12-inch portable business X201/X220/K27 how to choose?

17/05/2011 09:44

12-inch portable business X201/X220/K27 how to choose?

Lenovo as the PC industry leader, since the acquisition of the IBM global PC business, the real cornerstone of its business notebook can not shake the position of the field. Recently, a comprehensive upgrade of the Lenovo ThinkPad brand Zhaoyang K27 and be listed under the X220 has to face the same 12.5-inch, 16:9 new design, the second generation Core Duo processor, a strong configuration, the user how to choose? At the same time, as opposed to a new product, users face the more familiar, more accustomed to the previous generation X201, should the decision to do what?

Lenovo Zhaoyang K series targeted at top business user, the With exquisite workmanship, unique security technology, business laptop market in the country has a high reputation. The ThinkPad X series as the world's leading portable business of the flagship product, has been highly popular, regardless of the previous generation X201, or the latest X220, is a rare quality products.

For business users, SONY VAIO VGN-FZ50B SERIES battery in the face when the three products, how to choose? How do you know which product is more suitable? Here we adopted the appearance of graphics performance, heat and other aspects of the comparison, these three products give some buying advice.

● Comparison of old and new machine-shaped appearance of a large gap between

To ensure the safety of products, body height, X220, X201 and Zhaoyang K27 materials used in the body are used a lot of magnesium alloy, the outer cover and the bottom shell in use all this high-strength materials, which makes In the closed state of the machine safety performance is outstanding. The difference is in the roof of the production process, ThinkPad X220 and X201's matte Process, and Zhaoyang K27 is used rhythm stripes Process. In addition, we see in the picture below, the difference is X220 and X201 to power jack installed in the rear fuselage, this is about the interface design approach also makes the arrangement more relaxed.

X201 and X220, Zhaoyang K27 the difference between the proportion of the screen, X220, and Zhaoyang K27 are configured for the user a 16 to 9 of 12.5 inches matte screen, with the change in trend and application requirements, 16 to 9 screen ratio also features the latest generation of commercial products. Another point worth noting, X220 is not the same as the X201 or Zhaoyang K27 snaps closed configuration fixed screen, from the point of view the discussion forum, which makes many of the old "fans" are very accustomed to.

The screen ratio changes, HP PAVILION DV1600 SERIES battery X220 and X201 compared to a wider fuselage, which makes the configuration of the ThinkPad line in the same symbol under the premise of full-size keyboard, X220's keyboard a wider border and bring a better protective. Use the keys still feel good at the same time, the keyboard area is also compared with the old product to little change can be seen from the comparison chart is only in this part of the machine changed the style of the shortcut keys and function key zone for Ese and Delete keys to emulate the T series products were times processing. The shortcut keys K27 Zhaoyang rectangular texture prominent, while K27 keyboard design with X220, X201 similar, but slightly smaller than the X201 keyboard size and X220, so the overall feel speaking, K27 slightly worse, X201 Second, X220 best.

ThinkPad TrackPoint with products using dual-pointing system, touch pad, and Zhaoyang K27 only has a touch pad, so the ease of use and easy to operate extent, X220 and X201 better than Zhaoyang K27. And because the proportion of different molds, X201 than the X220 and the palm rest part of the section K27 slightly. At the same time compared to X201, X220 touchpad at the same time retains the use of integrated design cancel button left and right independently to achieve space-saving purposes, as well as the reasons for widening the touchpad the actual effective area becomes greater. In addition, X220 touchpad touch by the X201 to the time of grinding the particles touch, the design and Zhaoyang K27'd kept the same.

The interface on both sides of the body distribution, X220, and K27 to be more uniform and reasonable for some, but some of X201 slightly messy, but in connecting external devices, three notebooks will not be physical interference. In the extended performance, X220 to better some, not only has a DisplayPort interface, e-SATA interfaces will also upgrade to USB / e-SATA dual-use interface, while the X201 and Zhaoyang K27 is not the same.

Summary: From the point of design, COMPAQ PRESARIO V4200 SERIES battery ThinkPad slightly superior number of two products. X220 keyboard design more humane, reasonable and uniform interface, and increase the DP interface, extended performance, but 12.5 inches 16:9 screen design allows users not accustomed to the old; X201 keyboard feel good, mainstream complete interface, used in line with the old user 16:10 screen needs; and Zhaoyang K27 contrast, keyboard design comfortable enough, not user-friendly, mainstream complete interface, but the expansion of the performance slightly inferior to X201 and X220, and also by 12.5 inches 16:9 screen design, For users not used to the old.

● 2 on behalf of the three products business game performance CPU graphics comparison

ThinkPad X201 Core i5 using the first generation of processors, DELL LATITUDE PP01X battery while the ThinkPad X220 and Lenovo Zhaoyang K27 is used in a second-generation Core Duo processor, i5, though they are using integrated graphics core of the program, but because of the different architecture, X220, and K27 in graphics, office applications and games performance, compared to X201 have a qualitative improvement. However, X220, and one is better between the K27 it?

Although the X220 and the K27 scores in terms of CPU than the child X201 also has improved, but child GPU score gaps are a bit trivial in comparison, almost 3 times the GPU points difference though not directly into the application of experience to understand, but still showed X220, K27, and X201 graphics processing power between a huge gap. While the same second-generation Core Duo processor for the X220 and K27, in this test did not
Significant gaps.

For more intuitive understanding of these three machines in the graphics processing power gap, we chose the "Resident Evil 5" and "Street Fighter 4" for business two mainstream games are not good at the game of the best performance test.

Can be seen from the figure, X201 run these two games in the screen frame is only a dozen frames to view this result does not support the X201 running 3D games. The X220 and Zhaoyang K27 although not configured graphics card, but thanks to a new nuclear was the excellent performance of the game during these two tests, the picture frame in 30 or so, this result shows X220 and K27 has been the running game needs to meet, and in the course of the game players can also be smooth to operate.

Through the above two sets of data can be seen, the use of a second-generation Core Duo processor and K27 in the X220 graphics processing power, compared with the previous generation Core Duo processor, X201 has a greatly improved. Both X220 and K27 has been shown by the performance alone was close to the standard entry-level, in addition to the user can satisfy the needs of high-definition video playback, you can also run some lower load 3D games.

For business notebook, the office application performance is the main performance and processor performance on the performance of everyday office applications and large, therefore, carry different platforms, three different types of processor performance in the office products are also some differences, let us under the actual test to compare the three products.

PCMark Vantage as a universal benchmark with higher levels of software, the performance of the two products very well in all aspects of performance differences, as more test results, where we chose to select only the greatest impact on business performance Productivity child were compared with the total score. It can be seen from the comparison chart X220 and X201 has certain advantages compared to K27, but not a big gap between the three products.

In order to show a more intuitive application of three laptops in the office of the gap, we carried out three products, respectively, virus killing, pictures and video batch transcoder 3 typical application of this test. Looking at the results from the test, X220 achieved the leading comprehensive, Zhaoyang K27 followed, but it is not obvious difference among the three can be said that if the user requires a lot of the day such as video transcoding for a long time to work, use X220 or K27 for the user to save a lot of time, but for most only the daily needs of the users of office, X220, and K27 are dispensable is to enhance the performance.

Summary: In this session, through a number of comparative data columns we can see, ThinkPad X220, and Zhaoyang K27 in the graphics processing power to be far better than the ThinkPad X201, which the X220's performance was particularly strong. In the routine office practice, the three notebook performance and no significant difference.

● compare and purchase recommended heat

In this session, we used the Ti25 thermal imaging equipment FLUKE, 25.5 degrees Celsius on the three products in an environment to test the heat, mainly for notebook C, bottom, and vents temperature. In the test, we used the EVEREST software, select the System Stability Test, check all items for testing after 15 minutes.

All three products are the main control region are relatively good temperature control, will not affect the overall use of hand. However, on the heat for some of Zhaoyang K27 even better, while, X201 and X220 of the heat was less than the larger temperature difference between the main contact area, indicating that the cooling performance of these two fine machines.

Summary: from the appearance of it, ThinkPad two products both in keyboard design, interface distribution, scalability, or in screen size, screen ratio, is better than Lenovo Zhaoyang K27, which upgraded the X220 more appearance of superiority. The performance of the machine, the use of second-generation Core Duo processor, X220 and Zhaoyang K27 to be far better than X201, especially in graphics processing, but also can not and X201, but in actual everyday office applications among the three notebooks The gap is not significant. Finally, in the cooling performance, no less than three laptops, all have good temperature control ability, will not affect the overall use of hand.

Buy recommendations:

Budget adequate, the pursuit of high quality and excellent use of hand, and the graphics performance and overall performance requirements of business users have a high, consider ThinkPad X220.

Budget more, the pursuit of high quality and comfortable to use handle, there are certain requirements on the overall performance, but no special requirements on the graphics performance of the business user, you can ThinkPad X201.

Modest budget, the pursuit of high quality and better use of touch, and the graphics performance and overall performance requirements of business users have a high, consider Lenovo Zhaoyang K27.