ASUS EeePad the board the impact of a new pattern of flat-panel market

05/04/2011 14:42

ASUS EeePad the board the impact of a new pattern of flat-panel market

Tablet PC is undoubtedly present the most popular digital products, and since Apple iPad great success, the major IT brands entry into the tablet market, unprecedented enthusiasm. Only at the beginning of CES, there Blackberry, Samsung and other well-known appearance of the dozens of brand new Tablet PC. In China, Lenovo and other companies have launched new products, the desire to learn a piece. Recently, ASUS launched in mid-April announced its first Tablet PC - EeePad TF101, will set off another round of competitive frenzy. In this period of high Tablet PC, you have to "touch" Whose?

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In fact, for consumers, Tablet PC choose, not just select the brand, and it is important to choose the operating system. Flat of 2011, is to start the system of three World War II system supplier of the year, Apple's iOS system, Microsoft's Windows 7 system, and Google's Android system will be in 2011 on the Tablet PC market, fierce competition. IOS which is a relatively closed, proprietary operating systems Apple does not have the universal and, therefore iOS although the current high market share in the siege of other vendors, its market share will gradually decline. And Windows 7 is not a built specifically for the Tablet PC operating system and Microsoft has also revealed that before the release of the Windows 8, Microsoft will not release tablet machine optimized for Windows version, that is, Windows 7 not destined to a for Tablet PC operating system. Android system by its openness, breadth and convenience has become the biggest rival iOS. The launch of Asus EeePad TF101 using the latest Android 3.0 system. Plate before Android simply "mobile phone Enlarge Edition", or just do a small amount of optimization, and Google Android 3.0 is great for flat screen and do a new design, interface, desktop widget and other details have done a lot of improvements, it will be for some time, the mainstream Tablet PC operating system.

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Closure of iOS determine its inconvenience, the program need to use ITUNES to download (only authorize 5 computers), do not have the SD card slot, which in the course of the user a lot of inconvenience caused, but Android system is completely Support user-defined changes. Android system in terms of the openness of the consumer, the biggest benefit is the rich software resources. Meanwhile, Android 3.0 system equipped with ASUS EeePad TF101 also has eMMC SSD + Micro SD + ASUS WebStorage a variety of network hard disk storage, Docking built-in USB interface and SD card slot, fully meet the customer needs a strong text editor, - and become a transit point for mobile users. Another Android 3.0 interface used in many 3D effects, more beautiful than iOS, do not they strive in a practical degree. ASUS EeePad TF101 Android operating system comes with customized specifically for the physical keyboard, more user-friendly to use.

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Tablet PC also crucial point is battery life. IPad iOS system with the normal use of the longest life time is 10 hours; Android 2.2 system based on music associations in working condition Pad is 8 hours of battery life. Android 3.0 system using the ASUS EeePad TF101 features a light sensor can adjust the screen brightness according to light intensity, the NVIDIA Tegra 2 chip can reach more energy, more efficient, so that it can work in the normal state has up to 16 long hours of standby time.

Once upon a time, the industry has questioned whether there would be shaken Apple iPad tablet PC market dominance in the products appear. To some extent, this concern is reasonable, after all, from iOS 4 and the Comparing the Android 2.2, Apple software is more innovative and more beautiful through design innovations to provide users with more experience. However, Android 3.0 system not only shows that Google attaches great importance to software design, and indeed launched a well-designed software. This time, ASUS EeePad perfect interpretation of the Android 3.0 system, its superior performance will certainly impact the monopoly iPad, Tablet PC market is also possible from this into a new era of lively debate.

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Apple has finally listed the new MACBOOK PRO, today leave you with this MC700CH / A is a mainstream 13.3-inch notebook, with durable Unibody unibody, Multi-Touch trackpad, energy-efficient design, all New Macbook Pro looks beautiful, wonderful with them. I5 is also equipped with a new processor, Thunderbolt FaceTime HD camera technology and the MacBook Pro, with more innovations.

MacBook Pro crafted from a single block of aluminum, with a part of this groundbreaking technology to replace a number of components. It is called Unibody unibody. First picked up the MacBook Pro, you will feel the difference. The body than other laptops thinner and lighter, the appearance of fine, elegant. Feel more solid and durable enough to cope with bumps shaking inside and outside your backpack. Apple designers and engineers have done everything, there are reasons. They select the LED-backlit MacBook Pro technology, because it can instantly light up display, it looks extremely slim. They used the edge to the outer edge of the glass, not only because of its so pleasing in appearance, but also because it can increase the structural support for the display. In the top of the screen, hiding the new built-in FaceTime HD camera. This way, you can see the beautiful wide-screen friends and family, but almost not notice the tiny camera. Multi-Touch trackpad is also the key. This gives you more room to track and click: up, down, left, right, and any other place. Apple designers and engineers spent a lot of time to consider such as the touch sensitivity (how much pressure the trigger point for-performance?), Voice response (click sound how?), And the number of smooth glass surface of the friction force (touch what?) the type of problems, and finally make you and fingers to create a touchpad like. Connector on the MacBook Pro and port: MagSafe Power, Gigabit Ethernet, Thunderbolt, USB, SDXC and audio input / output interface, are cleverly integrated into the same side of the notebook. This allows you to keep clean and tidy cable, so connecting and disconnecting devices easier and convenient.

13-inch MacBook Pro are now equipped with 2.3GHz Intel Core i5 processor. The Turbo Boost Turbo processor speeds up to 3.4GHz, the 13 in. MacBook Pro running speed can reach 2 times the previous generations. Intel HD Graphics 3000 integrated graphics processor is fitted to all MacBook Pro models, used to perform your daily tasks. It can quickly encode video, so FaceTime HD video calls possible. It can also be efficient decoding, so you have more time to play the DVD and iTunes video. Thunderbolt is a new launch, Apple laptops equipped with the fastest and most versatile I / O transmission technology. Imagine your laptop from access to multiple uncompressed HD video transport stream, fast enough to make you a real-time HD editing feature. Thunderbolt is one such technology to a new generation of high-performance peripherals and next-generation computer (the MacBook Pro started) connected together. Thunderbolt super-fast transmission line, super flexible, up to 12 times faster than FireWire800, up to 20 times faster than USB2.0, but also brought an unprecedented expansion of performance. You can do with a laptop, from very different. By Thunderbolt port, you can connect a variety of new Thunderbolt peripherals, plug and play, connect Apple LED Cinema Display Mini DisplayPort, and other peripherals also mention. You can cascade up to six devices, including monitors. Because the system supports video and 8 channel audio, so you can use the existing HDMI adapter to easily connect the TV and home audio, and other HDMI-compatible equipment. Also supports the existing VGA, DVI and DisplayPort converters.

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MC700CH / A is a use of new mobile platforms and processors INTEL products, the perfect industrial design, powerful performance, the external interface of the rich, will take over the mantle of MC374, so Apple's tide to more severe it!