Eight years at Hewlett-Packard moved to help with the Operation Everest 2011

23/04/2011 17:18

Eight years at Hewlett-Packard moved to help with the Operation Everest 2011

April 22, 2011, a time when the 42nd "Earth Day", "the third pole of the earth Mount Everest 2011 Campaign" launched in Beijing. As the first plateau region of China-specific, set environmental protection, educational assistance, technology and people's livelihood in one of the long-term comprehensive project, "Operation Everest third pole of the earth" This year will be the first 8 years on the Tibetan Plateau to sustainable to provide effective development assistance.

"Third Pole of the Earth 2011, Operation Everest," the Tibet Autonomous Region by the Chinese Communist Youth League Committee, the Tibet Autonomous Region People's Republic of Science and Technology Association, Beijing Orvis Century Culture Media Co., Ltd. jointly organized by the Ministry of Environmental Protection also Publicity and Education, National Nature Reserve of Mount Everest Tibet Autonomous Region, the strong support of Hewlett-Packard, DuPont, and other famous enterprises continue to invest and actively participate in community volunteer activities for a sustained development.

"Third Pole of the Earth 2011, HP OMNIBOOK XE2-DD SERIES battery Operation Everest" will continue to plateau of the environment, technology, education, medical care, the development of effective solutions, relying on the collective efforts of community volunteers, to build the first long-term Everest fixed "love first-aid station" for the Everest Authority to establish "environmental monitoring data processing center," and start "technology caravan" in the Tibet movement launched local district science propaganda.

Group, HP China, beginning in 2004 for 8 years to support "Operation Everest." As the world pioneer and leader in IT technology, HP is committed to using information technology tools to promote environmental protection Mount Everest and the plateau region of China, education, health care and other aspects of sustainable development, so influential in China good corporate citizen, as the "Mount Everest action "played a remarkable role in rapid development. This year, HP uphold the "you and me that the world" concept of brand strategy, using its strong technological advantages and superior product performance, giving Everest environmental protection, education, medical care three plates full support: HP high-performance product solutions for the "Pearl Peak Environmental Monitoring Authority Digital Processing Center "to provide efficient and convenient means of high-tech jobs; HP is committed to providing comprehensive education for young people to help, to Lhasa, the first autonomous region established center for young people to establish a" peak HP dream of space science, " HP aims to efficient technologies and products for young people in Tibet to provide an interconnected world science space; also equipped with advanced medical solutions, HP's "Mount Everest base camp aid station of love", but the global mountain-loving tourist guardian of persons and the staff of nearby Everest first aid treatment and medical check-ups as possible.

Adhering to the volunteer spirit, COMPAQ ARMADA V300 SERIES battery "the third pole of the Earth 2011, Operation Everest," the whole of society to recruit volunteers, and hopes to influence the activities of the community together to build up a good platform for volunteers to call for more volunteers participation, Operation Everest common concern so as to drive a wider range of social forces to jointly promote the sustainable development of the plateau.

Toshiba will be available in July the naked eye the world's first 3D notebook

Toshiba announced in Japan, the world's first 3D notebook naked eye, the model dynabook Qosmio T851/D8CR. The laptop can also play on the screen 3D and 2D content, is expected to go on sale in late July of this year.

dynabook Qosmio T851/D8CR Toshiba notebook uses a unique 3D Window technology, a different window on the screen achieve 3D and 2D content displayed simultaneously. Users will not need to wear glasses to watch 3D quality images, or 3D games. 3D content for display at the same time, users can e-mail in another window and web browser operation.

dynabook Qosmio T851/D8CR notebook also features real-time 3D 2D transfer function, the 2D content into 3D to display.

dynabook Qosmio T851/D8CR notebook uses a 15.6-inch screen, with Core i5-2410M 2.3Ghz frequency processor, graphics card equipped with NVIDIA GeForce GT540M. With 8GB of memory and 750GB hard drive.

Toshiba flat-panel and include massive new release of this game

April 22, 2011, Toshiba, The Place in Beijing, held under the canopy of the "new Toshiba computer conference in 2011. In this conference, Toshiba introduced a series of distinctive new notebooks, including a perfect 14 -inch notebook computer Satellite R800, the latest Tablet PC AT 100, two-color Internet NB500, the new Satellite P700 gaming notebook and include 13,14,15 inch Satellite L Series and the Satellite C600 Colorful Colorful series.

In this conference, ASUS A42-A2 battery the Toshiba Computer launched a grand new notebook in 2011, also announced with Intel and this year's blockbuster products, Tencent game "QQ Xian Xia Biography" joined forces to seek win-win cooperation objectives for the following Toshiba "to tide Carnival" activities started, carnival activities will be open to the public at 23-24, participating friends can not only enjoy the full range of Toshiba's new notebook computers, while experience of the second generation of Intel Core processing Core graphics devices and new technologies

Toshiba Computer Networks (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Managing Director, Mr. Mao Dongfu between the wind and the Intel China Ltd., general manager of global customer sales Guo Jingshen strategic cooperation between the two sides made a statement and vision. As a leading world economic growth, one of the countries, the Chinese more and more world attention to the Toshiba computer in China's development has also been scrutiny, Toshiba Computer Networks (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Mr. Tian Cheng on the Toshiba computer on the market in China Strategy and the scene of the media, guests were sharing, I believe under the guidance of a clear market positioning, Toshiba will be more united, to provide customers with more and better services.

In this conference, ACER ASPIRE 5532 battery Toshiba introduced new varieties, Satellite R800 shell of high strength plastic material, the application of a new air cooling technology, to achieve a 1.99Kg weight, the perfect all-in model design. Android was first introduced as a Tablet PC manufacturers, this conference brings the latest Tablet PC AT 100, the higher the hardware configuration will give the user a more streamlined application experience, can change the color of life will be colorful shell in the end. In addition,, the new Satellite P700 gaming notebook with a second-generation dual-core processor Core i5 and NVIDIA graphics card, with Harman Kardon speaker system, and create a strong one in the leading audio-visual notebook. Colorful same appearance Satellite L Series, the new colored shell from the past a single color image, with optional full-size 13,14,15, equipped with Intel's new processor, so that the spirit of work and play time times. The new 10-inch color Internet access over the same period of the NB500 has dazzling debut, "Sunshine Orange", "mocha brown" Yang Bin of two new colors and a soft sand shell, so you have a light portable Smart Internet life; finally, Colorful new Satellite C600 Series, with four color cover, so this cost-effective product line and have more color options.

From content to product combination is a new technology trend of user experience-oriented era, in the exciting and compelling explanation of product links after the catwalk models, Toshiba computers, Intel's leadership and "QQ Xian Xia Biography" co-producer of the stage Fill the wine labeled "WIN" the word ice, declared that "Toshiba to tide Carnival" campaign officially started, and wished this cooperation to achieve win-win situation. "Toshiba computers to tide Carnival" officially opened in Beijing, people will be served warm and the IT trend of the three-day feast, to demonstrate to customers the perfect technology and avant-garde of fashion sense. Toshiba notebook computers will continue to uphold the fine quality and advanced technology, and by combining the strengths and forge a better future.

Toshiba Computer Networks (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a Toshiba Corporation, Toshiba (China) Co., Ltd. of Japan funded the establishment of wholly owned enterprises. Mainly engaged in notebook computers and associated products, sales and after-sales service and logistics support. Company promises to provide China with high-performance, high-quality notebook computer to help and promote the field of mobile computing such as China in terms of development. As the world's first laptop computer creator, Toshiba's products and its first ideas and superb technical strength, widely praised by customers around the world.