Crazy market! Eight second-generation Core Duo Notebook shopping guide

22/03/2011 12:59

Crazy market! Eight second-generation Core Duo Notebook shopping guide

Recently, we browse the laptop up to see when you press the message is a certain brand launched new SNB platform, about a particular officially on sale. It can be seen, SNB platform for mainstream notebook computers gradually mounted the stage, with the increasing number of products, replacing the previous generation is only a matter of time, though, the current notebook market in the sale of the SNB small, in order to meet the purchase of a new generation Core consumer demand for notebook platforms, we recommend several of the SNB has been added to our notebook.

That "sturdy little y", DELL INSPIRON 1150 Battery I believe that many students learn more about friends than I, because in the group of students, the performance of good cheap Lenovo Y series really made a lot of ordinary consumers to enjoy the pleasure of high-performance gaming the . SNB platform with the release of Intel, the small y has officially entered a new era.

The introduction of this Y460P (online shopping lowest 4699.0 yuan)-ISE is equipped with Intel Core i7-2630QM processor (2.0GHz frequency), Intel HM65 chipset, 2GB DDR3 RAM, 750GB 5400 rpm hard drive, DVD burner, and AMD Radeon HD6550M graphics card.

Lenovo IdeaPad Y460P-ISE cover part of the metal material used to build, combined with the popular polished metal wire drawing process, the body size of 340 × 235 × 32.8mm, the body weight of 2.2kg. It used to be filtered ads 1366 × 768 pixel 14-inch LCD screen, clear and sharp, to provide users with high-quality visual experience.
Interface: The model is equipped with three USB 2.0 interface, an eSATA / USB 2.0 hybrid interface, HDMI Interface, VGA port, RJ-45 port, 1 headphone and microphone jack card reader slot, sufficient practical interface provides the user with convenience.

Network, the model built-in Gigabit Ethernet and 802.11b/g/n wireless LAN, and Bluetooth wireless transmission module. HP PAVILION ZD8112 Battery Life, the model comes standard with six-cell lithium battery, life time of 3 hours and 30 minutes.

2011 notebook computer market is the most compelling new platform for the release of Sandy Bridge, various manufacturers have introduced new products corresponding to occupy the front pages of major media, recently, the Shenzhou series of elegant A560P Adds new family, the use of i3-2310M processor, elegant A560P-i3 fully arrive. Price than other brands with models in the design, performance and experience on both a qualitative leap.
Configuration, the Shenzhou elegant A560P-i3 uses second-generation Intel Core i3-2310M, Intel HM65 Express chipset, 15.6-inch LED widescreen (1366 * 768), 2G DDR3 memory, 320G SATA hard drive, NVIDIA GT540M 1G DDR3 graphics card, DVDRW CD-ROM drive, built-in 802.11B/G/N wireless card, and built-in 130W pixel camera, 6-cell lithium battery.

In addition, ASUS A3000 Battery the Shenzhou elegant A560P-i3 is also close to the game with separate numeric keypad with full-size keyboard, so that the input is more comfortable and smooth, subtle handling of the palm rest bump texture also has a comfortable non-slip handle, so the player more convenient operation easy. The built-in high-quality 130W pixel Web camera, to capture every moment of the exciting, with dual-microphone array, a more complete network video voice applications.

Appearance, with 15.6-inch widescreen LED, narrow frame design of the Shenzhou-tough style of elegant A560P-i3, joined the HP Imprint printing technology, in terms of wear resistance to scratches extremely well, with the rounded corner cutting around the design to give users feel more superior. A sunken face shaft design makes sense but also has a complete solid solid, perfect show visual angle 0-150 degrees of freedom, the bottom of the sloping design also makes this 15.6-inch Big sensory slimmer.

SNB-based notebooks with the flourishing of which must be the most attractive Tongfang a fervent new Iron Man Fengrui K41H, and this nickname for the "steel class" strengthening the configuration of the latest Intel processor platform, SNB i3-2310M, and 2GB independent NV GT525M flagship graphics card.

Stylish sturdy all-metal body, ACER ASPIRE 1355 Battery and a variety of human design. Iron Man Fengrui K41H first integrated package with a modular technology, 14.1-inch ultra-thin LED backlit screen bright and clean environment for notebook cover directly in the package, the thinnest of only 3.6mm, compared with those in products, this structure is more compact and rugged, perfect to prevent the embarrassment of the screen into the ashes, to solve the most common problem on the computer, and solid scratch-resistant, clean appearance. Benefit from this packaging technology, the whole thickness was controlled at a 31mm (the thickest), well above the general level of the industry 33 ~ 35mm, which makes the appearance of more light dexterity.

Strengthen the screen shaft and metal shaft with the side cover is Iron Man one of Fengrui K41H thoughtful design, the screen shaft entirely sunken all-steel structure, able to solve many problems laptop screen axis, so that the use of more easily, taking into account the texture and beauty. Hardware specifically designed for the strengthening of the strong heat sink, with large sunken quiet exhaust systems and large-size fan, without affecting the whole premise of beautiful, very good to improve thermal performance, while the user quiet environment, allowing you to experience the game into more sober focus on the process.

Iron Man Tongfang Fengrui K41H computer uses the latest Intel platform for high-end mainstream processors Sandy bridge i3-2310M, speeds up to 2.1GHz, provides users with enhanced performance, in addition, the platform integrated high definition graphics, supports many high-definition video capabilities, such as high speed video synchronization technology and InTru? 3D cinema technology.

Iron Man Tongfang Fengrui K41H computer using NVIDIA GT525M flagship graphics card, dedicated graphics memory up to 2GB, far beyond the specifications of similar products, compared to the old 1GB memory version G310M, GT525M performance of the explosive increase in the authority The 3DMark Vantage, the Iron Man Fengrui K41H score card reached 15,485, the overall score is as high as 13,472, far beyond the previous generation products, but also easily to existing similar laptop behind them, Iron Man will be to give players Fengrui K41H more powerful performance experience.

Iron Man Tongfang Computer Fengrui K41H also able to achieve discrete graphics and integrated graphics automatically switching applications, high-end gaming graphics card is automatically enabled to ensure smooth game screen; office automatically starts Intel Core Graphics, to achieve long-term standby time , allows users high performance and long battery can be an effective balance between the time.

Intralox 2011 Sandy Bridge released a new generation platform, DELL INSPIRON 5150 Battery the major notebook manufacturers have introduced a series of products equipped with a new platform. Shenzhou also introduced a new generation of computer platforms Core Sandy Bridge i Series notebooks, with the price compared to other brands models in the design, performance and experience on both a qualitative leap. This fine shield K480A-i5 using the new brushed aluminum alloy metal casing carefully built, equipped with powerful Intel dual-core i5 Smart Core 2.3G processor 2410M, HM65 Express Chipset, HD3000 high-definition graphics and so intelligent, so that overall performance is more powerful.

Configuration, and its i5 equipped with Intel Core Duo dual-core 2410M processor, Intel HM65 chipset, 2G DDR3-1333 memory, 500G SATA hard disk, Ietel HD3000 graphics, DVDRW burner, Intel wifi link wireless card, built-in 130W pixel camera, magnificent 14-inch LED widescreen.

Interface, fine shield K480A-i5 provides a VGA port, an HDMI interface, a eSATA/USB2/0 mixed interface, two USB 2.0 ports, an RJ-45 interface and one card reader slot. Machine size is 340x237x26 ~ 36.3mm, weighs 2.5kg (with 6 cell battery).

In addition, the shield K480A-i5 also fine with the 500G DVDRW mass storage devices and recording equipment, and complete the expansion of the interface to make it in the office, home, entertainment, to meet the various needs of different consumer groups, build smart and efficient platform for mobile computers ; support multi-touch trackpad makes the operation becomes fun instead of the mouse a lot, very suitable for students friends and the need to deal with daily work and life affairs office crowd.

ASUS N53XI263SV-SL is the brand for high-end consumer groups launched a notebook computer, exquisite design, the internal configuration of strong products at reasonable prices, ideal for watching movies like to use laptop computers, gaming consumers.
ASUS N53XI263SV-SL notebooks with Intel Core i7 2630QM processor (2.000GHz GHz / 6MB Cache III / DMI bus), Intel HM55 chipset, 4GB memory, 500GB hard drive, NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M graphics card + integrated Intel HD Graphics Family integrated graphics and a resolution of 1366 × 768 15.6-inch screen.

Interface, Asus N53XI263SV-SL notebook is equipped with a USB3.0 port, 2 USB2.0, 1 USB / eSATA Dual Interface, 1 VGA, 1 HDMI, RJ45 network cable port, 1 audio output / microphone input port and 5 in 1 card reader and so on. Network, the ASUS notebook provides N53XI263SV-SL 1000M Ethernet wired LAN, 802.11b/g/n (300Mbps) wireless card. Body size is 391 × 266 × 39mm, body weight (with battery) is 2.710 kg, the official nominal life time is about 2-3 hours, depending on the specific time to use environment.

Recently, Acer's new platform with Sandy Bridge will be fully Aspire 4750G models on sale. In addition to the new platform, processor, Acer is also exclusively equipped with NVIDIA's new GT 540M graphics card. In addition, USB 3.0, Bluetooth 3.0, headphone and other functions as well as composite applications exclusive use, the Acer market-leading performance.

In the core configuration, Aspire 4750G uses the latest 2nd generation of Intel Core i7-2630QM cool quad-core processor, speeds up to 2.0GHz, up through the Turbo Boost Technology 2.9GHz. More importantly, the new CPU with a 32nm manufacturing process, the primary GPU integrated graphics core, adding new video encoding / decoding, support for Turbo 2.0 and other new features, making the performance of CPU and integrated graphics have been improved significantly, while further reduce power consumption and heat.

Other aspects of the Acer Aspire 4750G is equipped with high-speed 2GB DDR3 memory, 750GB high-capacity hard drive, fully ensure the needs of everyday applications; and 1.3 million pixel high-sensitivity camera, 1366 x 768 resolution LED-backlit 14-inch HD Li Mirror widescreen and advanced audio technology Dolby PC (Dolby Advanced Audio), have become highlights of the product lies.

Interfaces 4750G in the left set up two USB 2.0 ports, a VGA port, an HDMI interface, a Gigabit Ethernet interface and power interface; right side to compare the color: In addition to DVD burner in addition, 4750G the books in this also established a unique hybrid headset / microphone interface and USB 3.0 interfaces.

Qosmio X500 notebook is a Toshiba in January 2011 the official launch of a main high-end home audio and video entertainment market new products. As a veteran's veteran series notebook manufacturers in the latest models, from the Qosmio X500's design point of view, can feel out of this product is a master of make, the combination of Toshiba engineers efforts. The overall design inspiration and color selection from space, coupled with deep mysterious black metal flowing warm red color elements with this classic created Qosmio X500 "Titans universe," the domineering title.

Qosmio X500 notebook uses the latest second-generation Intel Core i7-2630QM intelligent processor, comes standard with 4GB of memory and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460M top-level graphics card, plus professional-quality notebook Harman Kardon speakers, built out of a flagship home entertainment platform.

Toshiba Qosmio X500 notebook uses Intel Core i7 2630QM IIntel processor (2GHz GHz / 6MB Cache III / DMI bus), 4GB memory, 500GB hard drive, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460M alone significantly integrated Intel HD Graphics Family, and a resolution of 1920 × 1080 18.4-inch display.

Interfaces, the Toshiba Qosmio X500 notebook is equipped with an Express card slot, a VGA port, 1 HDMI-CEC port, a multimedia card slot, a USB2.0/eSATA combo interface, 3 USB2.0 interface, a RJ45 interface, a microphone port, a headphone jack.
Network, the Toshiba Portege R700-02B notebook provides the 1000M Ethernet, 802.11b/g/n (300Mbps) wireless card. The notebook's body size is about 442.6x 294.2x 41.5/46.5mm, body weight (with battery) 4.7 kg.

As previously hot's "tough 7 Brother" successor, the application of the latest platform for the new 7 Sandy Bridge brother considerable many surprises, the most dazzling performance in the game than its full breakthrough. Application of the i3-2310 Intel sandy bridge the new mobile platform processor 7 Columbia, than the first generation of products to directly improve performance as much as 22%. And up to 2GB of video memory ATI Mobility Radeon HD 6730M 2G DDR3 memory, high-end graphics cards in conjunction with, be regarded as models in the same grade unrivaled king of gaming performance.

In the "New 7 Brother" run on "Need for Speed ??14", "Far Cry II" and other games very smooth. Unique spiritual appearance of skin texture textured textures, "tiptronic" smart card switch, and the exclusive "i-Clear Run-eye mode" to student-based group of young people provides a comfortable and unique innovative design of human .

In addition, high-performance notebook cooling is important, but also a new 7 Columbia this product one of the features have to say. Haier is this product for all the copper heat sink, and replace the traditional single-double brass cooling tubes, to ensure the efficient can have a powerful new performance 7 Columbia same time, so the new 7 brother also in the light The current full-featured 14-inch to the limits of the indicators - 31.9mm thick, 2.2kg weight.

Appearance, the new 7 with a new generation of skin texture Columbia material, material comfort, with the skin, it is also highly resistant, anti-fingerprint properties. Dynamic orange, champagne gold and other variety of highly personalized choice of fashion colors.

For a main mid-market notebooks, the new 7, the performance of the powerful brother of the game is very eye-catching. Especially for student users, it's smooth performance and moderate price can be described as tailored. In addition, the appearance of human design industry is worth one. Skin Texture fine, champagne gold color is also very engaging.