; it does not touch pad buttons, a very large area, through a variety of gestures many thoughtful features to achieve with it and even forget the existence of the mouse.

Configuration, the Apple MacBook Pro (MC700CH / A) Notebook Sandy Bridge is equipped with the latest Intel Core i5-2410M platform processor, clocked at 2.3GHz, with Turbo Boost Technology and Hyper-Threading technology with 3MB Smart Cache; treatment The internal integration of the new Intel Core HD Graphics 3000 graphics card, its performance has been with the current entry-level graphics card to compete. It also comes standard with a 4GB DDR3 1333MHz RAM, 320GB hard drive, built-in slot-loading DVD burner; integrated Gigabit Ethernet card, Bluetooth module, SDXC slot, wireless card that supports 802.11b/g/n wireless protocol; Built-in lithium-ion battery, pre-installed Mac OS X Snow Leopard (Snow Leopard) operating system.