Apple land encountered householders: $ 1,700,000 6000 U.S. dollars to buy a house

15/03/2011 08:31

Apple land encountered householders: $ 1,700,000 6000 U.S. dollars to buy a house

Recently, according to U.S. media reports, Apple's thunder Masamori Madden SONY VGP-BPL9 battery areas in North Carolina to build a data center experience in the process of land acquisition, "nail house", for which they hesitate to spend $ 1,700,000 (approximately RMB 1133 million) original price of only $ 6,000 to buy a house.

Apple requests "nail house" offer

Become a millionaire overnight, Danny and his wife Kathy recently became a focus of media attention. Their "riches" from Apple's "generous." According to U.S. media reports, Apple took a fancy to Madden, North Carolina area, ready to invest 10 billion U.S. dollars in the local establishment of a data center to improve the iPod, iPhone and iPad products. And Danny and Kathy couple old houses are built in this address data center planning, so land acquisition has become the biggest obstacle to construction of troubled Apple.

Adhere to when the "nail house," Danny and his wife Kathy Apple eventually served under the soft-money campaign. Recently, the 62-year-old Casey sitting on the sofa, luxury home visiting through the media about the demolition. Casey said that the original Apple bid is not high, then several times their price increases have been rejected. Finally, the resort three Apple executives have visited, the request Danny and his wife Kathy own offer. "They told us the best offer, we did, finally agreed to $ 1,700,000 deal."

Casey also said their old house and yard, bought 34 years ago only cost $ 6,000 when the house is only one layer, but the entire courtyard area of 1 hectare. $ 1,700,000 to get compensation, the Danny and his wife Kathy bought 49 hectares of land, built their own farm, there is also a pond. This building a new 2-storey house, 400 square meters, luxurious interior, even the tub with a massage function.

U.S. IT companies "get together" small town

Madden is one of only 3,200 residents of the town, in order to attract Apple to enter, North Carolina, Parliament has passed tax cut bill for $ 46,000,000, Madden local governments also agreed to Apple's property taxes Dell Inspiron 8000 Battery by half, the apple employee's personal income tax reduced by 85%.

Analysts believe that Apple's approach is for the Google company came. Madden because Google has set up a research and development base, there are currently 50 people working in it. Apple promised a government town of Madden, who will bring thousands of local jobs.

Currently, the U.S. high-tech enterprises and Internet businesses set up companies in the small town became a trend. Including Microsoft, Facebook and Twitter and other companies, including well-known companies are settled in the town. They said the data and information center built in town, to attract more cheap labor, the use of cheaper electricity, have a broader space for development.

Twitter founder says goal is to win 10 million users

October 12 night, according to foreign media reports, the micro-blog @ Twitter co-founder Evan Williams (Evan Williams) said on Monday, as the world's third largest social networking platform, Twitter's goal is to win 10 million users, thus compete with Facebook more advertisers.

When asked about the number of Twitter users goals, Williams said: "Twitter will win 10 million users." But Williams did not give a specific timetable.

April this year, Twitter launched an advertising platform "message to promote" (Promoted Tweets), allowing advertisers to pay in the form of their Twitter messages listed in the front position of the user search. Twitter large well-known companies with more than 30 cooperation agreements signed by the advertising, to test the service, including Coca-Cola, Starbucks and Virgin American Airlines (Virgin America) and so on.

Twitter said last month that because advertising is more successful testing Dell Inspiron 8000 Battery services, will be more advertisers to provide the service. Rapid growth of the number of users, Twitter and Facebook and other social networking sites have begun testing the waters advertising services to further expand revenue.

Hong Kong, CLSA's head of research Ai Linuo Internet business @ Liang (Elinor Leung), said: "Twitter is trying a different profit model. And YouTube, they have a huge user base, huge traffic. But do not know which users are Watch the video, so profit is not an easy thing. "

Twitter was founded in 2006, the current number of over 165 million users, the world's third-largest social networking site, has surpassed MySpace, Facebook and Windows Live Profile highest after. Williams said that in addition to large enterprises to provide advertising services, Twitter is planning to provide advertising services to small companies